Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Vote for Brigadeiro - #4

Ok, I feel a little funny about posting this here, but seems like some/most contestants are doing so, so her goes:

I am a 'finalist' in glamorous Nini Nguyen's

The voting closes in 6 Days.

I am grateful for even being in the running, and thank every one who has voted.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Alena Akhmadullina Spring/Summer '09

Last year I posted on the 10 reasons why I love this Alena Akhmadullina trench coat. Well, the love is still going strong...

Alena Akhamadullina dusky pink trench coat with polka dot lining (the colour is washed out in this pic due to the
sun/lighting that day, for truer colour & close-ups check out this post)
Ilana Moses purple silk dress (not shown)
Leona Edmiston Pins leggings in onyx
Chanel ballerina pumps (with the metallic laces removed)

I love Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina's feminine yet strong designs, mixing 'Russian audacity with Parisian sense of style'. She presented her latest Spring/Summer collection in Paris late last year, and there were plenty of floaty floral designs, juxtaposed with amazing crochet harnesses, that I'm sure Susie of Style Bubble or Queen Michelle at Kingdom of Style could pull off effortlessly (I wouldn't mind giving it a try either), flowy silk pants, and gorgeous drapeing...Beautiful yet easy-to-use pieces that I wouldn't mind having in my wardrobe:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Elle's Fashionista Questionnaire & Interview at Dream Sequins

The lovely Deanne at Dream Sequins, recently interviewed me for her amazing blog, which boasts insightful posts on emerging fashion designers and independent boutiques... She frequently introduces me (and her readers) to beautiful labels I hadn't seen before, and often posts on some of my favourite online stores (although she sometime gets to visit the actual 'brick & mortar' store, of which I'm very jealous) and labels. Thank you so much for the interview and sweet words Deanne! You can read the interview HERE.

Elle's Fashionista Questionnaire

The amazing & glamorous Carrie of Couture Carrie tagged all her readers to answer a Fashionista Questionnaire adapted from Elle, and as per usual, I took forever to answer mine:

Who is your favorite designer?
I have to pick two: Dries Van Noten & Akira Isogawa (surprise, surprise, say those who visit my blog frequently).

If you could come back as a dress, what would it be?
Akira Isogawa's Layered Bird Wedding dress (my wedding dress).

If you could come back as a model, who would it be?

Junk food?
All Brazilian ‘salgadinhos & docinhos’: pastel de palmito, pao de queijo, coxinha, brigadeiro, beijinho de coco, ah this list is endless…

What are you most vain about?
My wardrobe...but can't think of anything I'm vain about, about myself.

What are you most shy about?
Receiving compliments, I probably come across as rude, as I blush furiously, mumble something unintelligible and change the subject...but I get incredibly shy & awkward.

If you could come back with someone else’s body, whose would it be?
Someone like Gisele Bundchen, as she gets to look the way she does yet still eat like a horse...

Who are your fantasy dinner-party guests?
Friends & family that are spread out all around the world (yep, it's still fantasy because it'd be so hard to get them all to the same dinner).

Fantasy celebrity one-night stand?
Ooh, I found it hard to pick someone, and not only because hubby might stumble over this…Ok, not a one-night stand, but a dinner-date, maybe with Hugh Jackman...he sings, he's charming, loves his family & is devoted to his wife...It'd make for one fun & entertaining date, I'm sure...would have to wear my Stella McCartney wedges though, I've seen him in real life, and he's incredibly tall!

Favorite place to have a drink?
On a beach in Bahia sipping on a caipirinha listening to Bossa Nova.

Stella McCartney’s 'Knickers of the week', so cute!

What can't you travel without?
Camera, inhaler, glasses/contacts.

Last book you read?
Barbican - The House of Viktor & Rolf (haven't read a book in ages!)

At age seven, you wanted to be . . .
An astronomer.

What’s the thing you find easiest to forgive?
Most things.

What’s the thing you find impossible to forgive?
Betrayal of trust (in major things).

Biggest self-indulgence?

Favorite place to shop [brick and mortar]?
Dries Van Noten in Marais, Paris.

Favorite place to shop online?

Whose diary would you most like to read?
Hm...not sure...maybe Oprah Winfrey? I would like to know what she really thinks sometimes...

Least favorite food?
Chicken liver.

If you were an inventor, what would you invent?
A decalorifier (just for me, in case it ends up in the wrong hands, haha).

Who are your favorite furniture designers?

My uncle, Hans Wegner, Arne Vodder, Hvidt & Mølgaard, Finn Juhl.

Left: Jian cabinet (uncle's design) & right: Hans Wegner Y-chair (also called the Wishbone chair)

Audi (mine’s a Quattro)

What was your childhood nickname?
My best friend used to call me 'cookie'.

When and where are you happiest?
Whenever I’m with my family, anywhere…

What piece of art would you most like to own?
My parents' painting of our favourite street in Parati (which I'm babysitting at the moment), as it always reminds me of happy times we had there...
Compare the painting with the real thing, we took this picture 20 or so years after the painting was painted (different season, and the greenery needs a bit of a trim, but stunning nonetheless...)

click to enlarge

What are your favorite vacation spots?
Parati (or anywhere in Brazil), and anywhere in Europe…

Most treasured possession?
Fashion-wise, my Dries Van Noten beaded & sequinned sandals.

Favorite fictional character?
Amelie Poulain.

Favorite musicians?
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Stevie Wonder, The Carpenters, Bebel Gilberto, Gotan Project, Rosalia de Souza, Nicola Conte, JT etc...also some Diva music (ok, this may be embarassing): Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey (in her olden golden days), Whitney Houston (ditto), Beyonce (her first album)...

If you had another profession beside your own, what would it be?
Food (critic, photographer) or fashion (stylist, designer, buyer) related, or a singer (love singing, but would have to get over stage fright...and have a more interesting voice, rather than what my cousin calls 'a Disney voice')

What current trends would you like to see disappear?
Acid wash jeans…sorry to all the Balmain fans out there (I also love Balmain, just not the acid wash jeans)

Favorite trend of all time?
I have to pick 3: nautical, oriental & draped…

Always...Do right.

Never... Say never.


Thanks so much to the gorgeous Tina at Luphia and Stephanie from Yes Please Mademoiselle for your generous awards!

Adorable Blog Award
Unique & Chic Award
'Lovely Blog' Award

I would like to pass these awards to:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saucy Lulu & Akira at the Asian Feast

Today I went to my cousin's "birthday" (which was really a disguise for his engagement party), the dress theme was 'Asian', as was the food. Oriental outfits being one of my favourite, I thought I'd have an absolute ball and dress in a kimono, but toned it down in the last minute, although I wish I hadn't. Everyone went all-out, and there were so many elaborate Asian outfits at the party! A full Korean costume (I had never seen one in real life, so beautiful!), full-length kimonos & obis, samurai outfits, vietnamese & chinese outfits, and as it turns out, I was the one underdressed for once! I had to point out the kimono sleeves on my top, and my geisha-ish shoes, when someone asked if I came dressed in an 80's theme instead of Asian...

Top: Saucy Lulu vintage muslin cloth, beaded & sequinned, kimono sleeves, and sash at the back

Thought I'd share some pics of the Asian food with you all. My family gatherings always revolve around food, and we certainly know how to enjoy it...

Sushi (Japanese)
Kuey (Malaysian dessert) in foreground & 'Turtle backs' (Chinese) in background

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 3: Sydney (no shopping) Report

Pic of the chandelier, which is encased in a tube in my hotel room

Purchases: Nil (fashion-related).

Today's outfit: Willow Safari coat-dress (purchased on Day 1), Leona Edmiston Pins in Onyx & Havaianas Slim in champagne (nothing like Havs for comfort when walking several blocks), Chloe Ava bag in Mocha, Ditta Addict sunglasses.

Stores covered: Chanel (Castlereagh St., City), sadly, no purchases.

Breathtaking moments: Eating the most amazing chocolate tarte and strawberry & vanilla bean brulee tarte looking at the Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour...Seeing the Riedel glass chandelier at the Rockpool Bar & Grill (where our friend works as a sommelier to a restaurant that boasts an incredible wine menu, including a bottle going for a mere $89,150.00, we didn't order that one, that's almost 9 Birkins!).

Food: Brunch at The Book Kitchen, a cute little cafe in Surry Hills (255 Devonshire St), which has two bookshelves filled with cook books you can peruse whilst at the restaurant. Hubby had organic scrambled eggs with smoked ham hock, spinach, persian fetta & asparagus, and I had a beautiful blue swimmer crab cake with tomato, avocado, salsa verde; oh and then I polished off a berry smoothie (yum!).
Walking out of The Book Kitchen I spotted the Boulangerie my cousin had also recommended, The Bourke Street Cafe (cnr of Devonshire St & Bourke St), being too full from my (very) large brunch, I only took away two tarts: chocolate and strawberry & vanilla bean brulee ($4.40 ea.), which I later ate at the Sydney Harbour, and were absolutely to-die-for! The pastry was beautifully light, flaky & crisp (I though it'd be a shortcrust pastry, which I love, but this was even better!), the chocolate wasn't a heavy ganache, but deliciously light in texture as well, and the brulee...incroyable! How I wish I had bought more of them and brought some home! There were several other cakes & tartes to choose from, will definitely go back when I next visit Sydney.

Pics 1 & 4 are from The Book Kitchen's website, other photos are my own

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2: Sydney Shopping Report

Day 2: Shopping in Paddington, Woollahra and Double Bay

Today I met up with gorgeous Sydney bloggers hrose (pictured left) and i.d. (pictured right) at Paddington for a spot of (window) shopping, I had such a great time!

Purchases: Nil

Today's outfit: 3.1 Phillip Lim (Koi Suwannagate collaboration) navy rosette tank dress, Claude Maus navy silk chiffon hoodie, Leona Edmiston Pins leggings in Onyx, Chloe Ava bag (practically this outfit) but with Havaianas Slim in Champagne (bought in my recent trip to Brazil).

Breathtaking moments: Seeing the sequinned bolero (below) at Akira Isogawa's Woollahra store (Queen St.), it looked so delicate & light but was incredibly heavy (reduced to $1000)! And absolutely gorgeous! Also saw an incredible Balenciaga sculptural shoe at Cosmopolitan Shoes, that could double as a door-stopper (it was so heavy), and a work of art (the incredible sculptural 'ice' heel was amazing, similar to the pic below)

Shops covered:
William St, Paddington: Ellery (the SA was wearing the gorgeous feather capelet as a neckpiece, sadly none left in store), Vanessa Bruno, Poepke (some gorgeous Dries Van Noten pieces in here), Di Nuovo (consignment store), The Corner Shop (loved the cashmere lapel long vest/scarf by Arnsdorf), Ginger & Smart, Belinda accessories.
Glenmore Rd., Paddington: Land's End (thanks hrose for bringing me here! Balmain, Thakoon, and other fab labels), Parlour X (saw the Balenciaga bag with the leather-covered studs...interesting...), Scanlan&Theodore, Willow (gorgeous! this store wasn't here last time I was in Sydney), Kirrily Johnston, Zambesi.
Oxford St: Robby Ingham
Double Bay: Cosmopolitan shoes (saw the crazy and incredibly heavy Balenciaga shoes, not a fan of how their amazing shoes are displayed, looks like a shoe warehouse instead of a store which stocks Alaia, Balenciaga, YSL, etc...), Marni, I-Spy (Belinda's sale items), Belinda.

(click to enlarge)

Food: For dinner, my cousin, hubby & I ate at a cute little Wine Bar & French Bistro called Taste Vin (Surry Hills). The waitress was so lovely, and the service excellent. Entree was Rock Oyster with Champagne vinegar & cracked black pepper, as well as a Ocean Trout confit with seared scallops and fennel salad. For main I had a lovely pan roasted spatchcock with saffron fondant potato, du Puy lentils & jus (unfortunately my pic of it didn't work, have yet to learn how to take food shots in very dimly lit places). Delicious French wine too, and to top it all off, a Creme Caramel de Maman...yum!