Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I found it: the Instagram bag!

Ok, it is no secret that I have a bit of love for Instagram.  The beautiful images in square format (from landscapes to food, and occasionally, fashion) and the lovely community there make it an amazing and inspiring platform.

When I first spotted this Instagram-inspired leather bag on Vogue Italia Fashion (Gioellio) Editor Georgia Tal I had hearts for eyes (I am an emoticon over-user, not using them feels like talking without any expressions on my face).  At long last, I tracked it down, placed myself on the waitlist, and when it came back in stock, I pounced.

Sure, I will get strange looks when I use it outside of my house, and will probably get glared at by Mr Brigs (who is not uber fond of Instagram, or the time I spend there), but I just couldn't resist...

How could I?

 photo of Georgia Tal (Vogue Italia) by UrbanSpotter

So in love with the No. 21 Bow Mule Sandals (available in a beautiful olive colour at Selfridges

 photo by Tommy Ton for

Me - Jeans: Frame Denim Le Garcon (available at Forward, and Net-a-Porter) , Pumps: Isabel Marant Poppy (leopard version available at Forward), Bag: Mua Mua (from Browns Fashion)
Bag: Mua Mua Leather App bag (from Browns Fashion)
Photo: by me.

The leather is uber soft, and I love the chain.  Sure it is uber kitsch...but sometimes it is good to have a bit of fun!

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