Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Vintage Indian Wedding Skirt

(click to enlarge)

When travelling overseas, I tend to deliberate purchases more carefully than when I'm not travelling, and during my last trip to Malaysia, I only made two fashion purchases: one was the traditional Malaysian silk batik kaftan from my previous post (Le Muu Muu), and the other was this amazing Vintage Indian Wedding Skirt.

When my eyes fell upon this skirt, they went as wide as teacups as I swiftly pounced on it. This drawstring vintage silk skirt, with its amazing embroidery, beads & sequins (which makes this skirt quite heavy), was once worn at an Indian wedding ceremony (so the tag said), and is one-of-a-kind. There were three wedding skirts at this store, and none of them were the same. Most surprising of all, was where I found it (brace yourself)...: Zara! (Yes, Zara! Don't worry, I didn't believe it either)
. Whilst trying it on I immediately pictured it as a dress, instead of a skirt, and seemed to have shocked every person in the store when I walked out of the changeroom wearing it as a halter dress (which is how I later wore it to my father-in-law's 60th birthday):

Belt: Anna Sui crystal/gold belt
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Dada Semi-Wedges in Platino

Top: Josh Goot racerback

Funnily enough, I have never worn this skirt as intended (ie. as a skirt), and in the past 3 & 1/2 years have used it several times as a dress:

Jacket: Kate Hurst cropped bolero
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Dada Semi-Wedges in Platino

So no, I didn't wear it to my wedding, but pictured above are my wedding shoes! I'm so glad I still get to wear them...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Walker Flat - Weekend Getaway

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I just wanted to quickly share a picture I took during a weekend getaway with friends in the Riverland.  We had such a fun relaxing time in a riverfront property with this amazing view, I almost felt like I was in a movie set.  Good food, great company, French champagne & Australian wines, what else could one ask for? Marshmallows! We built a bonfire at night and forgot to get some marshmallows for toasting.  

The first day was so cold I was at my 'most glamorous' (not!) and used my ugg boots outdoors! That is quite a fashion 'faux pas' here (and my first time doing so), but I didn't was so warm & cozy!  It was after all, a weekend of indulgence, and what greater indulgence is there than ultimate comfort? 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Dicas/Tips for Buenos Aires

In 11 days I will be in Buenos Aires, where I will spend five days before heading 'home' to Brazil to meet my parents (who still live there), sisters & brother-in-law (who currently live in London), I am literally counting down the days, and cannot wait!

This will be my first proper visit to Buenos Aires (the last visit was a stop-over and doesn't count), and am wondering if any of you lovely readers have visited (or live in) Buenos Aires. If so, please do tell me your recommendations on what are the must see/do/shop/eat, I'd love to hear from you!

¡En 11 días estaré en Buenos Aires, donde estaré cinco días antes ir a Brasil para encontrar a mis padres (que todavía vive allí), las hermanas & cuñado (que viven en Londres), cuento literalmente abajo los días, y no puedo esperar!

Esto será mi primera visita apropiada a Buenos Aires (la última visita fue una parada por medio dia y no cuenta), y me pregunta si cualquiera de usted lectores encantadores han visitado (o viven en) Buenos Aires. ¡Si eso es el caso, por favor me dice sus recomendaciones en lo que ver/hace/tienda/come, adoraría oír de usted!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ging Gang Goolie

Ging Gang Goolie is a gibberish scouting song (still popular among the Boy Scouts & Girl Guides), which may have been inspired by African songs.

In the deepest darkest Africa, every year, after the rains, the "Great Grey Ghost Elephant" arose from the mists and wandered throughout the land. When it came to a village, it would either go around the village or through it. Villagers believed that if it went around the village, the village would have a prosperous year, and if it went through it, there would be a drought. The elephant had gone through the village of 'Wat-Cha' 3 years in a row, and the situation was really bad in the village. A plan to deter the elephant from going through the village was made by Ging-Ganga, the village leader & Hay-la-shay, the medicine man. Ging-Ganga & his warriors were going to frighten the elephant by standing in its path & shaking their shields and spears. Hay-la-shay & his followers were going to cast magic spells, and frighten the elephant by the sound of shaking medicine bags. When the elephant arrived, the villagers gathered at the border of the village and started shouting the name of their leaders, "Ging-Ganga" and "Ha-lay-shay". 'Shally wally' was the sound made by shaking medicine bags. The villagers were successful in their plan, and the elephant went around the village, making the "Oompah, oompah" sound. The villagers rejoiced and sang the "Ging Gang..." song.

Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo.
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh-ho,
Hayla, oh hayla shayla, hayla shayla, shayla, oh.
Shally wally, shally wally, shally wally, shally wally,
Oompah, oompah, oompah, oompah.

Shoes: Marni, Dress: Nina Ricci, Jacket: Stella McCartney Ging Gang Goolie,
Cuff: Tom Binns, Pendant: Christmas ornament I bought at Orson & Blake.
It was so cold & windy!

Stella McCartney 'scrawled' (or rather, printed) the Ging Gang Goolie lyrics across this silk 'Ging Gang Goolie' jacket, which I fell in love with a few years ago.


Thought I'd add a close-up of the neckline of the Nina Ricci dress, as it's hard to see in my photo, I love the gauzey pleated silk over the white jersey dress!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roaring Tiger, Hidden Dragon - My Favourite Chloe Jacket

Jacket: Chloe reversible embroidered jacket, Pinafore Dress: Willow, Shoes: Marni Patent Wedges

In my wardrobe, I love jackets & coats more than my dresses, skirts, pants or tops...This is one of my favourite jackets by Chloe, of the long-gone Stella McCartney era (Stella and Phoebe Philo were my favourites for Chloe). Not only is this jacket reversible (love the versatility of a 2-in-1 jacket), but I simply adore the embroidered tiger, dragon, skull, flowers, eagle, and 'Virgin' scrawled at the back. When the temperature suddenly soared to 36 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) last week, mild panic ensued when I realized I haven't had the chance to wear some of my favourite jackets, thinking Mother Nature had decided to skip a season. Thankfully this week the weather has cooled to the respectable 20s, affording me some time to wear some of my jackets while I can.

Carmen Kass looking infinately hotter than I in the Chloe jacket - how cute are those shorts?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dries Van Noten & Mickey Mouse - Monochromatic & Sequinned

Head-to-toe in Dries Van Noten - not from the same collection, so it's ok :)
DVN Black sheer knit top with sequinned band (black Metallicus top under it for modesty)
DVN Black skirt with white waistband and stripe down the side
DVN Black buckle sandals

Jewellery: Many Swarovski crystal bracelets (my aunt from NYC got these for all the 'girls' at a family Christmas get-together in the US a few years ago, as a memento of our 'reunion', so sweet), my 'Ice Cube' ring from Sportsgirl (bought this years ago for $1.50 on sale), crystal bracelet from Bauhaus (love this)

Top: Sass & Bide - "A Little Peace" Jagger Tee (love Mickey Mouse, and he's giving a peace sign, too cute!)
Pants: Sass & Bide Harem Pants
Tuxedo Blazer: Costume National brushed velvet with matte lapel & gold-trim button (love this jacket, and wear it with everything)
Shoes: Gucci Silver Stilettos

Remember these ad campaigns for Gucci from a few years back (Spring 2003)?

How I miss Tom Ford for Gucci! This was my favourite collection of his, I still long for the blue silk pleated embroidered kimono, it was a work of art!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Le Muu Muu - Loungewear as Outerwear?

Silk batik kaftan worn with Tom Binns Faux Real cuff (close-up pic in my previous post) & Lanvin bronze gladiator sandals.

So it isn't actually a 'Mumu', but that's what I affectionally call this amazing piece of clothing, it is seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing I own, and the soft flowy silk feels amazing against my skin when I move, love its flowy drapey nature.

I purchased this silk batik hand-painted kaftan in Malaysia, and they tell me it's their traditional clothing worn whilst at home. When I purchased it I couldn't fathom wearing it only within the confines of my four walls. My friend was appalled when I told her I wanted to wear it out (she's not Asian), as was my mother-in-law, when I donned it to a family dinner. I have worn it out on several occasions, but most enjoyably, there is nothing I like more than coming home and putting this on, leaving the cares of the day fall off my shoulders as I relax in comfort.

So what do you think, should it be kept as loungewear? Or can it be outerwear as well?

I just saw this silk Easton Pearson 'Kaftan' at Francesca for $1500 (at less than a tenth of the price, mine's not too bad!).

Lanvin Bronze Gladiator sandals (picture from Matches)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Akira - Playful, Funky & Oriental

Akira Blue Silk/Wool Pleat Front Dress


Shoes: Christian Louboutin Electric Blue Simple 85mm Pumps


Shoes: Marni


Shoes: Prada Ming Nude/Purple/Nude heels (these were my first pair of designer shoes, I was a late bloomer)

Miscellaneous wooden colourful jewellery from Brazil, 'Candy' bracelet from Bauhaus (click HERE to enlarge)

Tom Binns Faux Real cuff, Prada Ming heels, Hand-painted Batik silk scarf from Malaysia (click HERE to enlarge)

Tom Binns Faux Real cuff, Prada Ming heels, Hand-painted Batik silk scarf from Malaysia, Blue fish pendant on gold chain (it is 'jointed' so that it's flexible and 'swishes' its tail when you move) from China (bought from Bauhaus) - I found this to be so cute I bought it in forest green & amber for my sisters (click HERE to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bamboo, Graffiti Walls and a peek at my Melbourne purchases

I almost purchased this Akira Isogawa silk dress with blue bamboo (not pink). I furtively took a picture of it in the change room but it turned out blurry. The bamboo is hand-painted and I loved the feel of it, but because of the delicate (and white) silk, and the fact that it was sheer, I realized that although the all-blue silk/wool version was simpler, it was more versatile, and could be worn with anything anywhere.
PICTURE: In the changeroom of the Akira store (where I also bought my wedding dress from), top left: my Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned shirt dress and Willow blue silk coat/dress, on pink stool: Burberry red Manor bag, Tom Binns Faux Real cuff)

Melbourne's arquitecture is so beautiful and has a European feel to it. I wish I had taken photos of the beautiful Melbourne streets. Another interesting side of Melbourne I hadn't noticed earlier in my previous visits, was the amazing graffiti art found in little alleys (although the one above was not the best by far).

A close-up of the sequinned band of my Dries Van Noten sheer black blouse.

I came home with the intention to have a play with my Melbourne purchases, but have a killer headache, so just photographed a 'teaser'. I am already thinking of the different things I will wear with this Akira silk (with a touch of wool) dress, especially with lots of colourful accessories...I am toying with the idea of trying a DIY colourful Dries Van Noten-inspired necklace, but like many projects, may sit in my 'ideas' box. I love that it feels like I'm wearing nothing whilst wearing this dress, it is so soft, light & comfortable!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 3 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 3 - Shopping in the City Part II

Purchases: One (hooray!). Yesterday's was my favourite Australian designer Akira Isogawa, today, my favourite International designer Dries Van Noten. It's a fairly simple black fine sheer knit, blouson-style, with a wide sequinned band in front. Will try not to hype it too much, as I don't want to let you all down when I get to post a picture up (I may have hyped the Akira blue dress too much...)

Today's outfit: Dries Van Noten silk blouse, Sass & Bide Harem Pants, Dries Van Noten buckle sandals (later swapped for Havaianas, haha), Tom Binns Faux Real cuff & Burberry red Manor bag (again, pics in 'Packing for 4 Seasons in 1 Day' post).

Breathtaking moments: Again, many amazing Dries Van Noten pieces, this time in Cose Ipanema (where I purchased my blouse/top), including the stunning beaded/sequinned pieces from the Spring 2008 collection (still at full-price). Tried the dress below, once again 2 sizes too big (most DVN pieces in store are size 40!), but the SA were trying to convince me it looked good, uhm, sadly I don't have $2000+ to spend on a dress that makes me look like a sack...the dress is already 'oversized', imagine 'oversized' and two sizes too big on top of that), also tried the amazing cuff below...(thought it was a purse as it had a zip! Didn't look quite right on me). I can't find a picture of my top, and I just arrived home, hope to update with proper pictures soon.

Shops covered:

City: Cose Ipanema, Chanel (finally saw the reissue I thought I wanted, but realized that even though I love big bags, a smaller size can be for evening and night), Christine (amazing accessories - so much Lanvin! Thanks Joyce for taking me there! I had a great time this arvo!), Green with Envy (left a cute Sass & Bide tee with a sequinned Mickey Mouse on hold there, didn't go back as I ran out of time, the one I tried on had a cream/almost peach tone to it, which I was unsure of, hence I didn't get it straight away), Marais (the SA Calvin was adorable, such a sweetheart!) - Anne Valerie Hash, Sharon Wauchob, Preen, Hussein Chalayan...all my favourite designers, great store! Also went to Zambesi, and spotted those Martin Margiela sandal/boots in black...$1200 *sigh* (this was just after purchasing the DVN top, so reluctantly put the boots back on the chair it was on).

Food: Yu-u for lunch. I finally found this, after searching for it twice, and it was worth it. Gorgeous place (no pictures allowed! I love taking pictures of food!), and amazing set lunch for $16, very filling (and I eat a lot).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 2 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 2 - Shopping in the 'City'

Purchases: One (this must be the most well-behaved I've been in years!) - At Akira GPO I found a very simple blue silk dress (with a touch of wool, but incredibly light & comfortable). Understatedly simple, with pintucking details from the collar to mid-chest, the dress skims the body, hiding a multitude of sins. I was surprised to get something so simple, as I have tended to go for statement pieces (especially if from Akira). I can picture myself using this dress for years if not decades to come though, so a worthy investment. I must admit that the range in the Akira GPO store was very small, it was even more interesting at the Belinda Malvern store.

Today's outfit: Willow cream silk slip dress under Dries Van Noten sequinned/beaded shirtdress, with Dries Van Noten buckle sandals, Willow electric blue silk coat/dress worn open (again, pictures found in my 'Packing for 4 Seasons in 1 Day' post). My high heel tolerance is at an all-time low.

Breathtaking moments: At Belinda at GPO, a gorgeous Lanvin silk dress...sadly I don't have a money-tree in my garden.

Shops covered: (I wasn't very inspired for shopping today) - and was quite upset the 1st two shops I went to were shut: Cose Ipanema (Collins St) & Zambesi (Flinders Ln)
GPO: Belinda, Lisa Ho (new collection coming in late Jan/Feb), Camper (there was a wicked pair of men's shoes, but not in hubby's size), Akira, and Gallery Frey, which had the most amazing vintage YSL, Issey Miyake, and incredibly pieces by new European designers.
QV at Albert Coates Lane: Cactus Jam International, nothing of interest this time (oh, except for some beautifully beaded Matthew Williamson pieces, reminiscent of his earlier collections).! Christensen Copenhagen, some good items on sale, but nothing for me.

Food: Lunch at Don Don's (3rd year in a row), this is my favourite lunch place, salmon sashimi don for $8.10, delicious! Dinner at Movida, which was incredible! Tapas at the bar again, this time, less traditional, more 'nouveau'. Wagyu beef steak tartare was divine! Beautiful Spanish/Chillean wines too. I highly recommend this place, next time I will book to sit in the restaurant. The atmosphere was completely different from last night (Kanela), but then again, it was a 'swanky' place...

Ok, off for some more drinks...(sorry I had no pics to share this post, may add some when I return home)

Day 1 - Melbourne Shopping Report

Day 1 - Shopping in the 'suburbs'

Purchases: NIL (Sacre bleu! Even my husband, bracing himself for a carload of purchases, was shocked to find I did not spend a penny. I call it 'museum' shopping, I was happy just seeing these beautiful items in real life, touching them, and sometimes, trying them on)

Today's Outfit: Melbourne's 4 seasons in a Day did not disappoint: rain, shine, cold, wind & sun...I wore (didn't bring my camera cable): Vanessa Bruno wool jersey & satin blouse, Sass & Bide Harem pants, Dries Van Noten black buckle sandals (occasionally replaced with dark silver Havaianas), Willow electric blue silk coat/dress, worn unzipped as a coat, Burberry red Manor bag & Tom Binns Faux Real cuff (n.b. pictures of all items in my previous post).

Breathtaking moments: Plenty to be had at the Belinda store on Malvern Road. As I entered the store, I was immediately drawn to my favourite designer: Dries Van Noten. I tried an amazing black silk dress with the most intricate & beautiful details on the sleeves, worth of framing & hanging on the wall. I paired it with the oversized bangle necklace, which sat quite high on my chest, and was fairly heavy. I also tried on the strappy sandals of the season (sadly, the colourful strappy version wasn't in store, so the ones I tried are on the left of the picture below, and I tried it on with my Harem pants, not the DVN outfit). Unfortunately, the dress was 2 sizes too big (which I knew, but just had to try it on, plus..the necklace alone was $999). I was hoping to take a picture of the amazing detail on the sleeves, but the beautiful and lovely SA was chatting to me outside the changeroom curtain, and I didn't dare. I'm sighing just thinking about it! It was truly a thing of beauty!
Other breathtaking moments: trying on an amazing electric blue Junya Watanabe dress with white trim at the neckline, it had folds and folds of fabric, that made a hood at the back. Sadly it did not fit quite right on me, and for $1070 (reduced from $1570), not worth parting with my money. Also, Alaia accessories at Scanlan&Theodore, namely a nude patent corset belt (way too small) and those strappy brown sandals (but they were in the flat version, I love the stiletto version).

Shops covered (some of):
High Street: Frock Exchange, Kirrily Johnston, Scanlan & Theodore
Malvern Road: Belinda, Empire Rose, Little Joe by Gail Elliot
Glenferrie Road: Cactus Jam & Vanessa Bruno
Chapel Street: was going to skip this altogether, but accompanied hubby to Moji (he bought a cute pair of shorts), Calibre & Calibre's outlet store (Greville St.), where I picked some amazing buys for him (great prices too)! Whilst waiting for him (vinyl record shopping), popped into Scanlan & Theodore again, Sass & Bide, Alannah Hill (just to kill time).

In the evening I went to Kanela, an amazing Flamenco Bar restaurant, and ate so much! Eating at the bar (restaurant was fully booked, so I highly recommend making a booking way in advance if possible on a Saturday, as the Flamenco show is just amazing!). The tapas was delicious (particularly the Albondegas), as was the Paella. I was bursting at the seams (after 2 tapas, paella, a sangria, and sharing a bottle of 'Marques de Caceres"), but I still ordered the churros con chocolate, and proceeded to stand to watch the beautiful Flamenco, as I was too full to sit, silly me)
Ok, I'd better head out for Day 2 now - shopping in the City. It's sunny!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Packing for '4 Seasons in a Day' - Weekend away!

Tonight I pack my bags and leave for a weekend of shopping and food (Hooray! Two of my favourite things). I had semi-packed last night, but as I check the weather forecast for Melbourne, I come across a dilemma: How does one pack for 4-seasons in a day? The forecast predicts possible storms & showers, and I had packed a Willow silk coat-dress, but now am thinking a raincoat (and umbrella) may come in handy. Layering will be key. Also, my suitcase is substantially smaller than the drawing above (it was my sister's laptop bag), so that I can carry it on-board, which means I am limited for space. I also try to pack as little as possible, especially if it's a 'shopping trip', as I'm bound to find/buy something that I can wear as soon as I get back to the hotel room).  I usually dress for comfort over anything else, but this trip I'm trying for a bit of style.

My usual fashion staples for a weekend away are:

Jeans: Usually worn on the plane to reduce baggage weight, and for comfort. As I no longer fit any of my jeans (a staple in any weekend trip), this item will have to be replaced by my trusty Sass & Bide Harem pants (is there anything more comfortable?)

Sandals/Thongs: As much as I love heels, I cannot wear them as I do my shopping, as I cover a lot of ground, walking here there and everywhere. Therefore, I'm usually daggiest when shopping, often carrying a pair of heels in my bag just in case (I once got followed around in Louis Vuitton by the security guard, and I suspect it was due to me looking daggy in my Havaianas). So with me will come a pair of Havaianas (I have these in so many colours it's crazy, this trip they will be...dark silver), am now thinking of bringing these Stella McCartney for Adidas Asheni flats as it's going to rain.

Shoes: I've limited myself to one pair of heels this time, and they're the Dries Van Noten buckle sandals (chunkier heel means that I will be able to do some limited walking if required, my pain tolerance in heels is embarassing)

Bag: I usually cart a Chloe bag with me, as they're understated and very roomy. As the shoes I'll be toting in them are so bulky, I have to resort to a larger bag this time, and so I will bring my very roomy Burberry Manor (which I usually use everyday for work, as it life in it). Not quite understated, and being fire-engine red, will definitely provide a pop of colour to any outfit I wear (a definite change from my usual bag of choice for shopping).

Jacket: As it gets cold quick at night in Melbourne (and usually quite windy/breezy), a warm jacket is a must, cue Burberry navy leather jacket (I lightened the picture a little). I will also bring the Willow silk cobalt blue coat/dress as a light alternative, which I hope to pair with dresses (I'm bringing my beaded/sequinned Dries Van Noten shirt-dress), over pants, or zipped up on its own as a dress on its own (love versatile pieces).

Tops: I usually bring Sass & Bide t-shirts, but this time will opt for actual tops (probably this Dries Van Noten & a Jaclin Chouchana racerback black/grey blouse. Have decided to add this wool jersey top by Vanessa Bruno for warmth.

Accessories: I usually bring necklaces & earrings, but this time I'm only bringing one piece: the Tom Binns Faux Real cuff.

I should be good to go. Did I forget anything? Luckily I still have a few hours to go...Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully will have some purchases I can report on when I get back.

By the by, what do you pack for a weekend away?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dress Size Yo-Yo: What to wear when your weight swings

I couldn't resist taking this picture in London, outside a cafe (March 2008)

A few months ago, my UK Vogue arrived with an interesting article title on its cover, which I excitedly flicked to: “Dress Size Yo-Yo: What to wear when your weight swings" (May 2008).

As I read on however, my face fell: 5 pounds weight swing? Long gone are the days since my weight has fluctuated by only 5 lbs. I found that as I’ve grown older, and my lifestyle’s changed somewhat (eg. no longer dancing until 6 am or walking around the city to shop, now replaced by dinner parties and internet shopping), these fluctuations have increased, and in the past 18 months my weight has creeped up by almost 25 pounds (runs & hides in embarrassment)! I will not bore you with how this happened, suffice it to say that not only do I love food, but comfort eating and decreased exercise does not provide a good combination.

As the article didn’t entirely help my ‘predicament’, I paused to think about the changes I’ve made to my wardrobe (I no longer fit 95% of my it) & the way I now dress in order to accommodate my ever-increasing waistline:

Pants/Jeans: With every few kilos gained, I would resist having to buy a new pair of jeans (the building block to so many easy outfits), as I would be optimistic that I would lose the weight, and thought it pointless to buy a bigger pair. I have done so thrice in the last 18 months, and now can’t fit the last pair I bought six months ago. My most recent pants purchase - the Harem pants - are incredible, as they’re so comfortable and stretchy. They're the 'Mumu' of pants really, which can be a dangerous thing, as I may not realise I may be gaining more weight (just when I think I couldn’t possibly gain any more, the scales prove me wrong). Leggings were also extensively used to keep my legs warm (easy to wear under stretchy or billowy dresses), and also kept me oblivious as to exactly how much weight I had gained...

Dresses: The ones I still fit tend to be empire-line or flowy, floaty dresses that are flexible in size. Although I am constantly buying clothes, most often than not I buy them in my ‘normal’ size (again, in denial, and optimistic that I’ll lose ‘recent’ weight gain), so many of them sit in my wardrobe with the tags still attached, whereas some are chosen for their flexible style which I hope accommodates several sizes. I have found that I have been in dresses more often now that I don't fit pants. Length-wise I try to keep it at the knee if possible, but sadly many of my favourite dresses are shorter (especially seeing this last year has been all about short dresses).

Jackets/Coats: Last winter I purchased some incredible coats by Spijkers en Spijkers which will fit me regardless of what size I am, and how many layers I have under it. As a jacket/coat aficionado (my jacket/coat collection is larger than any other 'clothes group'), I have found them particularly useful to throw over an outfit (those that still fit), disguising a multitude of sins, even if it's only a sheer silk chiffon jacket (or cardigan/shrug). This may prove to be more difficult as the weather is warming up.

Shoes: To quote the article: "When I put heels on I feel - as far as I'm concerned, look - 4 lbs thinner". Thank goodness we don't gain weight on our feet! Although sadly, I can no longer zip any of my Costume National boots up...

"My own cupboard looks like a weight induced mood board. Floaty dresses without waists by Dries Van Noten (...) the author writing the article says...seems applicable to me too. I've always gravitated towards clothes that allowed for a 5 lbs weight swing (although not having a 25 lbs swing in mind), favouring billowy sleeves, blousey tops, drapey anything (inc. dresses & tops). Layering has also been key, as well as the use of belts and other accessories. Skirts are also great as they tend to fit a variety of sizes, just sitting at different positions on your waist/hip depending on what weight I currently am at, I especially like full skirts & tulip skirts.

Overall, I feel in some ways I don't dress as 'simply' as I used to, a white tank/tee and jeans no longer look good on me. On the other hand, I also lack the confidence to be over-the-top and take 'risks' like I used to. I was never 'skinny' to start with, but now it is seems more obvious what I can and cannot wear due to my shape & height. Sadly there isn't much I can do about the fact that the weight gain is very obvious on my face too...

Anyway, this is not intended to be a woe-is-me post. I just wanted to share how I've tried to dress to adapt with my weight increase, and would love to hear whether you've had to do so too, be it due to weight loss/gain, haircuts, change in hair colour, etc...

I will work hard on Mr Gingerbread's advice above (see pic) and try to swing my weight back to 'normal', I miss my wardrobe terribly, and hope it misses me too!