Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New in: Isabel Marant Adele suede sandals

And here it is, my Isabel Marant purchase from The Outnet (remember THIS post?).  Trust me to purchase strappy sandals just before Winter, but I have wanted these for the longest time! Love the metal ankle strap on them, and the tones do suit Winter (if my toes are willing to freeze, that is).  I haven't bought impractical heels in a while, so I balanced this buy with two new pairs of sneakers, haha...
Isabel Marant Adele burgundy/tan suede sandals from The Outnet,  Diptyque
Figuier Candle (available at Farfetch, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Ave., and Bergdorf Goodman)

Pics my own via iPhone/Instagram

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Net-a-Porter US sale up to 50%! Shopbop sale now on too! Be still my opening wallet...

Ah, spent quite some time trawling through both sites after receiving emails from both indicating they're on sale!!! Especially Net-a-Porter, their sales are always long-awaited (by me, and I'm sure by countless others, as most of my wishlist has sold out, boo).  I wish I had time to select my wishlist items to share with you all, but I must finish packing...Thought I'd procrastinate for a minute in case you weren't aware of these sales:

The sale is on the US Net-a-Porter site only, and the Designer Collections are now on sale at Shopbop.

Now, back to packing:

Everlane backpack (available here), Aesop skincare (available here),  Lumira travel candle (available here)

Happy shopping!!!


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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aesop love

I can't remember when I first discovered Aesop, but it was many many years ago (mid 90's, when I arrived in Australia, I think), and I have been a fan every since.  Who can resist washing their hands with their beautifully smelling handwash when at a nice restaurant, and pumping their equally beautiful hand cream?  Besides that there is a plethora of products, and I've only scratched the surface on these.  What I also love is not only the never-changing aesthetic of their packaging, but also the design of each store of theirs, throughout the world.  Each store is unique, and always a joy to behold...

 I went into Aesop with the intention of buying their Travel Kit, but the lovely SA insisted I try the products within the kit, before I committed myself (couldn't admit to him that not only do I love the products, but I also really want the kit for the sleek black case it comes in, haha).  Armed with a not-so-small arsenal of samples I couldn't walk out without yet another hand cream (even though I hardly remember to use them, absolutely love the Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm)
 APC + Aesop
Go on, you can laugh, I did. Couldn't resist the name though and brought it home with me. Lo and behold, I realy love this!

What are your favourite Aesop products?

(n.b. Not a sponsored post btw)
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Nice 'n' Easy in Scanlan & Theodore

Don't you just love an outfit you can simply go throw on and head out? I do! Wore this twice this week already!

Hope you have an easy breezy relaxing weekend everyone!


 Dress: Scanlan & Theodore cotton & silk shirt dress (one season old), Bracelet: Celine knot, Rings: Balenciaga bow ring from Matches Fashion and Sarah and Sebastian Jewellery Line ring

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My current skincare 'routine' - Elemis, Sunday Riley, Dermalogica and SK-II

I don't think my 'skincare routine' has ever consisted of this many products until now.  My first skincare 'splurge' was before I got married, 7 years ago, when instead of treating myself to a facial as many brides-to-be do, I decided to buy a few Dermalogica products instead, which included the Daily Microfoliant, the Special Cleansing Gel and the Smoothing Cream (which lasted me almost 7 years - that's how often or how much I used it, I did say I was lazy!).  Prior to that I just used whatever cleanser/moisturizer I'd find in the supermarket, or whatever product my mom would have around the house

I am by no makeup or skincare blogger, reviewer or connoisseur by any means, but I thought I'd share my current (and many long-standing) favourite skincare products (and save my favourite makeup products for another post), to justify all the time I spent reading countless reviews on each of them:

Warning: lengthiest and wordiest post in a long time.


SK II Cleansing Oil

I am too lazy to use a eye makeup remover and cleanse, so I simply use the SKII cleansing oil to do it in one go, it features a ""Lock and Lift"" formulation which allows oil to transform with water to gently lift away make-up and impurities from the skin.  I have previously used different brands of cleansing oils, but this is my favourite, especially because it doesn't make my eyes 'cloudy' (I wear contact lenses) and blurry after use.  My skin feels clean but not dry, and it does a good job of removing my eye makeup (and if it hasn't, I use a little of the oil on a cotton pad, as if it were an eye makeup remover, which I then rinse off).  I was recently surprised when I was told I should cleanse in addition to cleansing with the cleansing oil, and do so occasionally, I love Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip cleanser as again, it is not drying, but leaves my skin soft and clean.

Available at Nordstrom, Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Dermalogica Microfoliant

I used to use this every morning, since discovering it 7 years ago.  I once ran out of this stuff, and my skin quickly showed me I needed it, so I swiftly repurchased (hubby also loves this).  I feel my skin is brighter and clearer with this, and only stopped using it daily when a SA at Mecca told me I shouldn't use this before an oil, as it'd cause breakouts.  She also said for it to really work I should leave it in for at least 2 minutes or so, as it is a 'chemical' exfoliant, rather than a 'physical' one.

Available at FragranceNet and Adorebeauty.


Sunday Riley 'Juno' Transformative Lipid Serum

This stuff is seriously amazing.  I had read all about Kahina Oil, but when I went into Mecca to buy it, only to find it wasn't stocked in that particular store, I was given a sample of this and was sold. Having just returned from an overseas trip, my skin reacted badly to coming back to the dry Australian weather.  After using a few drops of this at night, my skin went from being pink-ish, blotchy, bumpy and uncomfortable and itchy to glowing, smooth, and even-toned.  It even allowed me to go without foundation most days! I love being able to do so.  It smells a little like a salad dressing, but the smell quickly dissipates (plus I love its natural smell).  I merely warm two drops in the palms of my hands and press it onto my skin after cleansing at night.  The next morning - voila - glowing clear skin!

I raved about this product to my sister, and when she couldn't find it in stores (sold out) in the UK, she bought Sunday Riley's 'Good Genes', which I have since tried, and absolutely love.  This product makes my skin so smooth and glowy, I love it!

Available from Sephora and Net-a-Porter (seems they changed the packaging into one with a dropper!)

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

I use the Elemis Illuminating Flash Balm in the morning.  I now skip cleansing in the morning (just rinsing my face with water), or when I do cleanse, I use my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, followed this balm under my makeup.  I have used the Clarins Flash Balm before, but this isn't like that.  This is like a lightweight moisturizer that imparts a glow under makeup that is not shimmer-related, it just looks radiant and healthy.  I find it acts like a primer under my foundation, and makes my makeup look...better, without going oily, and also last longer.  Very occasionally I will use a drop of my Sunday Riley Juno under this if I'm feeling particularly dry or dull-skinned.  

Available at Nordstrom and Elemis.


Elemis Absolute Eye Serum

Another Elemis product that peaked my interest was their 'eye creams'.  For the last 20 years I keep meaning to use an eye-cream regularly, but simply keep forgetting to do so.  Prior to this I was simply using the Garnier roll-on eye cream purchased at the supermarket, only because I saw my sister using it, and thought it looked straightforward enough for me to use.  I then discovered the concealer version of that roll-on, which guaranteed I remembered to use it, as that is one thing I absolutely need: concealer for my very dark circles.  I had run out of the Garnier roll-on for a few months, and thought it was better late than never to have a 'proper' eye cream.  This serum is great, my undereye skin feels refreshed and hydrated, I would like to think it also looks less puffy and dark.

Ok, so I haven't taken a before and after picture of my undereye circles to see whether this makes an actual visible difference, but the reviews I read on Makeupalley and elsewhere assures me these have worked on others well.  What I do know is that it is easy to apply, and I have been using it every night.  It is liquid and not oily, and is easily dispensed with a dropper, which is what I love about this product. I use one drop under each eye, and it is easily absorbed, doesn't feel oil or greasy, and doesn't sting my eyes.  

Available at Elemis.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

This is the actual 'eye gel' that I use over the serum, and again it is easy to use and easy to apply (easily absorbed, not greasy, oily or stinging to the eye - no milia issue either, which I know is the complaint of many eye creams).  I dispense a tiny amount and pat it under and around my eyes, it sinks in immediately which is great.  I am not a fan of having to work in an eye cream, and like it when a product is quickly absorbed.  I think the line(s) under my eye seem smoother and perhaps the bags less puffy, probably in combination with the serum (above). 

Available at Elemis.


Ok, I have included this 'Berry Glow' Pressed Juice in the pic below, because I love eating berries, not only because they are delicious, but because I like thinking that the abundant antioxidants in them are doing my skin good (blueberries in particular).  I also love eating salmon fillets (skin ON - crispy after barbecuing them, with the flesh pink in the middle), and I try to drink plenty of water.  Antioxidants + Omega 3's are great for good skin.

 Now, as the years clock by, I think it's time to roll my sleeves up and put a little bit of effort in my skincare regimen.  Wear a hat, put on sunscreen...and not take my 'Asian' genes for granted (my mother has great skin, and both my grandmothers did too, although they have/had great skincare regimens).

What about you?  What are your favourite skincare products?
 L to R: SK-II Cleansing Oil, Dermalogica Microfoliant, Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, Sunday Riley Juno Lipid Serum, Elemis Absolute Eye Serum, Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal
My tools to fight my uber-dark undereye circles
 Travel essentials
all pics by me.

I am quite curious about the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine cream, their Enzyme Resurfacing Night cream and theirCellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules - I love how Elemis uses lovely Marine/Natural ingredients.  Has anyone used any of these products?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pressed Juices - you can't get enough of a good thing

During my recent trip to Sydney one of THE things I most wanted to do was try Pressed Juices, as we didn't have it here then.  Situated around the corner from where I was staying meant that I was there almost daily, sampling a rainbow-ful of juices and discovering their Raw Coconut Parfait (I must've bought at least 5 during that week!).  I have always been a juice and green smoothie fan, and just couldn't get enough of it!

Fast forward a few weeks, and I finally got to visit the newly opened store here in Adelaide!  I sure hope they open more locations (as I don't get to the city much nowadays), but am so happy they are closer than say, Sydney! Needless to say I armed myself with a few bottles of juices and a Raw Coconut Parfait to bring home.

I am toying with the idea of trying their Master Cleanse - has anyone tried their Cleanses?  Basically it'd be an excuse to drink this stuff all day long...yuuuuuum!

Anyone else a PJ fan? 

  Bad pic - great juices - pic taken in the Surry Hills store
I could eat this all day every day! Young coconut flesh with chia seeds soaked in berry juice, blueberries, buckinis and pepitas, all in a coconut shell (I have 3 young coconuts in my fridge at a time, as I absolutely LOVE them, and so do Lil' Brigs 1 & 2)
 Another favourite and must-have (especially when on the run - like I was during the MBFWA): espresso almond mylk, a coffee and breakfast on the run that is oh-so-good!

Outfit - Boots: Isabel Marant, Pants: Scanlan & Theodore, Silk Shirt: Willow, Bag: Chanel Boy
 The Adelaide store - wish this were my fridge!
 Another of my faves: avocado, banana, coconut water (love), cucumber, kale, lime, mesclun and pineapple - the coconut/lychee/pineapple is also sooooooo good!
 My Pressed Juices haul this week, am going to try to get there again to restock today...

Outfit: Stella McCartney swing trench, Scanlan & Theodore pants, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag
Breakfast in a shell
Boots: Isabel Marant Dickers in Gris (available here, anthracite available here and here...), Blush: Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure (purchased here), Yachiko Brush: Nars, Handgel: Aesop, Bracelet: Celine, Rings: Balenciaga bow (from Matchesfashion), Sarah & Sebastian Petite Pearl ring, Aurelie Bidermann Love ring (available here), Elemis Illuminating Flash Balm, Proenza Schouler PS11 bag (available from Net-a-Porter and Net-a-Porter US, and directly from Proenza Schouler HERE) and Ray Ban folding wayfarer sunglasses

pics all mine via iPhone/Instagram


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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I wore on Day 3 of MBFWA: Ellery 'Wendy' dress via Glamcorner, Chanel Boy bag and Isabel Marant Betty sneakers

Sorry for the long break once again, it has been a crazy and wonderful few weeks with both Lil' Brigs 1 & 2's birthday, as well as an early birthday celebration for my mom, while my sister and nephew were visiting from Sydney.  I hope to share some pics of the parties, but before I do so, I thought it is better 'late than never', to share about the outfit I wore on Day 3 of MBFWA.

While in hospital last December, Glamcorner sent me an email kindly offering me their Online Dress Hire services to me. They soon realized I was actually in hospital and apologized for the bad timing, but I welcomed the distraction.  I had heard of designer bags for hire (even if I hadn't, Sex and the City put 'Bag borrow or steal' out there for everyone to see), but not dresses for hire.  I filed it in my 'to think about later when I'm better' box, but the madness of family coming over for Christmas, and the Christmas holiday itself, quashed all thoughts aside.

But what a brilliant thing to have.  How often have we shelled out a mini-fortune on a dress that often  only gets worn once (or in my case, not at all)? That plus the cost of dry-cleaning makes a 'special occasion' dress quite an expensive exercise. 

I often have friends and family asking me to help them find a nice dress for a certain occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday party, or even a special dinner.  I don't usually have this conundrum, most people need a dress for an occasion, whereas I need an occasion to wear my dresses, haha!  I didn't think I would really need a 'dress hire service'.

That was, until I started packing for my trip to Sydney to celebrate New Year's Eve with my sisters.  I considered taking Glamcorner up on their offer, but then realized it was too short notice (although I now know they are so fast I would've made it after all).  The next opportunity arose when I realized that my lack of physical activity (due to bedrest and so forth) led to a little weight gain, which meant the dress I had in mind to wear to a milestone birthday party in February no longer fit. Once again, I realized this a little late, the day before the party.  Finally, as I was packing for Sydney and Australian Fashion Week, I had all my outfits packed, but thought I wanted another option, but my suitcase was already jam-packed.  I had an 'aha' moment and remembered Glamcorner once again.

There were many designers to choose from, from Alex Perry to Aurelio Costarella, Jayson Brundson, Lover, Ellery and even Badgley Mishka (you know, for your next red carpet event). When browsing online through their dresses I immediately was drawn to Australian designer Ellery's dresses, and this gorgeous Wendy dress in particular, something I'd love to have in my wardrobe but that I wouldn't get many chances to wear.  I forgot to photograph the 'funky' white back' of the dress, which is why I wore it with the white sneakers I had already packed for Sydney.  I loved the lantern skirt (not shown to its full advantage in my pics), and the beautiful print on the fabric. 

Daisy from Glamcorner was so incredibly helpful to get the dress to me on time (especially with a difficult schedule that week), and as with their 'try on service',  sent me both size 8 and 10 (I wasn't sure what size I was, and thought I'd err on the side of caution, but the 8 fit me like a dream).  A courier delivered this gorgeous box bright and early (as I requested), in what looked like a glamorous glossy pizza box!  Ok, probably nothing like a pizza box, and it felt so glam opening it up to reveal the gorgeous Ellery dress inside.  With the dress came all the instructions on how to return it (which was a breeze, with a self-addressed satchel included), which made everything so lovely and straightforward.  The hardest part was parting with this gorgeous dress!

 Pizza delivery?  A courier delivered the dress early in the morning as I requested (that week was pretty tight schedule-wise), and it arrived in a gorgeous large box, complete with a bow.
 Beautifully and carefully packaged, I seriously felt like a movie star pulling this dress out of the box...

Such a gorgeous print and silk fabric!
 At Sydney's Carriageworks for the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia - with my favourite Dries Van Noten necklace
Isabel Marant Betty sneakers and Chanel Boy bag

Thank you so much Daisy and Glamcorner!  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends next time they ask me for help in finding a dress for an occasion!



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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Run, don't walk! Isabel Marant new arrivals at The Outnet - up to 55% off AND free shipping!

Ok, I seriously placed my order within minutes of receiving my email, and with free shipping with the code SPRINGOFFER to top things off like a cherry on top!

I was 'good' and only bought one of the many shoes I placed in my shopping bag (and it was the last in my size, phew!).   Thought I'd share as soon as I could as thing are selling as I scrolled down, so seriously, run, don't walk!

You can start shopping by clicking on the images below or HERE.
 pic via theoutnet.

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