Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wind in the Willow...

Wore this Saturday night to a cocktail bar for a friend's farewell with my Chloe lambskin bracelet bag (not pictured)

Willow EDG64 yellow silk draped dress (sorry the pic's no good, it was a bit dark when I took it - closer/better pic from a while ago here, or on the model - doing it better justice than I)
Dior Extreme Python Shoes (couldn't keep my eyes off of these whenever SJP appeared in them in the Sex and the City movie)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pink & Grey - a la Dries Van Noten

Pink & Grey = one of my favourite colour combinations.

I wore this colour scheme on Monday, when pairing Diane Von Furstenberg's Hillevi silk polkadot grey dress with Stella McCartney's Fuschia Silk Pumps (didn't get time to take a picture before I headed out for dinner).

(www.style.com & www.firstview.com)

Tonight I wore the same colour combination to dinner & drinks, with quite a different resulting look (sorry my outfit pics are so bad, took them in a hurry, thankfully my shoes are much more photogenic):

(click to enlarge)

Dress: Dries Van Noten Doreen Fuschia Silk knotted dress FW'08
Shoes: Dries Van Noten patent grey wedges FW'07
Socks: Men's Pierre Cardin grey socks (borrowed from hubby, as I realized I only own gym & plane socks, haha)

I'm in love with these Dries Van Noten patent wedges! Must stock up on all sorts of socks & stockings to wear with these...

As nature intended it, the Australian native Galah bird, stunning creatures!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picture perfect wedding...

The lovely & talented Icon tagged me with these questions (and some extra, which I took the liberty to remove, as I recently answered them in a previous tag), I'd like to tag two glamorous & gorgeous Aussie bloggers: DiamondsinChampagne & PorcelaineBlonde (there are extra questions here)

The rules are:

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag other un-tagged people.

What are you wearing today? (I started answering this tag on Saturday)
Dries Van Noten Doreen sequinned dress, Marni Patent heels & Witchery red leather clutch I bought 10 or so years ago for $60 (at half price, it was my most expensive bag then...), actually it's not quite a clutch, there's a short strap I tucked into the bag, I felt the outfit needed a pop of contrasting colour.

Last night I wore this out to meet friends for drinks:

Stella McCartney silk blouse (with a touch of cotton), with detachable collar & monkey button & split sleeves (this was in my 'to sell' pile, as I've had it for years & have never worn it, due to the split sleeves, as I'm not usually a fan, but on a whim, I decided to use it)
Willow pinafore dress (yay for pockets!)
Christian Louboutin patent baby blue pumps

Why is today so special?
As my dad says, everyday is special. But today's especially so because my friends of over 10 years are getting married! The day, wedding & bride were absolutely beautiful, and just look at the most gorgeous parasol ever! (see below).

What would you like to learn to do?
Design/sew/create fashion.

What did you have for dinner?

What's the last thing you bought?
I finally tracked down & bought these Dries Van Noten grey patent wedges, which arrived yesterday from Belgium (woo hoo!):

What are you listening to right now?
Prince - Live in Concert.

What is on your bedside table?
Earplugs & Dries Van Noten collection lookbooks, and an incredibly cool Danish mid-century lampshade.

Say something about the person who tagged you:

Icon is so talented, and made a dress that was displayed at the national art gallery! Her photography & photographs in her blog are always so beautiful & inspiring!

Name the things you can not live without:
Mobile (cell) phone, my laptop/computer, internet (for skype, e-mail, blogs & internet shopping), Havaianas.

What would you like to get rid of?
Prejudice & hatred.

Which language do you want to learn?
French & Mandarin Chinese.

What countries have you visited?
United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, USA, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lichstenstein, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, Denmark.

What are some of the things you like about where you live?
I am close to beautiful rolling hills & vineyards, as well as the beach.

What's your greatest accomplishment?

My First Class Honours (research) degree, it was one of the toughest years ever...

What is your favorite quality about yourself?
Ooh, what a hard question! I'd like to think it's what my in-laws call 'my good heart'.

What is your favorite quote/saying?
Not highly intellectual or anything, and I can't remember where I got this from (nor the actual words), but I read this in the late 80's, and it saw me through teenage dramas, through to today..."Today that seems so sad & bitter, will be tomorrow's yesterday' (or words to that effect).

Conveniently forgot to add a question to the tag as per the rules:
Which song & movie are your 'go-to' for when you're feeling 'down'?
Song: Shackles (Mary Mary)
Movie: Legally Blonde

Friday, March 20, 2009

MyStyleDiary & Lookbook.nu

by Anna Yu

3/16/2009 2:12:34 PM

Australian Stylediarist brigadeiro caught my eye with her enviable wardrobe consisting of designers from Chloe to Zac Posen. Since she's in Australia, that means we can definitely take her current outfits as our upcoming summer wardrobe inspirations. Best of all, she's broadened my view of fashion. Love 'em or hate 'em (I personally hate them), brigadeiro totally changed my mind and charmed me with her way to styling her harem pants with a chic tuxedo jacket. I also like the way she accents a statement piece whether it's a pair of fuschia pumps or an on-trend silver fringed dress without extra noise or clutter. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how she takes the upcoming fall trends and makes them her own!

I was so flattered when the lovely people behind MyStyleDiary told me I was this month's featured 'Stylediarist', and even more flattered when I read what they wrote about me. Besides feeling unworthy, I now feel that I must step-up once the cooler weather starts! I know I will be getting my inspiration from all the amazing bloggers (especially from the cooler-climate Northern hemisphere), whom I have been taking cue on how to layer-up. MyStyleDiary is great because it is exactly as its name suggests, a style diary. I have on occasion, referred to what I had posted previously, when too tired to figure out what to wear, or to see if an outfit worked or not (several times I would take a picture, and go...oh no, no way!). Although it may not be as fancy in layout as other Style Diaries out there (Chictopia, Lookbook.nu), I liked the fact that I could just quickly take a picture in front of a mirror, and not have my face in the pictures...Also, Susie Bubble & Rumi used to post in MSD!

Speaking of Lookbook.nu, I have long admired the numerous beautiful photographs in this website, and was flattered when one of the founders emailed me to invite me to join them last year, a month or so after I started this blog (have no idea how she got my personal email address, this was before I set one up for this blog). I have felt unworthy of posting (still do), which is what I wrote back to her, due to the high quality of the photos in that website. Many of the members look like amateur or professional models, with most photos looking incredibly artistic, and some even editorial-worthy...Almost six months after joining, I have tentatively posted a few photos...not sure how long I'll last though...I do see I'm in excellent company though, as some of my favourite bloggers (including several on my blogroll) are also there.

Completely off-topic...I am attending my friends' wedding tomorrow, and am not sure what I'll be wearing to it. Last week, I had my mind set on wearing the Dries Van Noten dress to my brother-in-law's engagement party, but my fortuitous last-minute change of plans meant that I decided to wear it to this wedding instead (fortuitous because a very silly & painful 'dipping' accident on the rough-cement dancefloor would've absolutely ruined it). Except I just found out it is going to be 34 Celsius tomorrow (a bit too warm for this dress, I think), and it is an outdoor garden wedding (sequins are too much for a garden wedding, the reception is being held shortly after, with no time to change in between), so it may be back to the drawing board...Unless I can change in the car...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver rain at the engagement party

(click to enlarge)

Uhm...perhaps I had a bit too much fun swinging the silver 'fringe' on my dress from side to side...

Third Millennium silk dress with fine silver chain fringe

Wore this Third Millennium dress with my Willow EGJ12 silk zip-up coat/dress, Gucci patent pumps & Burberry patent clutch to my brother-in-law's engagement party this weekend. Am still recovering...

Friday, March 13, 2009

What to wear to a beach wedding?

Recently, I received a question from a readers' lovely friend Emily:

Q: “(…) Our friend is attending a BEACH wedding in Zanzibar, Africa and she asked us to suggest an outfit suited for this special occasion. I AM LOST, sadly =( and the other friend is busy...Please, please give us a few suggestions!!(…)” (Emily)

A: Emily, thank you so much for your question! Having never attended a beach wedding myself, I found it an interesting one that got me thinking of what
I would wear if I were to attend one. Not knowing your friend’s colouring, body shape, tastes & budget, I chose a few dresses I would pick for myself (although some of them would require my money tree actually bearing fruit, which it is yet to do…).

From my own wardrobe my thoughts immediately went to this 3.1 Phillip Lim saffron floral strapless pleated bodice silk dress, which I have up for sale (so if she’s a US 2 or 4 she may be in luck!):

Here is why:

I picture beach weddings to be casual, relaxed, intimate & sometimes…bohemian. Having an absolute passion for draped pieces, I believe them to be perfect for such an occasion. What would I look for in a dress for a beach wedding?

Length – long (or at least mid-length). For a few reasons:

a. On a sandy beach, the footwear of choice will most likely be a flat pair of sandals or possibly even none at all. Therefore, I would need the dress to be calf to ankle length, as it would be most flattering for my short stumpy legs. Of course, if you are tall & slim (and I am sadly, neither), you may not have that problem.

b. Walking on a sandy beach may not always be a graceful task, which I find is easier done when my legs aren’t on display.

c. Sea breeze – you don’t want it to pick up a shorter skirt, or have to worry to place your hands to ensure it doesn’t get blown up from under you.

2) Material – flowy & comfortable. In the warmer climates you want to make sure you are comfortable, your skin can breathe, and that your movements aren’t restricted by a tight-fitting dress.

3) Colour – nothing too severe. Personally I would not choose anything too vibrant, but would gravitate to soft palettes. For example, I also have the Phillip Lim dress above in cream/black, which although I think would be perfect for a garden wedding (maybe worn with a touch of red or yellow), I would find too dark for a beach wedding. Often darker colours may appear more sombre, which would be better suited for a formal affair.

I absolutely adore the muted colours and gauzey, floaty fabric.

Halston (sadly sold out, but I love the print, which would be perfect for a beach wedding in Zanzibar)

This grey dress does appear too pale, and if true to colour, I would consider too similar to ivory/white, which I would never wear to attend a wedding (unless I were the bride, or if the fabric were patterned with another colour), but I am hoping that (as I have previously found), pictures on NAP are much paler than their true colour due to their flash. In which instance, this dress would be absolutely gorgeous.

Alice & Olivia Ombre strapless dress
I am in two minds about this Alice & Oliva Ombré dress’ colour, but love the ombré, as I think it would be perfect for a sunset beach wedding.

Love the toga, grecian feel off-set with the feminine purple floral print. This is also available in all ivory for any beach brides out there...

This may be too dark, but I just loved this dress (also comes in a gorgeous red)

I couldn't resist posting these two, as they are just gorgeous, and could be possible 'beach bride gowns':

Thakoon Draped crepe gown

Roksanda Ilincic Corsage Embellished Gown

This is absolutely divine! The rosettes, the drapey-ness... my jaw dropped when I saw this. Ahh! If only I could come up with some excuse to wear such a stunning gown...Vows-renewal perhaps?

These were just a few examples of dresses I found during a quick search, on one site only (or I would've searched endlessly). If anyone has any further suggestions for Emily, I'm sure she'd love to see them!

What would YOU wear to a beach wedding?

PS. I don't know if you noticed, but yesterday I added a little playlist (To the left. The first song is the one I mentioned in a few posts ago - Denice Williams 'Free', the second song by Bebel Gilberto was my '1st dance' with hubby at our wedding...). I get startled when clicking on a blog and music springs out of nowhere, so I thought I'd make it play only if you wish it to...(just click 'play')

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stripes & Sequins

I've said on many occasions that I love stripes, especially 'nautical/Parisienne stripes', and will often wear a striped top 2-3 times a week (different ones of course, although hubby thinks they're all the same). It was surprising to note that I have never photographed any 'striped' outfits, so I made a point of photographing the next one, no matter how 'boring' it was.  I wore this to a lovely dinner for two last Friday, and was a little tickled with myself for adding stripes under my sheer blouse (yep, am easily amused, haha).

Dries Van Noten black sheer sequinned top (close-up pic here)
Tigerlily boatneck striped top with 3 mother-of-pearl buttons on the shoulder 
White by Sabatini wool man-style pants

Monday, March 9, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

I am waiting for this movie with baited breath.  
Audrey Tautou is one of my favourite actresses, and her playing the iconic Coco Chanel is surely a match made in couture-heaven.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting to you know you, getting to know more about YOU

(picture I took of my dad, sisters, bro-in-law, hubby, mom is probably in some store...in Parati)
click to enlarge

The ever-so-eloquent & amazing hrose tagged me to answer a few Q's (I'm terrible with these):

What are you wearing now?
(I'm at work, or was, when I started answering this):
Gap navy roundneck tee with white fine stripes (bought in Paris for around 2 euros)
Cue black pinafore with bubble hem & empire waist
Birkenstocks beige sandals (Hehe, I
know! Hurt my back recently, so have had to use these to work)
Bic pens holding my hair up in a bun
Bvlgari wine/maroon glasses (I sometimes wear them to work, but am in contacts most of the time)

What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading?
The House of Viktor & Rolf (last year’s birthday present from my sisters), not quite a ‘book’ per se.

Do you nap a lot?
Sadly no.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My hubby.

What’s your current obsession/addiction?
Dries Van Noten (more so than usual)

Which item from your closet are you wearing most lately?
Sass & Bide Harem pants (they’re my equivalent to ‘jeans’ at the moment)

What's for dinner?
Lentil soup with vegetables (I could live on soup,
love it!)

What was the last thing you bought?
Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned dress and the same dress in plain fuschia silk.

What are you listening to right now?
Deniece Williams 'Free' (I love ‘old school’ music).

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Teletransportation (beam me up Scotty! First to London, then Brazil!)

What is your favorite weather, and why?

Summer in Brazil so I can relax by their beautiful beaches, having said that I like mild winters so I get to wear coats and/or layer up...

What time do you usually get up?
6:50am (yep, hate it)

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Keeping sane, haha!

Say something to the person who tagged you:
You write with such eloquence, abandon & warmth, it is impossible not to want to befriend you, you will have a blast at Uni ;).

If you could have a house–totally paid for, fully furnished–anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
Ooh, tricky, either an apartment in Marais (Paris), or an island/house off of Parati (my favourite town in the whole wide world).

Favorite vacation spot?
Can I pick two? Brazil or Europe, hard to pick.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
ITEM (singular)? Ooh, so hard! Will pick my
wedding dress, as I wish I could hang it on a wall (and have only worn once)...

Favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is overflowing with a zillion others:
Havaianas (if they count as 'shoes')?

Name one thing you cannot live without:
The internet - lets me Skype my sisters in London & parents in Brazil, and they & my hubby mean the world to me, and shop too!

What time is bed time?
Usually around 11pm.

If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?
In London with my sisters, miss 'em like crazy!

Cute-as-a-button MissJ very generously gave me this award:

I would like to tag with the questions above AND pass this award to:

Tanya at Captivate Me

Brook & Lyn

Mariona at Marhugobcn

La Couturier

Ida at Rougemarie

And I would love to tag EVERYONE WHO'S READING TO ANSWER these Q's here, as I'd love to find out more about YOU:

Para todos que estao lendo agora, adoraria se pudestes responder estas perguntas, pois gostaria muito de saber mais sobre VOCE:

1. How did you first arrive on my blog? Como achou meu blog?

2. Who are your favourite designers? Quem sao seus estilistas favoritos?

3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)? Quantos anos tem?

4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what? Trabalhas ou estudas (em que area?)

5. What country are you from? De que pais es?

6. What would you like to see more of on this blog? De que gostaria de ver mais aqui?

7. How would you describe your style? Como retrataria seu estilo?

8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)? Para todos que tiram fotos para seu blog do que esta usando, como tira as suas fotos (e com que camera)?

Have fun! I look forward to getting to know more about you!