Thursday, April 27, 2017

Growing older, getting smarter...

Bag: Gucci mini Sylvie (at Gucci, Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, and MatchesFashion)

I recently realized that next year will be my 10 year blogaversary, which means in the almost 10 years since I first started my blog, a lot has changed in the last (almost) 10 years:  I have gotten married, had not one, but two children, gained a pound (or twenty), changed careers (more than once), it has been quite a ride, thanks to those who have been riding with me!

Last year I celebrated a milestone birthday, I won't tell you which one, but you can gather I am definitely not 21 (yeah, not even close, haha), ahem...moving on.  Thankfully (for me) I have never been one to panic about birthdays or getting older, I think it is because I see how young and sprightly my own mother is, and how neither of us really think of who we are in terms of how our age.  Age truly is just a number, really.

Having said that, there are areas that have started to think smarter about, about how to take better care of my body and myself:

I gave up eating two macarons for breakfast every morning when my daughter told me: "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm going to eat macarons for breakfast just like you". Eeps, talk about role model! I have tried choosing better fuel for my body, despite my love for food (I love healthy and unhealthy foods, I'm just trying to stay on the healthier side most of the time), not only because I then feel better (in the last few years my body has been increasingly telling me to eat better, as I certainly don't feel good when I eat too much refined sugars and such). And of course, being a role model to my children.  I am so diligent about teaching them good eating habits, I should follow what I preach, so that is what I'm trying to do now.

Ok, I used to love exercising before I had children, and I know having children is not an excuse not to exercise.  But for the past 7+ years, I have not set foot in a gym, did 3 pilates sessions last year (and didn't follow through), and now my body is paying for it (and I don't even mean the many pounds I've gained), my back (and shoulder!) have finally said: enough is enough, and now I need to change my ways.  All those years of carrying kids with one arm, and bending over to take flatlay shots have not treated my body well, so I am determined to start moving again, and strengthening my back with pilates again.  I also want to start cycling regularly, I prefer incidental exercise as opposed to pounding a treadmill...

I have been blessed somewhat in that I have never done much with my skin, and have gotten away with it.  My mom has nice skin and both my grandmothers did too.  In fact, my beloved maternal grandmother's favourite skincare product was simply Clinique's 'yellow moisturizer' (as I called it, now referring to its proper name: Dramatically Different Daily Moisturizer), which was a staple of hers for decades, proving that it is a bestseller for a reason.  In addition to using Clinique's 'yellow moisturizer' (DDDM) as part of my 3-step skincare regime I also love their 'Smart' serum and moisturizer (and treatment oil - not pictured below), because these products understand the particular needs of my skin, even before I even know what those needs may be.  It is a multitasker, whether you need to visibly erase wrinkles, even skin tone, firm or hydrate, it does it all, so I don't have to sit down and figure out the 1001 different products I need to use (it also anticipates a breakout before it happens - so smart!)

Tee: Uniqlo, Bag: Valentino (avail. at Farfetch and in black at Matches)

Ok, this is one area I have never quite changed because of my age, and that is probably because I dress for whatever shape I am in, and not so much the age.  My love for wearing Mickey Mouse shirts and overalls has not changed, but I do find myself dressing for comfort more and more each days, even though I do love dressing up now and then.

What have you found yourself doing as you grow older, I mean, smarter? 

Post written in collaboration with Clinique Australia.