Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Love Mr Mittens - I so do!

Belgian-born Stéphanie Caulier learned how to knit at an early age, a passion that was reignited following a visit to a small knitting cafe in New York in 2007.  On her return to Belgium, Stephanie started by selling her knitwear to friends and family, and launched her label there, before moving to Perth with her partner (now husband, Stephanie got married just this last week! Congratulations again Stéphanie!).

Each garment is hand knitted with love by Stephanie and her team, fulfilling I Love Mr Mitten's "Heartworking" philosophy.  The team's common objective is to execute  Stephanie’s vision of how knitwear should be, simple, elegant, timeless and fashionable.  Quality over quantity.  Knitted in beautiful yarns of chunky wool or pima cotton, the range includes cute knitted shorts, dressesbeanies (I bought my black beanie last year and love it to bits), to cropped sweaters and 'The Cardigan'. Oh, The Cardigan! How long I have been enamoured with this piece, with its billowed sleeves, chunky wool knit, and oversized slightly draped silhouette...It is: