Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garance Doré in the land of Oz

I received my copy of Vogue Australia yesterday, and was absolutely delighted to see the beautiful, lovely & talented Garance Dore featured on page 48. Garance's (almost) daily posts always make my day, either with her witty or humorous writing, beautiful photography, or gorgeous illustrations. Loved reading what Garance thought of Australia, our fashion, our style, and of her experiences here during her recent visit; just had to share these with you...

Vogue Australia August 2009 (I do have a scanner, but where's the fun in that?) - click to enlarge

(click to enlarge)

Some purchases...

Love Lucas Paw Paw ointment! Cute cat...

Favourite Australian designers:

Arnsdorf's designer Jade Sarita Arnott


LOVE this label, especially this delicious cashmere vest with lapel:


Favourite shops & cafe:

Australian girls as chic as Parisians, vraiment?

Some of my favourite pictures of stylish Aussies, taken from Garance's blog:

How gorgeous is that last Willow outfit?!? Love it!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

To buy or not to buy?

I am in love with my recent (and first) Rick Owens purchase, its clean lines, clever draping & silhouette, in addition to his brilliant use of sheer silk...


It has whetted my appetite for more...

I am now obsessing over this coat, particularly its sheer sleeves, sheer perfection!


To buy or not to buy? That is the question...

I couldn't take a decent picture of the dress (black is so hard to photograph!), especially the sheer draped back of it, I will try again with better lighting sometime soon. I probably shouldn't have popped my hands in my pockets, I look so wide! But I had to show the pockets off, they're so deep, and my hands keep automatically going in them!

Rick Owens draped silk dress (pockets!!!)
Dries Van Noten beaded & sequinned sandals

*The bubble hem
*The draped back
*The sheer panel at the back, which also drapes
*The deep pockets
*I tried it on with every jacket/cardi/coat I own, and it goes beautifully with practically all of them! I think I can wear these for half a year in all different combinations...

Tonight I am dressing it down with a Margiela cardigan (so soft!), as I head out to dinner with the girls:

Rick Owens silk draped dress
Martin Margiela military merino wool knit cardigan
Dries Van Noten buckle sandals

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you very much Nini!

As the lucky winner of Nini's 'Finding The Inspiration For The World of Fashion' Competition, Nini most generously offered a $50 gift card of my choice as my prize. Living across the globe from Nini meant that an online store would be the easiest option (plus I shop mostly online), and I chose Standard Deviation NY. This will be my first purchase from this store, even though I have had it saved in my 'favourites' for quite some time. They stock so many labels I love, including: Humanoid, Heimstone, Preen, Future Classics, Vena Cava...and introduced me to Marlova.
Marlova has created a line of luxe cashmere sweaters and dresses that drape the body without being too clingy, yet still shows off one's curves. Nothing beats the feel of cashmere on your skin...I chose this Violet long ribbed tank dress that has a racer back and ruching at back waist for subtle volume. I put the order in on the weekend, and can't wait to receive it, thank you so much, Nini!
Nini's amazing style & enviable wardrobe are incredible, if you haven't visited her blog already, you certainly must!

Cashmere tank dress by Marlova

Friday, June 19, 2009

How to wear Harem pants

I know harem and peg-leg pants are not everyone's “cup of tea", but I love Harem pants. They are billowy and luxurious (but most importantly, they are just so comfortable!). Depending on your figure, this may not exactly be the look you are after, as harem pants have a tendency to add weight to fuller figures (I should know). However, the right pair, worn with the right pieces, can actually be flattering for your figure and classy to wear, so for those who want to wear a harem or peg pant, keep trying them on until you find one that flatters your shape (if you haven't already). Having said that, be honest to yourself when looking in the mirror, you should feel confident in them...

There are a number of variations on the harem theme, and you needn’t spend too much on them, as these pants may not be around for many seasons (I don't really care, as I will be wearing them regardless, haha), but they are pieces that will instantly update your wardrobe without having to try too hard.

DO: Select the right fabric
Some fabrics will drape more elegantly than others; light drapey fabrics are the most flattering, e.g. silk or cotton jersey.

Do: Know how low you can go
Make sure the drop crotch folds are elegant and sit well, rather than in a sloppy manner. Harem pants that sag in the centre half way down your legs don’t flatter most people. Instead, choose a leaner style, especially if you are under 5' 3". A capri-length variation can be very flattering, as a certain portion of your leg is exposed, lengthening the look.

DO: Keep it simple
Although I like to keep jewellery to a minimum with harem pants, I like wearing sparkly jewelry, so keep them in the same tone. I also love ethnic, chunky pieces, but not too many at once (usually just one or two at a time). Keep tops, cardigans and jackets, such as tailored jackets or a fitted boyfriend blazer, simple, as the pants are already the feature; alternatively skip the jewellery and wear a more costume-like top as the accent.

DO: Tuck it in

To balance out the bagginess at the waist and the fullness at the legs, harem & peg pants are best worn with a fitted top, like a tank top, casual silk T-shirt (or brightly coloured tee) or fitted feminine blouse.

DO: Lighten up
If you feel the style is too masculine, go for soft pastels and blush tones, which are more feminine and will provide a much softer look.

DO: Jump it!
If you have trouble finding a look that works for you, then try a slouchy harem-style jumpsuit instead.

DO: Not forsake femininity
For a more classic take, pair tailored harems with a pussy-bow or frilly blouse.

DO: Belt it up.
It's a minimal addition that doesn't distract from the interesting part of the outfit - the silhouette. To add some glamour to this classic tailoring, add a wide statement belt, or even an obi-inspired corset.

DO: Modify the runway look.
Subtlety, femininity, sequins, leather - infuse them into this look, while keeping the shape simple and chic.

DO: Crop it
Wear cropped jackets and tops with harem pants, so that the pants are the obvious feature. Short tops show that your pants are deliberately billowing, look better and accentuate the style. Defining the waist is key to successful wearing of harem pants.

DO: Distract
You can draw the eye upward to the top half of your body with interesting detailing, graphic prints, vibrant colour, or a bold accessory.

DON'T: Be afraid to mix trends.
I have worn mine with a tuxedo jacket, or with a striped top for a French/Nautical 'take' on Harem pants.

DO: Pair it with high heels.
This will give you the added height needed and it also balances out your figure; gladiator sandals or strappy stilettos, the higher the better. Flat shoes will deaden the harem pants look unless you are very slim/tall (I often disregard this in exchange for ultimate comfort, whilst aware of how unflattering it is for me, and seriously hoping no one I know spots me, oh, the shame!).

DO: Indulge in the comfort of harem pants.
Once you find the right ones, you'll want to wear them all the time, I certainly do! They are my 'muu muu equivalent' of pants, and are my 'jeans' staple equivalent, seeing I no longer can fit into any of my jeans.

Sass & Bide Harem pants worn throughout

Outfit 1: Sass & Bide 'Hot cat on a tin roof' tee & Burberry washed navy leather jacket, Dries Van Noten buckle sandals
Outfit 2: Vanessa bruno wool jersey/satin blouse, Chloe silk belt & with amber buckle, Stella McCartney Patent Pumps
Outfit 3: Bora Aksu silk chiffon blouse, Gucci studded pumps
Outfit 4: Dries Van Noten silk blouse & cognac and leather sandals
Outfit 5: Sass & Bide 'A little Peace' Jagger sequinned 'Mickey Mouse giving a peace sign' tee, Costume National brushed velvet tux jacket, Gucci peep-toe slingbacks

In short, wear them with heels, the right accessories, and confidence...and have fun doing so!