Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Extra 20% off code on sale items at Matches Fashion (including Isabel Marant Dicker boots, Bobby and Bekett sneakers!)

Oh my! Remember my post only 2 days ago with some sale bargains at Matches Fashion?

Now you can receive an extra 20% off all those items (and more)! I received the email today with the code EXTRA20 at checkout! Oh, how I wish they had my size left in these shoes!

Now I'm off to check the rest of my wishlist!

Happy shopping!
n.b. You can click on the pics below to lead to the product page:

The Isabel Marant Dicker boots in taupe, camel brown and anthracite are on sale, the Taupe pair here, camel brown here, and the anthracite pair here.

Isabel Marant crisi boots on sale (both brown/camel and black), the Bekett (half price!) and Bobby shoes, the flat versions of the Poppy pumps (in black and metallic) and the coveted Alexander Wang Lovisa pumps (in white and black).
pics via Matches Fashion

Everlane Petra tote and Dieppa Restrepo Cali Oxfords - wishlist items crossed off!

In the past week I have finally managed to cross two items that have been on my wishlist for the longest time, the Dieppa Restrepo Cali shoes from Need Supply Co. (my first purchase from their store), and the Petra Market tote from Everlane.  I had actually received an email from Totokaelo this morning saying they were restocked there, but a quick google search led me to NSC, so I purchased it from them as they were a little bit cheaper (just mentioning, in case NSC has sold out in your size and you are after them like I have been for so long).
Dieppa Restrepo Cali Oxfords in Antilope (pic via Need Supply Co.)

I bought the Everlane Petra market in black (I was tossing between the black and clay for so long), but now wonder if I should have got (or should get) the clay that I've longed for so long instead (not that I usually match my shoes to bag), remember I posted it here? What do you think? Love the colour!
pic via Everlane.

I also bought Everlane's Cotton Lawn shirt in white (wish the blue hadn't sold out)...

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vanilla, cherry and raspberry macaroons (no spelling mistake here)

I am in no way a healthy eater, I love food both healthy and unhealthy.  Somehow, as I grow older I am finding things increasingly 'too sweet' for me, and I don't feel as good when I eat too much refined sugar.  I first started getting into 'raw' food when I was pregnant with Lil' Brigs #2.  My body really did not sit well with all the junk I usually ate/eat, and I kept craving fresh food, lots of vegetables, no refined sugars.  I think it was my body's way of telling me, yep, you've been eating too much junk, it's time to change (whereas usually those who restrict their diet go all out when they're pregnant, haha!).It was then that I discovered the world of 'raw foods'.  And the world of 'raw desserts', oh my! Desserts minus the guilt and yucky feeling after? Yes please!

I recently bought some macaroons for a picture I wanted to make (first picture below, if you're curious), and proceeded to eat some of them.  I didn't feel very nice even after just one of them.  So I looked up a recipe for a healthier version.  When I found this one below on Loving Earth's website (I have bookmarked so many recipes!), I was so excited I couldn't wait to make it (and have done so twice now), I got the kids involved and they love it too!  I only made one teensy adjustment from the original recipe, as I love raspberries, and wanted a bit of tartness to my macaroons (raspberry macarons are one of my favourites, along with pistachio).  These are seriously so good!

I know you're probably thinking: what? a recipe? Yeah, it's been yeeeeeears since I last shared one, but this was too good not to!

Warning: these can be addictive!
 And so good with coffee...

 all photos via my iPhone for my Instagram account (you can follow me here)

Now, onto the recipe:

Vanilla, cherry & raspberry macaroons

  • 2 cups fine Desiccated Coconut
  • 1 cup fine white almond meal
  • ¼ cup 100% pure Coconut Nectar
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • ½ cup pitted black cherries, chopped (I used frozen, and used a mixture of 2/3 raspberry and 1/3 cherries)
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice (I used raspberry 'juice' - the liquid I got from the raspberries after it defrosted)
  • Zest of one lemon (I didn't use it in mine, but it's in the original recipe)
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla paste
  • Pinch of coarse sea salt
  • Extra coconut and lemon zest (again didn't use this) to roll balls in


  • If you’re using frozen cherries (and raspberries if you're using them) like I did, thaw them out a little, pat them dry and chop them up
  • Blitz everything in a food processor till well combined
  • Make balls using a 1 tablespoon mixture per ball
  • Roll balls in desiccated coconut and lemon zest (if using them)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Isabel Marant Dicker boots on sale at Matches (and more)!

Public service announcement (as the title suggests), I belatedly spotted the Isabel Marant Dicker boots on sale at Matches Fashion!!!

Both taupe and anthracite are on sale, the Taupe pair here, and the anthracite pair here.

If they still had my size I was seriously considering buying a back-up, I use both of mine to death (the taupe in particular)! 

My pic via iPhone - my 'workhorses' are in dire need of a clean! Pictured here: Murchison-Hume 'Spray Valet' suede cleaner to the rescue.

I also spotted more the Isabel Marant Crisi boots on sale (both brown/camel and black), the Bekett (half price!) and Bobby shoes, the flat versions of the Poppy pumps (in black and metallic) and the coveted Alexander Wang Lovisa pumps (in white and black).

So many more goodies on sale at Matches!

You can thank me later...

n.b. You can click on the pics to lead to the product page:
 pics via Matches Fashion

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

C'est bon!

Yesterday's outfit details, remember this post on my Madewell 'shopping spree'?  This is one of my 'spoils' and I love how soft this merino wool knit is:

 Jeans: Frame Denim Le Garcon (available at Shopbop and Net-a-Porter ), Rings: Balenciaga bow ring (updated version available from Matches Fashion and Barneys), Sarah and Sebastian Jewellery and Aurelie Bidermann Love ring (available at Shopbop), Watch: Daniel Wellington Grace Glasgow (available here, I also like this classic version), Claire Aristides Initial diamond bracelet, Shoes: Hobes (boat Hobes in Blush), Sweater:  C'est Bon Merino Wool knit from Madewell (purchased from Madewell, but saw it on Shopbop as well), Glasses: from Jimmy Fairly, Celine Knot bracelet (unavailable online)

Happy weekend everyone!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Aana Janakis Jewellery - minimal is beautiful

Inspired by object design, the female form and her Greek heritage, Sydney-based Australian designer Aana Janakis creates jewellery that is high-impact, conceptually strong yet refined.  Polishing her skills in the design rooms of Michael Kors and Josh Goot, Aana launched her own eponymous label last year, and her collection titled 'Alpha' is already being featured in Marie Claire Australia, and Catalogue magazine's September Issue.

Beautifully minimal with highly engineered designs lines, the Alpha collection features earrings, neckpieces, rings and cuffs featuring a 24K gold-plated brass bar, and either clear or white moulded acrylic that exude contemporary elegance.

You can view more of Aana Janakis' collection on her website as well as shop her collection directly from her store.

 Alpha cuff in white and Alpha double ring in clear
 Alpha double ring in clear with 24K gold-plated bar (deconstructed)
Featuring: Steven Tai SS'14 top, Zara skirt and Aana Janakis Alpha cuff in white.
Alpha cuff in clear

(all pictures are mine via iPhone/Instagram with the exception of the last two photos, which were taken from Aana Janakis' Instagram and

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eyebrow essentials

Here are some of my eyebrow essentials (I forgot to include my trusty Tweezermann slant tweezers in the pic!).  I cannot live without my Benefit Brow Zings in particular, which I've been using for almost a decade now!  I mostly use only the powder side, using a slim slant brush to fill in my brows (and a particularly stubborn patch that refuses to grow back after the ruthless 90's thin-brows craze I succumbed to).

When my last Brow Zings was almost finished I thought I'd try Hourglass's Arch Brow after seeing it in an email from Net-a-Porter, I like that I only have to use the one thing, but haven't mastered it as well as my Brow Zings (it has been a decade of practice with that after all).

Also, in the 90's I thought I was so clever in occasionally using my mascara on my brows to set it in place, and deepen it subtly.  Now I have Benefit's Gimme Brow instead, which is a lightweight gel, ever so natural, and infinitely softer than when I used to use the mascara.

What are your eyebrow essentials?

Benefit Brow Zings (pictured in 'Dark') available at Sephora, Birchbox and Adorebeauty;  Benefit Gimme Brow in Deep (available in more colours at Sephora), Hourglass Arch brow (I have the Dark Brunette) available online at Net-a-Porter and Sephora.

Picture on iPad from

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n.b. Hourglass Arch brow purchased by me, the Brow Zings and Gimme Brow were sent to me as samples (although I had been using the former for almost a decade), opinions however are honest and unbiased.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery - and their newest collection: Blume

I have had this blog post half-baked in my draft box for several weeks now (I know, I am terribly behind with my blog posts, I'm sorry!), but it is just as well, as I can now share that Sarah & Sebastian's new collection 'Blume' is now available online on their brand new and beautifully revamped website (launched only a few days ago).

This Australian jewellery label launched in 2011 by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki.  Finding the beauty in modern simplicity encapsulates the essence of Sarah & Sebastian. Robert’s industrial design and goldsmith background coupled with Sarah’s design degree creates the perfect balance in each and every piece handmade in Sydney. The end results are beautiful clean lines that are delicate yet edgy, original, personal and sentimental.

Their newest collection, titled 'Blume' (which explores the character of the Jasmine flower) is no exception, and I am having trouble whittling down my 'wishlist' from this gorgeous range.  You can view the new collection (as well as shop from it) here.

 From the new Blume collection lookbook
 Silver line ring and Petite Pearl ring in gold (I am eyeing the Petite Bead ring from the new Blume collection which is very similar to this)
Silver line ring
On middle finger (left hand): silver line ring, on index finger (right hand): petite pearl ring in gold
Trace bud ring and Petite Pearl ring (both in gold)
 Trace bud ring -  I love how the simple ‘drop’ shape can be transformed into such a unique 3-dimensional form, which lends the piece versatility of the shape displayed depending how you have it on your finger.
 Trace bud ring

(n.b. this is not a sponsored post)

pics are mine via iphone, and from (for the lookbook pictures - i.e. the first pictures and those with the models).

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