Monday, October 27, 2014

Luxe essential - Silk white tee by Ann and Albert

I’m a huge fan of wardrobe basics, especially when they’re given a little twist or are reimagined as a luxe essential. Take the humble white tee for example, fashioned in pure silk, with subtle adjustments like an elegantly curved hem by Sydney-based label Ann & Albert, it elevates the most casual look effortlessly.

Founded by Creative Director Leigh Goyen, Ann & Albert's collections features a range of luxe wardrobe essentials and exclusive limited edition pieces. Leigh’s multidisciplinary background as an architect and photographer inspired the refined elegance and minimalistic undertones that define Ann & Albert’s beautiful aesthetic: beautiful textiles, clean lines and strong silhouettes that create effortlessly sophisticated pieces.  You can check out more of Ann & Albert here.

Top: Kanso silk tee by Ann & Albert (available here), Necklace: Pivoine Lazuli embroidered necklace from Nini Peony (available here), Jeans: Le Skinny de Jeanne in Olympic wash by Frame Denim (available at Shopbop), Shoes: Chanel espadrilles, Watch: Daniel Wellington Men's Classic Sheffield (available at East Dane (i.e. Shopbop's counterpart), Need Supply Co. and at Selfridges), Bracelet: Celine (from Departement Feminin), Ring: Popbasic, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: Celine Trio (available here).

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shopbop 25% off everything discount code!

I am rifling through my wishlist, but it seems most of my items are sold out in my size, and sadly the Alexander Wang pink leather pants are not included in the offer.

But for 3 days only (until October 16th, as I'm a day late in posting this), you can take 25% off your Shopbop order with the code: FAMILY25.

I suggest being quick, as this applies to full-priced items (I think I may finally buy this Garance Dore iphone case I've been eyeing for some time), and things are 'flying off the shelves'.

You can start shopping by clicking here or on the pic below:

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Labor Day Outfit in 'My Red Lippy' Panama hat

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

It was a lovely long one here Down Under with some lovely sunny weather (except for today), but for 3 days we got to sun it up in the pool and have a lovely time!

Outfit details:

Hat: My Red Lippy Panama:

I must admit I am terribly un-sun smart, and only ever think of wearing a hat when at the beach (and not even that at times).  When asked to wear a hat to my Lil' Brigs #1's 'pre-school's picnic lunch, I realized I didn't have a hat, and found out about 'My Red Lippy' later on that day.

After being diagnosed with a melanoma at 5 months pregnant with her second child, Sarah Curtis sought out beautiful hats with wide brims that actually kept the sun out to protect one's my skin.  After much disappointment of never finding the right hat that both looked great and was fully functional, she started ‘My Red Lippy’.  These Panama hats are handwoven in Ecuador, as Sarah works with an Ecuadorian Co-op that helps women and children through teaching the a trade, and have a wider brim than your usual Panama hat, to offer greater sun protection.  Reading about Sarah Curtis' story made me realize I really should be more sun-smart, and it's so great that I can do that whilst still being stylish!

Dress: Sundry Clothing (available at Shopbop):

You all know about my love for stripes, when I first put this dress on I had to do a double-take to inspect the fabric composition tag, as it is so so uber soft! I will be wearing this a lot in the next few months.

Shoes: Dries Van Noten sandals (from 2009 collection)

Bag: Celine Navy Trio

Watch: Larsson Jennings Chain Metal watch in black (available at Liberty, from Larsson Jennings and Net-a-Porter

Sunglasses: Jimmy Fairly

Skincare: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50 (available at SelfridgesAdore Beauty and David Jones)

Pressed Juices (black!) Lemonade - yes, black! It is part of their new Spring Range, and I was intrigued, for those who are too, the black is due to the Activated Charcoal, which you cannot taste at all, it is simply an unsweetened lemonade, very refreshing, actually.

Johanna Basford colour-in postcards: bought this 'book' of postcards with Lil' Brigs #1 whilst on our 'date' at the Art Gallery last week, she loves it! (you can find the book version here - which I have since bought, as well as another set of the postcard book, it is too cute!)

Thanks to Gina at Torstar and Sarah Curtis for my hat, I love it!  

Thanks to Kate at Bell Fashions for my Sundry dress, it is so beautifully soft I want to live in it!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bodhi Cleanse - Organic Pressed Juice cleansing program

When Karina, the lovely Naturopath behind Bodhi Cleanse kindly offered me a trial of her 1-day Juice cleanse, I was quick to say: yes, please!

I have been meaning to try out a juice cleanse for quite some time.  I had been feeling sluggish, and after taking a course of steroids, and then a course of antibiotics right until I tried this cleanse, I really wanted to 'cleanse' my body.  I also wanted to kickstart a healthier lifestyle,  as I have been making some poor dietary choices this year.

Below are the benefits to a juice cleanse (listed on Bodhi Cleanse's website), and I pretty much was saying yes please to each item:
  • Increased elimination of harmful toxins and waste
  • Increased metabolism and potentially aiding in weight loss
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Rejuvenated and refreshed skin
  • Reduced sugar, caffeine and unhealthy food cravings
  • Improved digestive health
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration
  • Reduced bloating and ‘heavy’ feeling
  • Younger, brighter, more youthful looking skin (the steroids I had to take recently were due to an unusual allergic reaction which made my skin swollen and horrible!)
Endeavouring to use only organic fruits and vegetables, these cold pressed, glass bottled juices (no BPA, and recyclable) are made fresh and delivered to your door (in ADL), so easy!

The juices were so refreshing and delicious, there are 6 in total and a fibre blend (well, 5 juices, the last bottle of the day being a delicious cashew 'mylk' - my favourite of the 6).  All the different juices (and the intended effect of the ingredients within it) are described on the website.  Doing it for just one day was a great introduction to 'juice cleanses' for me.  I got a little hungry around Juice 2 to 3, but then in the afternoon I wasn't hungry anymore, with all the juices and water I was drinking.  I liked that I didn't have the 'heavy' feeling, and I felt encouraged to eat healthier following the cleanse.

It was a great experience, and I plan on doing a longer juice cleanse, especially in the warmer weather.

You can find out more about Bodhi Cleanse here.

Have you ever done a Juice Cleanse? Would love to hear/read about your experiences!

    all pics via my iPhone.

    n.b.: This 1-day juice cleanse was kindly gifted to me by Bodhi Cleanse, but I only share my honest and unbiased opinions and experience.

    Thanks again Karina!

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