Monday, November 16, 2015

Everlane is shipping Internationally for ONE week only (trial)! Run, don't walk!

Ok, the day we have all be waiting for (well, I certainly have) is here!

Everlane is offering international shipping (and for a flat rate of only $15!!!) for one week only (for now, here's hoping the trial goes well and it becomes a permanent thing soon).

For years I have been using forwarding companies to get my beloved Everlane wares here Down Under, so as soon as I caught wind that they would be shipping directly to us for one week, I had my items waiting in my bag ready for me to click 'pay' before you could say 'hello'.

Sadly I had to cull my shopping bag right down due to the horrendous state of the Australian dollar against the US dollar, but ah well! I am doing my happy dance nevertheless.

I ordered their Short-sleeved silk crew and the men's card case (I have discovered my love for card cases after using a 'disposable' one for almost a year now! Time to upgrade to leather).  I am leaving behind their long-sleeved silk tee and their slouchy black trousers (anyone have either item? Would love to hear your thoughts on them), and really, I practically want every single item in their store!

International shipping started today and we only have T minus 6 days left, so I suggest running, not walking!

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