Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shopbop 25% off code - 3 days only!

Hurry! Until Thurday 26th of June (US PST), you can take off an additional 25% off all sale items at Shopbop (including from their designer boutique, which is often excluded), just type in 25MORE at checkout, you can start shopping here or by clicking on the image below.

Ok, I'm off to trawl through my wishlist to see if anything's left in my size...

Happy Shopping!


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Monday, June 23, 2014

Poppy love (ah...Isabel Marant, how does she do it?)

I so wish I could find these again in the original red and black...There's something about that bow that is just perfect! Not to 'bow-y',  yet not too understated...Perfection!

 Friday night's essentials: Isabel Marant Poppy pumps (reissued version available on sale at NAP, Matches Fashion, Farfetch, My Theresa and Barneys), Clutch: Dries Van Noten (several season old - no longer available), Makeup: Giorgio Armani LSF, By Terry Touch Veloutee concealer, Hourglass Ambient blush, Chanel Mirifique eyeshadow, The Aromatherapy Company Therapy Range Hand Cream in Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, Rings: Cos wrap ring, Sarah and Sebastian Line and petite pearl ring, Balenciaga bow ring (purchased from Matches Fashion) and Aurelie Bidermann Love Ring (available at Shopbop) whether I should succumb to the reissued version or not, that is the question...I just wish the bow was the same as the original!

Reissued version available on sale at NAP, Matches Fashion, Farfetch, My Theresa and Barneys.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Net-a-Porter Sale now on - Asia Pacific site!

You all may already know, but the Asian Pacific Net-a-Porter site is on sale now! I can't believe most of my wishlist has pretty much sold out already!

You can start shopping here or clicking on the image below!

Please feel free to share your purchases here, I love shopping vicariously through others!

 Happy Shopping!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hobe sweet Hobe

One of my most popular blog posts to date is on 'How to wear Brogues/Oxfords shoes', that I wrote two years ago, so I see these shoes are not going anywhere for now.  Even though I could see their appeal, I thought then they weren't for me (never say never) .  It is only recently that I started considering them for myself, after seeing a gorgeous pair by Dieppa Restreppo in Antilope that I cannot find anywhere in my size.

When the lovely Georgia from Hobes emailed me about her shoes I was genuinely excited.  One concern I had about Oxford shoes was that I had heard some of them take a while to break in.  I can't remember the last time I had to 'break in' a pair of shoes, and would prefer that they be comfy from day one (preferably like a cloud).  Hobes shoes looked to do just that, and looked oh-so-comfy, even from my computer screen:

Ok, first things first, how cute is the packaging/wrapping paper? Hobes collaborated with Alice Oehr (illustrator, graphic and textile designer working in Melbourne), who designed the sweetest range of kitty prints... 

 One thing that struck me when I opened my parcel was how small it was!  Now I understand why these shoes make the perfect travel shoe!  Weighing in at a teeny tiny 200-300g per pair, they are handmade with uber soft suede and feel like a soft glove on your feet...


Love the blush colour on these, but admittedly had a hard time choosing as there were so many gorgeous options to pick from...They even have wool-lined Hobes! My uggbootphilic feet are so tempted by these at the moment!

In danger of sounding like a cars salesman, they also have Hobes for men and children!  As a mom who has bought matching sneakers for myself, lil' brigs #1 and lil' brigs #2 (I drew the line and didn't buy the same pair for Mr Brigs), I love this fact!

All pics via my iPhone/Instagram.

You can find out more about Hobes shoes on their website.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blissful Byron Bay

Apologies for disappearing again, but I have been too busy packing, unpacking, packing and upacking again, the last trip being to Byron Bay.  Remember this post?  We hadn't been back to Byron Bay since Lil' Brigs #1 was 3 months older.  Fast forward 4 years later, and I'm so so happy I got to take her back as well as Lil' Brigs #2.  They both had an absolute ball, and it was such a joy sharing our place, beach, gelateria with them.  One cannot help but relax and be happy in Byron Bay, it's just blissful...

 Our favourite beach: Watego's - I love how this little cove of a beach is shielded from the wind, making it perfect for the little ones to play hours on end...

 The green smoothie (one of the best ever!) and muffins (mango and coconut, as well as the blueberry and coconut gluten free cake in particular) were just amazing at Belongil Bistro (as was the green eggs and ham - amazing!), I also had so many amazing smoothies and vegan treats/desserts at Naked Treaties.

We ate 4 times at Treehouse on Belongil, and 3 out of those times we had this seafood pizza (made in a wood fire oven), just delish! This roasted pumpkin salad with red quinoa and fetta was amazing!

 We loved Bayleaf Cafe for their coffees and brekkies, this was a wild rice risotto made with almond milk and coconut cream, roasted spiced star fruit and blueberries...yum!  The little ones had a ball drawing on the pavement with big chalk provided by the cafe, what a brilliant idea!

 Swimsuit: Seafolly Goddess Maillot (available here and here), Lumira perfume (available here)

Wish I were there again!  In addition to the above we also eat/ate a lot at Kinoko and O-sushi, both favourites for many trips, and now a favourite of the little ones too! And the best gelato in town at Bella Rosa Gelateria.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New in: COS - Collection of Style (stripes x 3) - and discount code

After posting my picture on Instagram, I just found out COS is opening in Australia in Septemer!!! Sadly only Melbourne so far... But only recently did they open an online store in the US, so I pounced on the opportunity to actually click 'buy' on my computer.  So many times I 'window online shopped' on their European store, with hundreds, nay thousands, of dollars worth of items in my imaginary shopping cart.  Funnily, when I actually went to Europe and went into their London and Paris stores various times, I always walked out empty-handed, a little overwhelmed.  It seems I am better at shopping online than in stores! I think it's because online you can browse by category, type in the search box 'striped', see what it looks like on a mannequin, much faster than you can browse a whole store, walk in to the changerooms with an armful of clothes, and try it on...

For so long I have been a fan of their minimal style, and their many many striped tops

So this is what arrived in the mail:

L-R: Cotton/Wool striped top, Long silk blazer (the main reason why I put the order through was to get this, major love), wrap metal ring (wore this today), Textured Striped dress (pictured below as well), Striped tee, and Flared Cotton Dress (reminded me of Raf Simons work for Dior)
pic via iPhone/Instagram.

Oh, and I used the code: HELLOAMERICA to get 25% off! I think it runs until the end of June, with free shipping within the US (I had to use a mail forwarder as they don't ship internationally).

Already building my wishlist up again...

This can get dangerous!