Monday, March 31, 2014

I am off to Australian Fashion Week (aka MBFWA - Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia) next week - now, what to wear?

Yes, in a semi-last minute decision, I applied late, decided late, booked my flights to Sydney over this weekend to leave next Sunday! I learnt the hard way during Paris Couture Week that even mid heels are murder on my feet, and after the first day vowed to stick to sneakers and/or my Isabel Marant Dicker boots for the rest of the week, irrespective of how uncool I looked.  I think I will be doing the same this time, even though I'd love to wear snazzy heels, it's just not realistic with my lack of high-heel tolerance. And comfort always comes first.

what to wear?

I vacillate between wanting to dress like I do everyday (jeans, tee, flats/sneakers/low heels), and then also wanting to wear some items that I don't get the chance to wear all the time, since I will actually have my hands free from the little ones. Am thinking of these dresses (although my horse dress is the 'reverse', cream horse on brown, and almost ankle length on me, haha):

via (left: Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2006, right: Chloe by Stella McCartney Spring 2001)

As much as I'd love them teamed with strappy sandals I may resort to Dicker boots for comfort...

Anybody else going to MBFWA? If not, what would you wear?

Happy Monday everyone!


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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blushing nudes

 Nars Orgasm blush (available at NAP), Nars Yachiko brush, Balenciaga bow ring (purchased from Matches Fashion), Aurelie Bidermann love ring (available at Shopbop), Popbasic wishbone ring, Chanel nailpolish in Ballerina, Country Road cut-out pouch, Chanel ballerina pumps (old), Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Lasting UV Silk Foundation and Fluid Sheer in #10 (all available at Saks Fifth Avenue)

my pic via iPhone/Instagram

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ted Moseby of Fashion: How to pronounce designer names from A to Z

When I was studying Fashion Styling, the 'teacher' mispronounced Ralph Lauren and Louboutin, which was like nails down a chalkboard to my ears (I mean c'mon, she was 'lecturing' on Fashion Styling!).  My sisters say I am a 'Ted Moseby', in that I am always correcting them (this may be partially true), but I must admit that I was pronouncing some of the designer names in the video below wrongly!  Although I'm not sure why 'Nike' is in that video! Nike? Really?

Garance Dore shared this video from i-D, which shows you the A-Z pronunciations of all the trickiest designer (and one model– Xiao Wen Ju) names in fashion, and I just had to post it here for my future reference, and to share it with you all (although I'm sure most of you already would have seen it on Garance's blog)

Did you have any that you were pronouncing wrongly? I had never heard 'Loewe' being pronounced like that before, must remember that one!

Pic and Video via Garance Dore.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Wouldn't mind if everyday were Spa day!

Last week I had a delicious pampering spa session, courtesy of my sister, who gifted me a generous birthday gift last year.  Sure, it took me more than a half a year to actually get to the spa, but it was amazing!  In other news, late last week I received an email from Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, confirming my registration to the MBFW Australia, held in Sydney in April.  Now I just need to decide whether to go or not, the hardest part being my little ones.  It was so handy having my parents in Paris when I went there for Paris Couture week!

 Dress: from Richard Nicoll (eyeing the striped version HERE), Bag: Celine Trio in Navy (available here), Shoes: Celine Bam Bam (bought from Barneys NY), Bracelet: Celine knot from Departement Feminin, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Folding Wayfarers
Bag: Celine Trio in Navy (available here), Shoes: Celine Bam Bam (bought from Barneys NY), Bracelet: Celine knot from Departement Feminin

All pics mine via my iPhone/Instagram

Hope you all had a fab weekend!


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Monday, March 17, 2014

New in: Celine knot bracelet and Stay Simple t-shirts

I'm not sure how long I've obsessed over the Celine knot bracelet, but it's been a while.  I loved the thicker bolder version (I didn't even realize I had photographed Christine Centenera wearing one outside Chanel's Couture show in Paris last year until I recently googled it, haha - remember THIS post?), but when Phoebe Philo released a thinner version for Spring, love turned into must-have. 

 Love receiving parcels from Departement Feminin!

 Simple is better
 Jeans: Rag & Bone 'The Dre' (available here, here and here), Tee: from Stay Simple, Shoes: Chanel mesh espadrilles

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Window shopping for cocktail dresses for M.

This morning I got a text from my friend M, asking me to help her find a cocktail for a birthday party: "a bit of a classic short.  Something to make me look fantastic."

Seriously, a potato sack would look fantastic on M, she is the definition of yummy mummy.  Ok, M, this is what I'm thinking: understated sexy and elegant, not too prim or demure.  I'm hoping that one of these below tickle your fancy.  I included the prices, because seriously, for some of them, they are such amazing bargains, that if you don't get them I will, haha!

I looked at a few other online stores, but Barneys Warehouse had the best dresses IMHO.  I am not sure about some of these dresses below for you, but thought I'd include them just in case...

All dresses below available from Barneys Warehouse.

Givenchy Two Tone dress ($469 from $1860), Alexander Wang Twisted Muscle Tee dress (US$299 from $999), Helmut Lang Draped Sleeveless Dress ($219 from $520)
Belstaff Salford dress ($269 from $1095), Stella McCartney Eyelet dress ($329 from $1330), Christopher Kane Sleeveless gathered dress ($369 from $1495)
 Givenchy Satin Inset Sheath Dress ($669 from $2670), Christopher Kane gathered mini dress ($329 from $1300), Derek Lam Pierced Flared dress ($380 from $950)

Hope this is of some help? I only did a quick search because I know you need it by next weekend, so would have to order asap to get them in time.  I couldn't think of anything within Australia, I'm afraid.

Apologies if I am on the wrong track...

all pics from

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Popbasic's Sunday collection - easy like Sunday morning...

When Maddy (aka Madeline Veenstra) first emailed me about Popbasic, I was genuinely excited about the brilliant concept behind her 'baby' 'Popbasic', what ensued was an embarassingly gushing reply from yours truly:

"What a brilliant concept to Popbasic! (...)
That's probably enough exclamation marks for one email, but I was/am genuinely excited for you, Popbasic's concept is so simple and clever. (...) But your carefully curated pieces are versatile/wearable/classic and elegant 'pop basics' ;) Well done!" (seriously embarassing)
The entire premise behind Popbasic is that Maddy wanted to create a service for women to build their basics and trend pieces gradually, without sacrificing quality, by creating micro-collections.  Pieces that could be added to anyone's existing wardrobe, as building blocks to those who are starting a new one, or just those who want to freshen their existing wardrobe with easily wearable pieces. Now whenever Maddy realizes that something is missing from her wardrobe she instantly starts researching styles and fabrics.

The pieces in her 'Sunday Collection' particularly appealed to me.  I have recently gone on a silk shirt binge, and they are true staples for my wardrobe, especially now the weather is starting to cool down.  I love the versatility of a silk button down shirt, effortlessly elegant, with sneakers, boots or heels, jeans, pants, skirts or even under goes with most items already in anybody's wardrobe.  The microcollection comprised of a blue silk shirt, a white gold wishbone ring and a matching wishbone bangle, I seriously baulked when I saw the price for the whole collection was $85 including international shipping!  This micro-collection is perfect to use on a lazy Sunday, or a party-filled one.

I must admit I am very picky, and don't often accept 'gifts', as I would only say yes to something I actually love, would actually buy and wear (because my wardrobe is already packed to the rafters).  When I was generously gifted the 'Sunday Collection' from Popbasic/Maddy it was not under the premise that I would write this post, but I am genuinely excited about Popbasic, the Sunday Collection, and had to share it with you all.

I was so excited and intrigued about Popbasic, that I emailed Maddy some questions, which she kindly replied to.  I told her some were just out of my own curiosity, and that I wouldn't share them all with you.  But just in case others are as curious and intrigued about Popbasic as I was, here are my questions and Maddy's answers, unedited:

CC: How long will Sunday collection be available for?  
MV (from Popbasic): Our Sunday collection will be available until the 20th of March, or until sold out. 

When will the next collection be released?  
25th of March.

I was dumbfounded to find out the whole collection is only $85 INCLUDING international shipping!!! That's amazing! How do you manage that?  
All of our pieces are Popbasic own, so we're able to completely cut out the middle man and offer beautiful pieces at unheard of retail prices.

Will items on the permanent collection be similarly priced?  
They will be. All of our pieces will be under $100 with free international shipping.

Speaking of permanent collection, that is very exciting! When do you envision this to start being stocked on your website? Are we allowed to know which items are 'making the cut'?  
Our first permanent piece is our Le Breton, it will be available in classic navy and white later this month. Afterwards, we're releasing the Le Breton in red and white stripe. We're also bringing back our leather clutch in an assortment of colours.

What were you doing before you started Popbasic, before your move to San Francisco*? And what lead you to start it? It is such a brilliant yet simple concept!   
Prior to Popbasic, believe it or not, I was an economist. But I always had an interest in fashion and retail. During university I worked at Country Road for a few years, so I grew an appreciation for good quality pieces, and have an understanding of how difficult they are to come by. That was one of the main reasons I started Popbasic. I had sold so many of my pieces on Ebay, that I realized I didn't have my wardrobe foundation right. So I set out with the mission of making the perfect wardrobe for myself.

What are your plans for Popbasic? It has received great press and exposure, I love the sense of community you have created around it**!  
Thank you! I'm super proud of the community we have built around Popbasic. I'm really excited to launch our permanent line and also our silk blouse series later in the year.

Ok, I know I had better, more clever questions, but my cold/flu is preventing any brain cells from functioning, so apologies once again.  Is there anything you'd like to share about Popbasic that I haven't asked? If I could just clarify that it's not a subscription, and that our micro collections are all limited edition? Thanks!

* Madeline is originally from Australia but relocated to San Francisco.
**Popbasic has an amazing community through their Facebook page

 The beauty about wardrobe staples is that you can mix and match them to create countless outfits, here just swapping shoes takes this look from day to night:
Outfit details: Silk shirt: Popbasic (with white gold wishbone ring and bangle on it - all available here), Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 bag (available at Net-a-Porter HERE, HERE and directly from Proenza Schouler HERE), Shoes: Nike Roshe Run sneakers (above) and Celine Bam Bam sandals (from Barneys NY - below pic), Watch: Seiko, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer, Leather Pants: Vince (similar here), Rings: Balenciaga bow ring (from Matches Fashion), and usual e-ring and wedding ring.

All pics via alternating with my own pics via iPhone.

Thanks again Maddy!


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Friday, March 7, 2014

Zara Spring 2014 Lookbook - L O V E !

Oh my! The Zara Spring 2014 lookbook looks like a marriage between Celine and Chloe, and I have several of the items below in my 'shopping cart', with some items selling out already, doh!

Have you guys bought anything from their lookbook? Or seen any of these in real life? I know it's one thing seeing it beautifully styled here, and another when seeing it on a rack in store, which is why I find online shopping so much more appealing, haha (plus I never find what I want in store, and can't keep checking in to see if new stock has arrived), wished we had an online store in Australia!

all images via

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chanel SUPERmarket

Oh, how I would've loved to be a fly on the wall of the Grand Palais when this went down (and Garance's account of it all makes it even more amazing):

 all pics via Garance Dore.



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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Country Road, take me home...I sure did!

I was just looking at my Instagram feed tonight, and realized that I seem to be a walking sitting ad for Country Road! When I first received their lookbook as an email subscriber, I knew my wallet was in trouble.  I managed to bypass womenswear (I know, shock horror!), but fell hard for their 'Home' range.  With its heavy Scandinavian flavoured homewares range in delectable pastels, and childrenswear with polkadots, gingham and chambray (and a lot of Stella McCartney Kids inspired designs) I already started shopping in my head.  Luckily (or not - for my wallet), they had a 'Spend and Save' deal a few weeks later, and I'm afraid the pictures below only shows a small portion of the damage done:

My new 'china' seems right at home with my midcentury Danish y-chair by Hans Wegner.  Got some cute clothes for my daughter, all of which I would've loved to ask: "Does this come in my size"?
 I love the beautiful pinks that have been prevalent in the sartorial world lately, but it isn't a colour I wear often myself.  Now I get to use it everyday without wearing a stitch of pink!
Polkadots are something else I don't really wear, but find oh so cute!
Lef to right: Nars Yachiko brush, Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani, Nars blush duo (obviously I use this a lot!) in Orgasm/Laguna.
Iced latte anyone?
 Last week I picked up a slice of my favourite Argentinian cake, called the 'Felicia Special' it is heaven on a plate, consisting of alternating layers of vanilla sponge, fresh whipped cream, sliced peaches and fresh meringue...oh yeah!
Also got myself some Alfajores while I was at Delicias Argentinas, enjoyed them while revisiting an old issue of Peut-être magazine (Issue 6)
What I wore last Friday: Celine Bam Bam sandals, Aurelie Bidermann Love Ring (available at Shopbop), Balenciaga Bow Ring (I bought from Matches Fashion), Benah cuff, Celine navy Trio bag  (available here) and Country Road polkadot pouch.

Did anyone else partake of the 'spend and save' deal? This was my first time (I usually ignore those emails), and am now trying really hard to resist the 'buy 2 get 1 free' deal! 

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