Friday, August 30, 2013

New in: Stella McCartney Floral Applique Lace dress

I previously posted how I fell head over heels over Stella McCartney's lace pieces (well, many others too) from a previous Resort collection, I haven't been able to take this dress out of my mind: 

And here it is, it arrived just as I was poring over this beautiful Editorial by Giovanna Battaglia for the 189th time in Vogue Australia's latest September Issue
The 3D lace effect is amazing...
first pic via - all others via my iPhone for my Instagram

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Happy Father's Day to your loved ones!


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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yasmin Sewell - The Girl from Oz - Pt 9 (interview and picks at Matches Fashion)

Thoroughly enjoyed reading more about Yasmin Sewell at Matches Fashion, and just had to share it here:

 Rochas dot texture pink dress (above) available here, and Rag & Bone Easier pants available here (seriously eyeing these)
Roksanda Ilincic dress (below) available here (love it!)

Love this Sophie Hulme floral clutch that was Yasmin's pick (available here):
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The new 'Boy' (Chanel) in my life

When I walked into the Chanel store on Rue du Faubour Saint-Honoré in Paris, it was just to do some 'museum/window shopping'.  And 'just for fun' (because they didn't have classic beige with GHW I wanted to see), I tried on some 'Boy' bags.  I had seen them before, but had never considered them for myself...until this moment:

Left to right: lambskin 'grey', calfskin double stitch and matte caviar
Mr Brigs insisted I get one (which is incredibly unusual, I tell you!).  I kept saying no, no, no...I have to obsess over something for months or years first, I can't decide things at the snap of my fingers!  After mulling it over some lunch, we went back, and I walked out with this...
 I used to have a thing about not being able to wear the double interlocked 'C's' (despite that being my actual initials - so, really, made to measure, right?), but I have warmed up to the idea, ever since I borrowed my sister's classic Chanel bag for half an hour (we swapped bags)
 Thought I'd lie it side by side with my Chanel 2.55 Reissue 266 to compare dimensions...
 The (medium) Boy bag is wider and shorter...
I've already taken the 'Boy' for several 'spins', and like its 'punky' edge.  One outfit included my navy David Szeto 'Moulin' dress and Maison Martin Margiela for H&M plexi boots
 all pics via my iPhone

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Outfit of the Day: never too old to wear Mickey Mouse, right?

 Started the day with coffee and my favourite macaron flavours: pistachio and raspberry, sitting pretty on my favourite chair by Hans Wegner (the 'wishbone' or 'ychair' or 'ch24')
 Today's outfit: Uniqlo Mickey Mouse tee, Rag&Bone The Dre jeans (pale wash available here), Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic (available here, here and here) , Isabel Marant Dicker boots in Anthracite (available here and here), X Jain felted wool hoodie (really tailored/slim-fit, have had it for years, finally using it only recently)
 Nars blush duo: How could I live without you?
 I count at least five Mickey Mouse tops in my wardrobe *gulp*
Tea time! Bought this gorgeous cast iron in Kyoto, took forever to choose one, and 3 years to take it out of its beautifully wrapped box!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jimmy Fairly (Paris): Buy one, give one.

While in Paris, Mr Brigs & walked pass Jimmy Fairly's store in Marais on a daily basis. What drew our attention to the store were not only the glasses and sunglasses on display, but these shoes that were used as a prop on their front window.  After a week, I finally entered the store, intending just to inquire about the shoes, but ended up purchasing not only a pair of prescription glasses but also a pair of sunglasses (as did Mr Brigs). Oh, and we found the Rivieras espadrilles, which Mr Brigs promptly searched for and bought later that day.

First thing I said about these shoes: "These must be hard to keep clean!" - they sure will be...

The flagship store on Rue Vieille du Temple in Marais.

Ok, confession time.  I couldn't get these shoes out of my head, and tried them on for myself, intending to choose a different colour to that of Mr Brigs, but I couldn't resist this colourway, as it was just the best one.  And now, we have 'his and hers' shoes.  We'll make sure we never wear them out together at the same time, haha!

I liked this shape so much, I bought the same style in both the optical glasses AND sunglasses (glasses in tortoiseshell, sunglasses in black).

On the train on my way to Epernay (Champagne)

I sneakily borrow Mr Brigs' pair of sunglasses from time to time.  Pictured here with my Stella McCartney dress, Celine navy Trio and Isabel Marant Dicker boots in Anthracite (available herehere, here, pre-order here)

The 'Iconic' sunglasses worn with the only piece of clothing I bought in Europe (oh, bar the Gap tanks I bought), black Maje dress, and Isabel Marant Betty sneakers (all-suede Bobby available here, here and here).

What I wore today: Jimmy Fairly 'Iconic' glasses/spectacles, SABA merino wool turtleneck knit, Rag&Bone/JEAN The Dre jeans (pale wash available here), Chloe Susanna studded boots (available here, here, and here)

all pics my own (via iPhone)

'Buy one, give one':

Jimmy Fairly pieces are designed and made in France and Italy, and for each pair sold, a pair goes to a person in India, Africa or France who can't afford to buy prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

Founders Sacha Bostoni and Antonin Chartier work with French charities Peuples d’Himalaya, who run sustainable charity tourism trips to the Himalayas, Voir la Vie, who operate ophthalmology centers in Guinea, and the homeless shelter Emmaüs Solidarité in Paris. These non-profit organisations don't just send new and used glasses to people who need them, but create a local infrastructure for eye testing, cutting lenses and distributing glasses, as well as additional medical treatment when needed.

Every pair of glasses or sunglasses come with a little pack of gummy bears (tucked into the glasses case)! Even though I don't actually like eating them, I found this to be too cute!  

Customer service was impeccable with affordable prices.  Unfortunately the same could not be said about the optometrists I just picked my glasses up from - I upgraded my lenses here, thinking I'd get rebate from my health insurance. Turns out I paid more out-of-pocket plus ate into my health rebate 'fund' (that could've gone towards contact lenses), and it took one week longer than Mr Brigs glasses to be ordered, sent, received from Paris! He didn't have his script with him, and international shipping was only €10!)

Btw, this is not a sponsored post, I am just genuinely touched by Jimmy Fairly's 'Buy one, give one' model, and pretty much everything about them and their funky range of eyewear.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Paris purchase: Celine Trio bag in Navy

Remember this wishlist I posted about before I left for Paris?  Well, I'm happy to report that I managed to cross off an item that was high on my list: the Celine Trio bag:

 First, I had non luck at the Rue Francois 1er store, and may I say, I wasn't very happy with the customer service there...They mentioned I might have some luck at their Rue de Grenelle store, so since Lil' Brigs #1 and #2 were asleep in the pram, I went there the next day
 The SA's were absolutely LOVELY at the Rue de Grenelle store! I'm wearing: Doo.Ri black jersey dress, Chanel 2.55 reissue with GHW and Nike sneakers (not pictured), and a huge smile...
 The Celine on my favourite chair in the Paris apartment (wish I could've kidnapped it in my suitcase)
 The navy regular Trio with a little souvenir from Ladurée...
 How cute is that keyring? I very much doubt it'll ever hang off my Celine outside my house, but I just couldn't resist it.
 On Lil' Brigs kids Eames chair (so yes, it is still a Regular)
 Trio of zips...
 With my usual accessories (Ray Ban folding Wayfarer sunglasses available here and here, and Swiss Legend Karamica watch), and a birthday present to myself: Ek Thongprasert moonbeam and jet black crystal bracelet (similar here and here).

Happy Monday to you all!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Proenza Schouler PS11 classic bag: recent buy and what I wore today

I still haven't fixed my Photoshop, so apologies for my poor-quality iPhone pics, today in pictures:
Martha Stewart pinwheel

An early birthday present to myself: Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic bag in black (available from Net-a-Porter and Net-a-Porter US)
 What's in my bag: iPhone (case by iconemesis), Ray Ban folding wayfarer, Louis Vuitton Epi wallet, Nars Blush duo, Hughsli bar (for 'emergency')
Heaven in a mouthful...I've tried Passionfruit, and today, Mango. A M A Z I N G !
What I wore: Nike Roshe sneakers, Velvet by Graham Spencer mesh striped top, Rag&Bone/JEAN The Dre jeans in 'Wells' (different wash available here and here), Ray Ban folding wayfarer (available here), Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic in black