Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Style at the Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Weeks - Stripes

During last year's Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks, I enjoyed looking at nautical stripes worn off the runway. Loved them during Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks too:

The ultimate classic combination: nautical stripes & trench coat

I love wearing nautical stripes with a dash of red

This perforated Chanel bag makes this already wickedly fresh outfit even fresher...Love it all, the cut of the blazer, the drawstring pants, the bag and the blue stripes outside the red stripe.

How cute is that hat?!? Love the navy coat...

Love the mustard yellow scarf, camel coat and Celine t-shirt dress

Look at that bracelet and gold buttons on the Chanel blazer...

So relaxed...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taylor Tomasi Hill - Queen of Accessories Pt 6: at Fall/Winter Fashion Weeks 2011

Taylor proved why she is so many's favourite fashionista, working prints, bold colours, brilliant accessories, and having fun with them all at the same time.

Taylor got a lot of use from her electric blue Celine lambskin clutch during the recent Fashion Weeks, confirming that it is indeed her trademark colour:

I love how Taylor really has fun with fashion, how fun is this outfit?

Burberry Prorsum jacket, Christopher Kane dress and Celine clutch

Wearing two trademarks together: electric blue and cat eye sunglasses

I love how Taylor reworked the Dries Van Noten blouse she wore last year during the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks into a Wintry outfit:

Such a gorgeous yellow...

Burberry Prorsum Shearling Aviator Jacket and Boots:

The only reason I am looking forward to cooler weather is so I can wear mine...

Such a striking accessory...

Balenciaga sweater:

And Balenciaga skirt:

Electric blue clutch, sunglasses and skirt: