Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My new Dries Van Noten Djamilla dress - I'm in love! And in trouble...

I'm in love! After my Akira Isogawa wedding dress., this Dries Van Noten silk dress from the Fall 2008 collection is now my favourite dress in my wardrobe. Because of the sun/lighting, I noticed the multicoloured part of the dress appears more colourful in the pictures. In real life the colours are more subdued (as shown on the runway picture & close-up in my previous post).

I tried taking some outfit shots, but the lighting was all wrong, so you couldn't see the dress, and then I started melting due to the heat (probably a good thing, as I don't do this dress justice, it's SO beautiful in real life!), so I gave up, will try again when it's not so hot (the weather's 'cooled down' to 38 Celsius, 100 Fahrenheit)

Sorry the pictures are so big!

Oh dear! Somebody stop me! I was so happy & excited over the Djamilla dress, I bought the Davina the following day (from the same collection), it features a gorgeous pleated neckline & vibrant colours (not so vibrant in this picture), and a contrasting print hem at the bottom:


That's it, no more shopping for the rest of the month...


  1. all those beads, it is so refined !!! is it wood ? the davina dress looks gorgeous, can't waite to see a closer pic of the print !!!

  2. wow. gorgeous....the beading is soooo intricate.

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments DYDWD & kiki! - Yes, the beads are tiny wooden beads (hand-embroidered), which is what I most love about the dress, the delicate yet intricate beading :)

  4. The wood beads, gorgeous!!!! I cant wait to see you wear the dress.

    I cant believe it's so darn HOT!! You're making me dread summer!

  5. gorrge, the pictures aren't too big at all, i want to see all the details!


  6. so loooooove the beads :)

    by the way,
    this is my first visit and I think your blog is fashionably superb!
    do visit mine if you have time :)


  7. Look at all that bead work. Thanks for the closeup views.

  8. omg, your dress is BEAUTIFUL! looks like you have a lot more dries in your lovely wardrobe than i do. your blog looks fascinating, i will enjoy sitting down to read more of it tonight :)

  9. Gorgeous dress, very very very lovely! The beading just makes it.
    I love your blog so I've tagged you. Check out my post.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  10. Fantastic blue! Love the details!


    a kiss for you girl!

  11. that is a glorious dress. i'm so envious! i'm tagging you. have fun!

  12. Wow and I thought Houston was insanely hot. Love the Dries dress! That collection is one of my favorites! You can't help but fall in love with all of the colors!

  13. loooove the dress! beautiful
    and i have linked u hun!

  14. That dress is so gorgeous! I love the beading..so beautiful. Can't wait to see some outfit pictures where you're wearing it :) xoxo

  15. thank you sweetie, for your comment =]


  16. this is so beautiful, amazing hand work. you are a lucky lady!

  17. H of CC - Thx! How hot does it get over there in Summer? I think because of the breeze (and humidity), it wouldn't be as bad here...(I don't ever recall any Summers being like this in Brazil).

    sertonina, Alice X, The Clothes Horse, brooke & lyn, krystal and Mira Maulia - Thank you for your love comments!

    Nay - Danke schon!

    Primoeza - Love your blog & talent! ;)

    Rhianna - Thank you so much! You're such a sweetheart! I will post on the tag soon ;)

    kira - Muito obrigada! Bjs!

    xs - Ooh! Thanks! Those Q's are tough (for someone who hasn't really thought much about it)! Will post on them in my next post ;)

    sunniva, amee, song of style & ryder - Thank you so much!


  18. so jealous of the hot weather your having! is still freezing in london. love the print on that dress, so lucky to have some dries, perhaps one day...

    and to answer your question no unfortunately no i'm not studying or doing any kind of creative job, that is my aim though eventually!

    Mathilde xxx

  19. The detail on that dress is astounding!

    Bummer about the clock! :( I always just assume that places ship everywhere...we're not THAT isolated, lol!

    As for my first day of school outfit - I went for a black sleeveless top from Zara, gray shorts from Bondi Markets and silver ballet flats. Turns out they're strict - closed shoes for all practical classes (not even flats!!! I own nothing else!), and for some of them also long pants. Grr.

  20. that's a really gorgeous dress!!!!!!!


  21. OMG! that dress is amazing, all the detail is perfectly fitted...

  22. so you! love the beading and i always enjoy your comments.

  23. Wow! That is an amazing dress!

    O bordado é maravilhoso!

  24. Stacy - Thx!

    Becoming Fearless - Thanks! And you have some very enviable items in your wardrobe too ;) can't believe you're not in design, I loved the feather necklace you made!

    i.d. - Haha! I didn't take it too personally as the Etsy seller didn't post outside US (full stop). Your 1st day outfit sounds cute and classic ;) I s'pose I understand the closed-shoe policy (you can always bring a spare pair for when out of that class, haha)

    Thanks i.d. coco, rosanna & molly gray/flavia m!

    Muito obrigada caroline! Bjs!

  25. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    That dress is just PERFECT! Ilove it!

  26. The Dries Van Noten beaded dress with orbis prints trims is TD4. I also love those Dries sandals that you have. Happy Sunday...
    Nini Nguyen