Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor Tomasi Hill - Queen of Accessories Pt 5A: Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Weeks

Although I probably would not personally wear half the outfits in this post, I admire Taylor Tomasi Hill's style for its sense of fun and vivacity. For the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks 2011 Taylor's wardrobe comprised of her now trademark cat-eyed sunglasses (and in tortoiseshell), leopard print (scarf and bag), layered accessories, Miu Miu blush pink clutch, leather bustier, Tommy Hilfiger shoes, sequinned Ashish dress & tunic, lots of patterns and colours, and of course...her vibrant hair and infections smile:


Dries Van Noten blouse

Mixed prints

I LOVE this outfit, the silhouette, the print, the leather bustier I could never pull off...


This is one of my favourite outfits in this post, simple and casually elegant

Love that blazer!

Gorgeous silk chiffon blouse

A 'librarian' look made chic with the leopard scarf and funky shoes

I love these heels, although I don't have the pins to pull them off

Electric Blue

Although I'm not a fan of either top, we cannot deny that electric blue looks brilliant with Taylor's gorgeous hair! As previously seen in this post: HERE.

I decided to split this previously MAMMOTH post into three parts, so you click HERE to see Taylor's Accessories, and HERE to see her in Sequins and Denim & Utilitarian Chic.


  1. Okay . . . I did laugh. That bra comment was dead on. But I ADORE her style. So f-ing inventive (that I had to use an expletive to get my point across). And I like that she uses her pieces in different ways . . . same clutches, same scarves, same jewelry and shoes but it all looks new with each outfit. And she has the same watch as me . . . Cartier Pasha. How I love that thing!

  2. I totally agree! I love how each piece takes on a new life in a totally different outfit.

    And you lucky thing! Love that watch!

  3. She always looks great! That two tone Y shaped necklace she has in the navy blazer outfit is pretty amazing too.

  4. A Perfect style !! And a beautiful girl !!

  5. Pret a Porter P - I love that necklace too! She has such amazing accessories (of course...)!

  6. She does have an amazing wardrobe. I love her style!

  7. Que mulheres que seleção querida B!
    aDORO os óculos de gatinho most of all!!!

    lindo lindo, ai, ai... :)

    Todos os meus beijos querida!

  8. OMG - BEST POST EVER!!! I'm obsessed with TTH's style. So amazing! Thanks for the awesome photos!

  9. she is such a style star! i love that pink bag she always carries :-) and your blog :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue in Paris

  10. her style is absurdly good, and she makes me want red hair!