Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Glow

For some time now I have been absolutely loving 'The Glow', which is a 'The Coveteur' meets 'The Selby' with a touch of 'Mums n Bubs', but better. The 'mums' featured (thus far) are hip, fashionable, working moms (many in the fashion business), which already makes me admire them like crazy. As a not-so-new mom (16 months already!), I am in awe of any mother who manages to juggle motherhood and a career. 'The Glow' also allows us into these women's incredible homes, sharing their tips and views on motherhood, and often a baby/kids' food recipe:

Beautiful Brazilian-born designer Ana Lerario-Geller has a chandelier in her daughter's room, not too shabby!

Imagine playing in your mom's Nicholas Kirkwood's!

Meredith shares some great maternity/pregnancy style tips, including wearing leather pants and flattering Rachel Allegra tops

Loved these cute 'eggs in a basket', must give this simple idea a go.

Meredith showing us the versatility of a scarf, which also comes in handy when nursing, and can also function as a sling!

Too cute for words

Wish MY room looked like this, let alone Lil J's...

Lauren Moffat's daughter Stella's dress is too cute for words (as is she)

In little girl's rooms

'the glow'

Even non-moms will love this, I'm sure. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. SOOO SOOO SWEET! I LOVE these all of these pics!!!! The kids are soooo cute and the rooms are gorgeous!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  2. I didn't know this ''glow'' site! sound really sweet!

  3. great! but I'm mom :))

  4. Querida amiga B!

    Que saudade de vc e que maravilha saber notícias suas! Imagino que delícia deve ser ter um baby de 16 meses em casa... estou me preparando para engravidar no próximo ano! Quero dicas suas até lá! :DDD
    Sobre a matéria, Parabéns! Ficou ótima! VC é maravilhosa, sempre!

    Todos os meus beijos e amor,

    do Brasil,


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  6. I am absolutely in love with this post! Gorgeous pictures and interiors! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


  7. Thank you for sharing! Love it :)