Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Apologies for going MIA! Winner of Peut-être magazine giveaway announced...

Aren't the little tin suitcases below too cute for words? I received one as a gift from my sister's friend K, who is just one gorgeous gal, and they're filled with little Haigh's chocolate freckles/speckles!

photo via flickr.com (by kaybee007)

Apologies everyone for going MIA once again. Last weekend I traveled to Melbourne to meet up with my sisters (one flew in from London, the other from Sydney), and after a few days there we returned to my house for the rest of the week for a whirlwind few days filled with food (and 1001 celebrations for my younger sister's 30th birthday), friends and a spot of shopping (and no, I did not buy a thing!). I had brought my laptop with the intention of posting, and extending the Peut-être Magazine giveaway, but alas, I can barely remember having a moment to catch my breath! I was hoping to share some pics of the last week and a half, but I cannot find my camera cable anywhere!

Now, onto the Peut-être Magazine giveaway, congrats to i.d. for winning your very own copy of the magazine! Thank you to all who entered!


  1. Loving those tins - and glad you're back! Hope you had a lovely week.


  2. omgoodness those suitcases are so adorable and vintage inspired



  3. I've just discovered your blog thanks to Sartorialist's and find it very enjoyable!I definitely agree with you about those charming vintage-looking suitcases. I'm already following you and, if you like mine, I'd love to have you among my followers. XOXO, María José


  4. I dream to visit your country some day.... minha amiga brasileira...

    beijos sempre!