Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Ginta Embroidered Bomber Jacket

It all started with this picture from the blog 'We the People', so I have Jessie to blame thank (why I am even thinking of jackets when it is 34ºC out there?):

My eyes went as wide as teacups as I saw the jacket: the tweed, the embroidered cranes, it's a BOMBER! I excitedly clicked on the link next to 'jacket', but it sadly did not lead me to the actual jacket pictured.  I frantically tried to find the jacket with vague descriptions via google, but alas, no luck.  Then serendipitously, a few days later whilst perusing Australian model/photographer Zanita's blog (I hadn't checked her blog in quite some time - how gorgeous is she?), and saw her wearing the exact same jacket:

This time the link next to 'jacket' took me to the actual jacket, and I was uber excited to see it was 'affordable'! Don't you hate love hate love it when a blogger links their purchases? Well, it's a love/hate thing because sometimes the items are out of my reach, or when it is within my reach, I sometimes chastise myself for being influenced to part with my money because I saw it on a blog (because then that means I really shouldn't spend so much time looking at blogs! And also because I feel like I'm a 'lemming').  Well, after doing a quick search on the jacket, it seems there was some bloggers party where these jackets were being sold handed out.  My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Everyone seems to have one! Ok, so it is doubtful I will actually bump into any of these people so that we'd have an awkward 'Oops, she's wearing what I'm wearing' moment, but it made me pause for a second.  I paused for another second, because as some of you may know, I'm all about the fabrics, in particular natural ones (silk, cotton, etc.), and this has faux-leather sleeves.  But that was only a two-second pause in total.  I mean, look at that embroidery! 

Embroidery + bomber jackets = Brigadeiro must have 

And not just any embroidery, cranes! I have a huge thing for embroidered cranes, and as you may see from my profile pic, they even made their way to my wedding dress

 Actress/blogger Ashley Madewke from 'Ring my Bell' (blog) and 'Revenge' (one of my guilty pleasures/TV shows)
Cute-as-a-button blogger Tokyobanhbao
Aimee from 'Song of Style' - I remember when she used to comment on my blog, even asking me how I could afford my purchases - look at her now, being sent clothes and to Fashion Week and what not!
 I like it how blogger Soraya wore hers with a shirt, leather pants and sneakers. 
 Ah, day...
via Three Floor

It was only after I purchased this jacket that I realized another reason why I liked it so much, it is heavily 'inspired' by the Proenza Schouler jacket I was drooling over for so long...Usually I am good at spotting these things quickly, but I must've been really tired.  I don't usually like buying 'inspired' items, but since I will most likely never ever be able to afford the Proenza jacket, this more wearable jacket will do very nicely...

Unfortunately (for me) I only found the jacket after the 3-day 'spend n save' event, and before before it went on sale last night, so purchased it full priced, but you can now find it at 20% off at Shopbop here.


  1. I'm a huge fan of this bomber. Such a gorgeous mix of fabrics, texture and details. I didn't know where to find it! Maybe I hadn't looked hard enough :) I just clicked through and saw my size is gone :(

    xx Mandi

  2. This is a beautiful jacket.. so many different textures and mix of fabrics. It's to die for, totally my style as well. And whaaa? Aimee song used to comment on your blog? Crazy!!

    P.S. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


  3. Love this jacket, and that oxblood PS11 is ridiculously sexy!

    Thanks for the pics, Keely