Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Instatravel Diary Part 2 - Paris

Continuing from my last post, here's Pt 2. of my Instagram pics I took on my iPhone while I was in Paris, in reverse chronological order (start from the bottom up, from right to left), :

From bottom right pic (work bottom up, from right to left):

1. Backstage at Yiqing Yin (aka my favourite Haute Couture designer)
2. Ditto
3. Gasp-inducing finale piece  (literally, I followed Nathalie to the room when I heard her gasp, and then gasped myself on seeing it)
4. Yiqing Yin at work backstage
5. Breathtaking frothy piece worn by Soo Joo Park
6. Backstage Shu Uemura makeup
7. French stylist Melanie Huynh at work (kudos to her for working pregnant in heels, I succumbed to sneakers, even if Isabel Marant ones by Day 2) deciding on shoes for each 'look'
8. Korean model Soo Joo Park
9. Models lining up at Yiqing Yin
10. Yours truly (left) interviewing my favourite Couture designer Yiqing Yin (right)
11. What I wore on Day 4 (Willow blouse, Helmut Lang blazer, Current Elliott leather pants, Isabel Marant Betty sneakers, Dries Van Noten necklace, YSL arty ring and Chanel bag)
12. At Christian Dior Jewellery presentation - Peut-Etre's creative director, editor-in-chief, photographer and just absolutely lovely Nathalie Malric with her pink hair.
13. At Hermès 'Metier D'Art' show
14. Amazing finger food at Hermès
15. At Massaro (haute couture shoes, and not only for Chanel)
16. THE original two-tone Chanel shoes at Massaro
17. At Marais' Rue de Archives
18. I am obsessed with French yoghurt (this one was hazelnut)
19. At Chanel's 'paraffection': Maison Michel
20. Salmon tartare and lentil salad for lunch
21. Pierre Hermé macarons on my favourite chair (wish I could've brought it in my suitcase!)
22. Said Pierre Hermé macarons sitting pretty on my Dries Van Noten embroidered silk pants
23. Coffee at Strada (Marais - best coffee I had in Paris) with my sister's Chanel bag
24. My favourite pick of the Pierre Hermé macarons: Arabesque (pistachio and apricot).

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I still intend on sharing my actual camera photos when I recover my Photoshop (oops!).

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  1. your gold necklace looks fabulous. I still haven't mastered the down shots, I got lucky on that one. ;P