Thursday, November 14, 2013

Seafolly Goddess Maillot - Summer is around the corner!

This is the first one-piece swimsuit I have ever bought, and I am so glad I found it.  This swimsuit by Seafolly hides a multitude of sins whilst making me feel like a 50's pinup (not saying I look like one).  Now that the weather is finally warming up (and we invested in solar heating for our pool), I have been reaching this quite a bit the last week.  Hurray! Summer is around the corner!

 Swimsuit: Seafolly Goddess Maillot (available at Anthropologie here), Sunglasses: Ray Ban Folding polarized Wayfarer (available here), Blush and brush: Nars Exhibit A and Yachiko brush, Dermalogica Matte Sunblock

 Issue 8 of Peut-etre magazine is also around the corner, so watch this space!

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  1. Seafolly do amazing swimwear. I love that they aren't too raunchy! Ha ha... showing my age :) Such a classic one-piece. I'm eagerly awaiting summer. Still not quite here yet. Have a great weekend.

    x Mandi

    1. The weather is all over the place! It's going to be 37 tomorrow, than 22 the next day!

      And even though I'm originally from Brasil (where swimwear was known for being raunchy), I hear 'ya! ;)



  2. That swimsuit is gorgeous! Unfortunately here's it's getting colder, not warmer :/