Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery - and their newest collection: Blume

I have had this blog post half-baked in my draft box for several weeks now (I know, I am terribly behind with my blog posts, I'm sorry!), but it is just as well, as I can now share that Sarah & Sebastian's new collection 'Blume' is now available online on their brand new and beautifully revamped website (launched only a few days ago).

This Australian jewellery label launched in 2011 by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki.  Finding the beauty in modern simplicity encapsulates the essence of Sarah & Sebastian. Robert’s industrial design and goldsmith background coupled with Sarah’s design degree creates the perfect balance in each and every piece handmade in Sydney. The end results are beautiful clean lines that are delicate yet edgy, original, personal and sentimental.

Their newest collection, titled 'Blume' (which explores the character of the Jasmine flower) is no exception, and I am having trouble whittling down my 'wishlist' from this gorgeous range.  You can view the new collection (as well as shop from it) here.

 From the new Blume collection lookbook
 Silver line ring and Petite Pearl ring in gold (I am eyeing the Petite Bead ring from the new Blume collection which is very similar to this)
Silver line ring
On middle finger (left hand): silver line ring, on index finger (right hand): petite pearl ring in gold
Trace bud ring and Petite Pearl ring (both in gold)
 Trace bud ring -  I love how the simple ‘drop’ shape can be transformed into such a unique 3-dimensional form, which lends the piece versatility of the shape displayed depending how you have it on your finger.
 Trace bud ring

(n.b. this is not a sponsored post)

pics are mine via iphone, and from (for the lookbook pictures - i.e. the first pictures and those with the models).

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  1. Such an amazing collection. So timeless. I've been eyeing off so many pieces myself. The biggest problem is narrowing down my picks!

    Mandi /