Friday, November 14, 2014

OOTD: Building Block Iphone Sling, Sundry dress and Adidas Superstars

Don't you just love a versatile tank or t-shirt dress? I lived in one particular stretchy jersey tank black dress during both my pregnancies, and therefore came up with 1001 different outfits with it, different shoes, accessories, or layered over or under tops, jackets, kimonos, blazers, sweatshirts, sweaters, anything!

I haven't worn a fitted jersey dress since (it was the only time I could really let it all hang out and not worry that I have a belly, haha), but I recently got a Sundry t-shirt dress that is slightly gathered from the middle down, hiding a multitude of sins!  I love that I can layer an oversized shirt (open or buttoned up), or any style of jacket or blazer over it, and change the look completely with different shoes and accessories.

Thought I'd 'sporty' it up today, and team it with my straw 'baseball' cap I recently bought.  I pretty much have never worn a baseball cap, because it wasn't 'me', but when I saw it reinvented in a more sophisticated sleek style and in straw, I just had to have it. I hardly wear hats, but with the little ones, find myself under the sun quite a bit, so they are becoming a necessity.  Lately you will practically always find me in sneakers (especially since my injured foot just refuses to get better), as well as my Larsson Jennings watch, which I just love.

I am constantly carrying my iPhone around, and have consequently dropped it several times, one time quite badly, so that my screen is quite smashed... Cue Building Block's Iphone Sling! I first saw it fortuitously on Instagram, and knew I had to have it.  It is perfect for when I don't need much else other than my phone (and there is a slot for a credit card, or driver's license, say), and often find myself just wearing it around the house, so I don't have to keep looking for my phone when I need it (yeah, I'm lazy).  Plus it is so sleek and minimal, it goes with most outfits, and I just love the lucite block! Very happy with my purchase indeed! Only wish I had found it sooner!

So to the person who recently left a comment on my Instagram, thanks for giving me a little nudge back here.  Apologies for not posting more often!

Happy Friday everyone!

 Atelier Lumira's new fragrance Paradisium: luscious green figs intertwined with sparkling bergamot and refreshing citrus, light and delicious scent, just in time for Summer!
 Building Block Iphone sling with lucite block (purchased from Modesportif, but also available directly from Building Block and other retailers)
 Dress: Sundry (available at Shopbop), Iphone sling: Building Block (purchased from Modesportif), Sneakers: Adidas Superstar (bought from Adidas), Hat: Country Road, Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 (available from Net-a-Porter and Net-a-Porter US, and directly from Proenza Schouler), Watch: Larsson Jennings (available from Larsson Jennings, Net-a-Porter and Liberty), Alpha Cuff + Ring: Aana Janakis (available here), Wallet: Nomadic mock crock wallet (available here)

all photos via my iPhone/Instagram

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  1. Beautiful!!! I found your blog through other blogs as happens usually and I love your style and pictures!

  2. My favourite part about the sling is that lucite block H! :) x