Thursday, February 19, 2015

Curating Zara's new Spring 2015 Lookbook

Ah Zara...I never shop in your stores because I get overwhelmed by the racks and racks of clothes on display, none that look as good as it does on your beautiful website on your beautiful models...This is why I am foolish enough to purchase from your online store instead, then pay ridiculous mail forwarding fees from the US to Australia? Ridiculous of me? Yes, it is...but so far I have been happy with all my purchases!

These caught my eye as I browsed the lookbook that arrived in my inbox this morning, some of them are already in my 'shopping bag', which I'm about to click 'buy' on:

 The tassels will drive me nuts but I'm sure I'll sort something out, I absolutely love this top as it reminds me of a sweater dress I have and love, but in an even more wearable option!
 Love this long waistcoat but wish it weren't Polyester...
 Ok, am a huge 'check' fan, might just have to go and get this whole ensemble, love it! Wishing my pins were as long as this model's though!
One more pic of this top...just because...

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