Friday, March 27, 2015

The New Guard - extra 50% off Sale items ( + Recent Buys: Dries Van Noten outerwear)

Ok, so this week has been a 'bad' one (or good, depending on whether you are looking from my wardrobe's point of view, or my wallet's).  Moments I received my email from Barneys Warehouse  I received the one below from The New Guard store.

I first mentioned about The New Guard two years ago, when I received a similar email, and just had to share with you all in this blog post (and I know I am responsible for enabling several purchases, oops!).  Since then my excitement for that store has grown even more, and peaked when they began stocking my favourite designer ever, Dries Van Noten.

I had already bought a tuxedo blazer from the TNG a little while ago, so went in today to purchase a Stella McCartney suit.  Somehow I came home with not one, but two other Dries pieces in addition to the suit, which I wasn't counting on (double eeps!), but seriously, how could I resist such an opp?

If you can't make it into their Pop up Store, you can use the code POP50 for an extra 50% off sale prices online. I am still itching over a few pieces I had to sadly leave behind (inc. these Stella McCartney sandals)
 All black in my 'changeroom'

Love this pic I found from Cahier D'Exercise of the long coat:

 Pics via Cahier D'Exercises


  1. Wow!! Amazing Coat!! ❤❤❤ it!! Are you bringing to Sydney? ;)