Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting to you know you, getting to know more about YOU

(picture I took of my dad, sisters, bro-in-law, hubby, mom is probably in some Parati)
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The ever-so-eloquent & amazing hrose tagged me to answer a few Q's (I'm terrible with these):

What are you wearing now?
(I'm at work, or was, when I started answering this):
Gap navy roundneck tee with white fine stripes (bought in Paris for around 2 euros)
Cue black pinafore with bubble hem & empire waist
Birkenstocks beige sandals (Hehe, I
know! Hurt my back recently, so have had to use these to work)
Bic pens holding my hair up in a bun
Bvlgari wine/maroon glasses (I sometimes wear them to work, but am in contacts most of the time)

What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading?
The House of Viktor & Rolf (last year’s birthday present from my sisters), not quite a ‘book’ per se.

Do you nap a lot?
Sadly no.

Who was the last person you hugged?
My hubby.

What’s your current obsession/addiction?
Dries Van Noten (more so than usual)

Which item from your closet are you wearing most lately?
Sass & Bide Harem pants (they’re my equivalent to ‘jeans’ at the moment)

What's for dinner?
Lentil soup with vegetables (I could live on soup,
love it!)

What was the last thing you bought?
Dries Van Noten beaded/sequinned dress and the same dress in plain fuschia silk.

What are you listening to right now?
Deniece Williams 'Free' (I love ‘old school’ music).

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Teletransportation (beam me up Scotty! First to London, then Brazil!)

What is your favorite weather, and why?

Summer in Brazil so I can relax by their beautiful beaches, having said that I like mild winters so I get to wear coats and/or layer up...

What time do you usually get up?
6:50am (yep, hate it)

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Keeping sane, haha!

Say something to the person who tagged you:
You write with such eloquence, abandon & warmth, it is impossible not to want to befriend you, you will have a blast at Uni ;).

If you could have a house–totally paid for, fully furnished–anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?
Ooh, tricky, either an apartment in Marais (Paris), or an island/house off of Parati (my favourite town in the whole wide world).

Favorite vacation spot?
Can I pick two? Brazil or Europe, hard to pick.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
ITEM (singular)? Ooh, so hard! Will pick my
wedding dress, as I wish I could hang it on a wall (and have only worn once)...

Favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over, even though your closet is overflowing with a zillion others:
Havaianas (if they count as 'shoes')?

Name one thing you cannot live without:
The internet - lets me Skype my sisters in London & parents in Brazil, and they & my hubby mean the world to me, and shop too!

What time is bed time?
Usually around 11pm.

If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?
In London with my sisters, miss 'em like crazy!

Cute-as-a-button MissJ very generously gave me this award:

I would like to tag with the questions above AND pass this award to:

Tanya at Captivate Me

Brook & Lyn

Mariona at Marhugobcn

La Couturier

Ida at Rougemarie

And I would love to tag EVERYONE WHO'S READING TO ANSWER these Q's here, as I'd love to find out more about YOU:

Para todos que estao lendo agora, adoraria se pudestes responder estas perguntas, pois gostaria muito de saber mais sobre VOCE:

1. How did you first arrive on my blog? Como achou meu blog?

2. Who are your favourite designers? Quem sao seus estilistas favoritos?

3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)? Quantos anos tem?

4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what? Trabalhas ou estudas (em que area?)

5. What country are you from? De que pais es?

6. What would you like to see more of on this blog? De que gostaria de ver mais aqui?

7. How would you describe your style? Como retrataria seu estilo?

8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)? Para todos que tiram fotos para seu blog do que esta usando, como tira as suas fotos (e com que camera)?

Have fun! I look forward to getting to know more about you!


  1. This is a pretty interesting tag. You're an interesting blogger too! :)

  2. Hi lovely! I really liked reading your answers. It's so great to get to learn more about wonderful bloggers :) And I can definitely relate to the Dries Van Noten addiction. Hope you're well xoxox

  3. *sigh* Seems like no one likes going first, so I'll start the ball rolling by answering my own Q's, haha:

    1. How did you first arrive on my blog?
    Uhm...when I first started it.

    2. Who are your favourite designers?
    Dries Van Noten, Akira Isogawa, Stella McCartney, Anne Valerie Hash, Olivier Theyskens, Christopher Bailey, Preen, Nicolas Ghesquiere, this list is endless...

    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)?
    Thirty-two (and half, eeps!)

    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what?
    Working. Am currently in medical researcher, and was once a lawyer.

    5. What country are you from?- Born in London, moved to Brazil at 11 months, grew up there, lived a year in LA (USA) at the age of 6 in between, left Brazil at almost 16, went to Cambridge (UK) for 2 years, and then came to Australia.

    6. What would you like to see more of on this blog? - Wish I could take better outfit shots, and weren't so camera-phobic/selfconscious.

    7. How would you describe your style? - Constantly evolving, eclectic, & 'dressed down' (I am very rarely a maximalist, although I would like to be from time to time)

    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)?
    I use my Panasomic Lumix (point & shoot) DMC-FX01, usually resting on the boot of my car. I am too self-conscious to have anyone take my photo (not even hubby, who I've known for 13+ years!).

  4. id love to teleport too.
    i love that brazil picture, so fabulous sarong, and the buildings are so cute

  5. I had lentil for lunch, and I love soup as well hehe

    1.can't remember! :-S
    2.right now I'm in love with Luella.
    3.26, turning 27 in october.
    4.studying danish.
    5.Brazil, but living in Denmark.
    6.more from your fabulous personal style! one word, schizophrenic *lol* timer + tripod.

    Eu acho q vc já conhecia algumas das respostas, mas respondi mesmo assim:) bjs!

  6. Just popping by to say how much I like your blog! LLGxx

  7. VC é maravilhosa!!
    Sou uma grande fã do seu bom gosto por moda e especialmente por sapatos!

    Mil beijinhos!!!


  8. ahh, that picture is amazing, i want to go there now :)

  9. Oh wow, you're so sweet-thank you for the award, darling! I love tags :-) I'll be sure to get to it this week!

  10. I love your photos, they're always so full of color! Compared to Brazil, buildings in Canada are just plain boring.

    Hehe, ok I will answer your questions since it was so interesting to read yours!

    1. I think I clicked on your link from another blog, I can't remember which, but I do remember your post was about Akira Isogawa

    2. Gawd toughie, but here's the top 3 off my head: Frida Giannini (sp?), Stella McCartney, Olivier Theyskens, the Karl, Akira Isogawa, Rei Kawakubo

    3. 24
    4. I just graduated a few months ago from uni, now working as a software engineer

    5. Canada
    6. Hmm not sure, I like it how it is!
    7. Trendy/classic/flirty.. a little boho
    8. PowerShot SD880 IS with my bendy "gorilla-pod" tripod

  11. i'll add you to my links as soon as I can! :)

  12. Thank you for tagging me! =] It looks fun!

    As for your questions...
    1) Hm... I was procrastinating & did some surfing on other people's blog & stumbled on you fabulousness.
    2) Too many to name!!
    3) I'd like to remain somewhat anonymous (for now?) =]
    4) I'll remain somewhat anonymous. But currently, I'm an intern/contributor for Dujour Magazine.
    5) USAAAAAA.
    6) I love everything about you & your blog!
    7) Classic, sophisticated, with a sexy edge for the most part. Occasionally I'll switch it up!
    8) Not applicable =]

    La C.

  13. Thank you for the honor, gorgeous, as well as for your adorable candid answers <3 LOVE that your family is so big and happy!


  14. ah i love it! i wish i was less self conscious too, so i could take much better photos. But i can't help it, i know people aren't going to post rude comments up on my blog if i post high quality photos but at the same time... it's like holding a mirror up to yourself.... but a really HUGE mirror that magnifies to the highest quality haha (if that makes sense)

    i love learning more about bloggers! even silly little things like what is your work and what you are wearing today. And you are so well travelled! I am envious, i hope to be half so well travelled some day.

    ps. i answered your questions on my blog haha, of course i needed to write about 1 page on them!


  15. ps. did you know that you are on the first page of hits for 'dries van noten buy online' hahahaha.. thought you might like to know that.

    speaking of which, where are some good places to get DVN online? i am regretting not getting something when i was in paris, and want to keep an eye on it for the upcoming sales...

  16. Love the King and I (from the title). Also, I suggest more naps, they're awesome. :)
    1. How did you first arrive on my blog? I can't remember...

    2. Who are your favourite designers? Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and lots more

    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)? 22, but I don't look it :)

    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what? Studying business, working as a cashier

    5. What country are you from? the US of A

    6. What would you like to see more of on this blog? Outfits--you seem to have such a beautiful wardrobe!

    7. How would you describe your style? Quirky and ladylike

    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)? Self-timer, tripod, and my camera is a Canon Rebel xs

  17. P.S. "Greed" is just a short film by Roman Polanski mocking perfume real purpose as far as I know.

  18. 1. How did you first arrive on my blog?
    I was randomly blog surfing one day and stumbled upon Extra Skinny's blog and click on your link there. I'm really happy I found your blog! Reading your blog is like living my fantasy life. heheh :-))

    2. Who are your favourite designers?
    Don't have one. I'm not a fashionista really but I love to see other people wearing modern and sexy clothes. My hubby thinks I'm not sexy enough, whatever that means. I wish I could gather enough confidence to wear a spaghetti strap dress in public, haven't done it yet - lame, I know.

    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)?
    Thirty-eight, and it has begun to show too, especially the parentheses lines. Yikes!!!

    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what?
    Currently, I'm not working because my Mother-in-law forbid me to go to work!! I'm going to sue her a$$ off oneday (seriously). I'm a certified Java Programmer and was once an engineer in a semiconductor factory. Life didn't turn out the way I had imagined or hoped for... :-((

    5. What country are you from?
    I was born in Msia, the 5th generation of chinese immigrants. I've been living in T.O for the past 9 years. It's a boring place and winter is too cold and too long. Urgh.

    6. What would you like to see more of on this blog?
    Everything! Your clothes are beautiful and the travel photos that you posted are really amazing!

    7. How would you describe your style?
    My style?? Non-existent! Heheh, but seriously I'd say it's conservative but a tiny part of me wants to be a Sexy Diva! LoL!!

    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)?
    I use a canon PowerShot 8MP camera. It's a slim model with good picture quality and it's easy to carry around.

  19. Thanks Songy & Sunniva, sorry I wrote my comment before reading yours, please feel free to answer the tag Q's ;)

    H of CC - Isn't that sarong the cutest? My sister bought it in Bahia a week or so before we were in Parati :)

    Romeika - Obrigada gatinha pelas respostas, adorei ler-las!

    Thanks Liberty London Girl! (ps. LOVE the Liberty store!!!)

    Kira - Muito obrigada!!! Bons passeios ;)

    lisa@luxe - Isn't it just? I wish I were there now too!

    tanya - Can't wait! :)

    MizzJ - Thank you so much for humouring my tag (love reading everyone's answers)! :) Admittedly most cities in Brazil aren't like in Parati (especially the bigger cities, concrete jungles), which is probably why I love Parati so much :)

    La Couturier - Love a bit of 'mystery' ;)

    Ida - Thanks! :)

    hrose - Which collection was the DVN item from? That may affect where you find what you're after :)

    the clothes horse - Loved reading your answers, thank you! :) I do try to nap from time to time, but can't seem to fall asleep at the drop of a hat like my dad/sister/hubby can.

    evie - If you would like some help to unleash the little sexy diva inside you shoot me an email (which can be found on the side bar) ;) Where is T.O? (please excuse my ignorance, I racked my brain for a while). And how archaic/ridiculous of your mother-in-law to forbid you to work!!! (although I know a thing or two on crazy MIL's...). Thanks for dropping by my blog and for answering the Q's! Wish I had a link to yours ;)

    Thank you so much everyone who's answered the Q's! Wish more people would do so too, I love reading all the answers! :)

  20. Thank you very much I have put the award on my blog and everyone can see that you've given me your.
    1. How did you first arrive on my blog?
    Uhm...sorry I dont Remember now
    2. Who are your favourite designers?
    Nicolas Ghesquiere,Christophe Decarnin, Albert Elbaz, Riccardo Tisci, Miuccia Prada, Paul Smith ...
    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)?
    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what?
    Now Dolce Far Niente, Fantastic
    5. What country are you from?-
    7. How would you describe your style?
    I 'm classic and sometimes with touches of and sometimes a chic bourgeois
    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)?
    My Cybershot Sony from 2002 NY
    See you soon, kisses

  21. 3. 31

    6. please write more about yourself. maybe do a day-in-a-life thingy. i just wanna know more about you

    8. recommend you use an SLR on a tripod, then click! wish you could find a better backdrop than what you normally use, it's quite ugly and the lighting is horrid.

  22. Gracias Mariona! Dolce Far Nientes - Love it! :)

    anonymous- thx for dropping by! How I wish a had an SLR & tripod!

    I'm afraid the 'ugly backdrop' is my house (it sure needs a good sweep), as I don't dare venture outside of it for pics. Will try to improve on the lighting situation, but it usually depends on what time I get home/take the pics, as I hate using flash...

    acabei de descobri teu blog!! ADOREI ! Quero te linkar pra poder te visitar com mais frequencia .. ! Meus primos moram no Rio e passaram quase todo carnaval em Parati. Eu moro em Boston e nasci em Vitoria. =)

  24. P.S.: I just completed your tag =]

    La C.

  25. fun little post. liked learning more about you!

  26. the photos seem to be working for me... could it be the particular computer you were on that made it happen? or is that the problem has been solved between you leaving me the comment and me leaving this one... hmm..

    i've heard of that happening and people having to upgrade to pro to solve the problem. i hope it is fixed though! sorry i'm not more of a help, i'm absolutely useless at technology stuff.


  27. 1. I don't remember haha clicking off someone else's blog??
    2. fav designers.. hmm.. DKNY, Diane Von Furstenburg, Dsquared, D&G, Marc Jacobs... etc.. Zara and H&M are more my actual affordable ones tho hehe.
    3. 18
    4. Studying econ major!
    5. Taiwan
    6. Love what you're already doing!
    7. Casual, definitely revolves around jeans and flats.
    8. Nikon Coolpix- stick it on a table and self-time! people here don't take many pictures haha..
    btw I really like the architecture in the photo!

  28. 1. How did you first arrive on my blog?
    I am a TPF member , so I know you from there...

    2. Who are your favourite designers?
    Karl Lagerfield..but seriouly I cannot afford any of the designer's clothings.

    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)?
    37.Am I too old to read blog...: (

    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what?
    Working. I am a chartered accountant.

    5. What country are you from?- Malaysia. I am thinking to migrate to Australia.

    6. What would you like to see more of on this blog?
    More on fashion and your shopping spree haha

    7. How would you describe your style?
    I really dont know

    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)?
    I stand in front of a big mirror and take pics of myself. ahha

  29. Daniela - Muito obrigada! Ah! Nunca tenho visitado Boston, mas ouco que e lindo! Tenho muitos primos em Nova Iorque (mas nao nasceram/moraram no Brasil). Que inveja dos teus primos que passam todo Carnaval em Parati! Acabei de conversar com meus pais, e eles vao pra la este fim de semana. *suspiro* :)

    La Couturier - Yay! Thank you so much for your answers! Loved reading them! xx

    xs - Thx! Wish you could've answered the general tag, as I'd love to hear your answers ;)

    hrose - wrote on your blog :) Thx!

    emz - Loved reading your answers! My dad was originally from Taiwan too! He left for Brazil at the age of 13 with the whole family, and I visited in 1983 (yes, a long time ago!)

    little fish - Hi! *waves* Of COURSE you're not too old to read this blog! I'm the double the age of several of my favourite bloggers (eeps!), whereas we're almost the same age! Wow, your kids are gorgeous! I'm jealous of your Chanel bags ;) Loved reading your answers!

  30. Thanks for sharing – I love getting to know other bloggers! As for me…

    1. I think I stumbled across your blog through another blog – but I can’t really remember because I’ve been reading yours for so long now!
    2. DvF, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, Phillip Lim, Chanel…too many to mention.
    3. Early 20s.
    4. Was working, now studying (fashion design).
    5. Sydney, Australia.
    6. More of your gorgeous wardrobe!!
    7. Classic with a twist – lots of soft tailoring.
    8. I don’t post personal pics but I’ve been toying with the idea…I’m really shy!


  31. So fun to read! Ok so here it goes:

    1/ probably when you commented on a post of mine =)
    2/ Alber Elbaz,Marc Jacobs, Olivier Theyskens, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Christopher Kane, Martin Margiela, Consuelo Castiglioni, Riccardo Tisci, Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez, Sonia Rykiel, Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren, Stefano Pilati (Sorry, couldn't choose!^-^)
    3/ 19
    4/ studying, medicins
    5/ Belgium
    6/ more from belgian designers like Dries! ^-^
    7/ Casual, simple

  32. i.d. - You so should take pics of yourself ;) I'm shy too and hate photos of myself...Like I've said previously, am so jealous you're studying fashion! ;) Love living vicariously through you!

    stephanie - You're studying medicine? Hubby's a doctor too! I seem to be surrounded by them! :)
    LOVE Belgian designers!!!


  33. oops i forgot to answer the ?s/
    1. i dont remember but im glad i did
    2. tom ford, hedi slimane, kris van assche are constants with seasonal variations.
    3. twenty something
    4. im in transition
    5. usa
    6. so far so good!
    7. wearing what suits me, trying to look tall and slim
    8. casio ex s10 and tripod

  34. Hello, you have a lovely dresses !
    I love your pictures and your blog !!!
    Bye! ;)

  35. Hello, you have lovely dresses, and i like your blog ;)

  36. i just found your blog via la c and i love your photos! and your bio about all the places youve lived is so interesting. did you go to international school by any chance?

  37. i don't remember how i discovered ur blog but i heart it!
    thanx for answering my "how can u afford all these pieces?" question. hehe

  38. this place looks really special where is this photo taken??it reminded me alaçatı(turkey):)

  39. Hande - That picture was taken in Brazil, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in my favourite town of Parati. I haven't visited Turkey, but both my sisters have, and they say it's absolutely beautiful! Hope to go there soon!

    H of CC - Thx for replying! :) Loved reading your answers. I was 'in transition' for quite a long time too, may I ask what you're hoping to get into? You are succeeding incredibly well in dressing 'tall & slim' (I'm very envious of that!)

    Maya - Merci beacoup!

    Song of Style - No probs ;)

    Emma - Thx! I didn't go to International School. Most of my schooling was done in Brazil, in Portuguese, although I spoke English at home and Portuguese outside of home. I did my A-levels in Cambridge (UK), which was incredibly hard as all my schooling was done in Portuguese. After that we moved to Australia, where I went to University. :)

    Krystal - Thx! ;)

  40. haha this is fun i really enjoyed reading this post:)

    1. i kinda stumbled upon it while browsing through the net:) well, i'm glad i did!:)
    2. alexander mcqueen, alber elbaz, oscar de la renta, karl lagerfeld, miuccia prada, stella mccartney, cristophe decarnin, marc jacobs, dries van noten, consuelo castiglioni
    3. hey we have the same age!:)
    4. working... as an entrepreneur/shoe designer for my own shoe label
    5. born to a filipina mom and german dad in an island (cebu) i call home, in sweet sunny philippines:)
    6. your shoes!!!:) and more outfit shots! although i love your travel posts as well:) the photos are lovely... it makes me want to go to those places...
    7. hmmm... like you, i am forever evolving. i can never conform or stick to one look. it really all depends on the mood i am in when i wake up in the morning.
    8. i use a purse-friendly canon ixus i7:) my friends take the photos for me. but when i'm not with them, i use the self-timer:)

  41. Ciao bello I read your comment on the face hunter and i do love to have your comments on my pix
    See you there?

  42. I love getting new magazines in the mail too =] They make my day!!

    La C.

    P.S.: Hope you had a lovely weekend; can't wait for a update!

  43. Yeah...I always forget about naps ruining my sleep cycle in the long haul for the pleasure of the moment...

  44. I can't live without the Internet, either! It's kinda sad, but so true. But I really think a lot of us will become more and more dependent on it, esp now that you can listen to full songs, watch TV shows and movies, etc. Pretty soon we'll just have one screen to stare at it! haha.

  45. 1. i found a link to you on oh dear that blog called....
    2.Kate Spade LOVE LOVE LOVE,Luella Alexa Chungs pink dress? HEAVEN
    3. 14
    4.I am a yr 9 student
    5. Australia
    6.your blog is perfect and i am undeniably jelous of your amazing clothes!
    7.Strangely i can not bear to wear only a t-shirt and shorts/jeans i feel naked without a scarf!
    8.I would love to have a blog but despite my avid blog reading have no idea where start!

  46. Sacre bleu Amelia! Thanks for dropping by & for the lovely compliment! I love scarves too, but wish I knew how to 'wear' them (ie. wrap them around me) better, some people do it so well/effortlessly, whereas I'm...hopeless!

    Frou Flou - Ah! You're a mixed Phillipina too! For ages, from the pics I've seen on your blog, you reminded me of a gorgeous girl I work with, she's half Phillipina & half Polish, tall like you too, I'm incredibly envious of her glossy black poker straight hair!

    Katlin - too true! I haven't watched a movie on my TV in ages (instead watching on my computer screen, which is great, but means I don't get to lie on my couch, which I love doing)

  47. I love your blog!

    E eu adoro Parati!

  48. 1. How did you first arrive on my blog? Como achou meu blog?

    I was googling "harem+pants+how+to+wear" when I saw your user name "brigadeiro". I remembered you from the Vogue forums. When I read your blog and saw your photos, I reckon that I've seen you around Adelaide and we 'may' have some common friends!

    2. Who are your favourite designers? Quem sao seus estilistas favoritos?

    3. How old are you (if you don't mind my asking)? Quantos anos tem?

    I'm 31 but am turning 32 in 9 days.

    4. Are you studying/working? If so, in what? Trabalhas ou estudas (em que area?)

    Working at an oil & gas company.

    5. What country are you from? De que pais es?

    Australia by way of Indonesia.

    6. What would you like to see more of on this blog? De que gostaria de ver mais aqui?

    More of your fab wardrobe and shopping secrets!

    7. How would you describe your style? Como retrataria seu estilo?

    Miss Moneypenny/American classic

    8. For those with outfit shots/blogs, how do you take your pictures (inc. what camera)? Para todos que tiram fotos para seu blog do que esta usando, como tira as suas fotos (e com que camera)?