Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picture perfect wedding...

The lovely & talented Icon tagged me with these questions (and some extra, which I took the liberty to remove, as I recently answered them in a previous tag), I'd like to tag two glamorous & gorgeous Aussie bloggers: DiamondsinChampagne & PorcelaineBlonde (there are extra questions here)

The rules are:

1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag other un-tagged people.

What are you wearing today? (I started answering this tag on Saturday)
Dries Van Noten Doreen sequinned dress, Marni Patent heels & Witchery red leather clutch I bought 10 or so years ago for $60 (at half price, it was my most expensive bag then...), actually it's not quite a clutch, there's a short strap I tucked into the bag, I felt the outfit needed a pop of contrasting colour.

Last night I wore this out to meet friends for drinks:

Stella McCartney silk blouse (with a touch of cotton), with detachable collar & monkey button & split sleeves (this was in my 'to sell' pile, as I've had it for years & have never worn it, due to the split sleeves, as I'm not usually a fan, but on a whim, I decided to use it)
Willow pinafore dress (yay for pockets!)
Christian Louboutin patent baby blue pumps

Why is today so special?
As my dad says, everyday is special. But today's especially so because my friends of over 10 years are getting married! The day, wedding & bride were absolutely beautiful, and just look at the most gorgeous parasol ever! (see below).

What would you like to learn to do?
Design/sew/create fashion.

What did you have for dinner?

What's the last thing you bought?
I finally tracked down & bought these Dries Van Noten grey patent wedges, which arrived yesterday from Belgium (woo hoo!):

What are you listening to right now?
Prince - Live in Concert.

What is on your bedside table?
Earplugs & Dries Van Noten collection lookbooks, and an incredibly cool Danish mid-century lampshade.

Say something about the person who tagged you:

Icon is so talented, and made a dress that was displayed at the national art gallery! Her photography & photographs in her blog are always so beautiful & inspiring!

Name the things you can not live without:
Mobile (cell) phone, my laptop/computer, internet (for skype, e-mail, blogs & internet shopping), Havaianas.

What would you like to get rid of?
Prejudice & hatred.

Which language do you want to learn?
French & Mandarin Chinese.

What countries have you visited?
United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, USA, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lichstenstein, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, Denmark.

What are some of the things you like about where you live?
I am close to beautiful rolling hills & vineyards, as well as the beach.

What's your greatest accomplishment?

My First Class Honours (research) degree, it was one of the toughest years ever...

What is your favorite quality about yourself?
Ooh, what a hard question! I'd like to think it's what my in-laws call 'my good heart'.

What is your favorite quote/saying?
Not highly intellectual or anything, and I can't remember where I got this from (nor the actual words), but I read this in the late 80's, and it saw me through teenage dramas, through to today..."Today that seems so sad & bitter, will be tomorrow's yesterday' (or words to that effect).

Conveniently forgot to add a question to the tag as per the rules:
Which song & movie are your 'go-to' for when you're feeling 'down'?
Song: Shackles (Mary Mary)
Movie: Legally Blonde


  1. Omg thank you for tagging me, I was reading this post early this morning. How did I miss that! I really am not a morning person.
    Thank you for your very kind words, but seriously you look absolutley stunning and do not need to lose any weight!
    I love your pinafore dress btw, tres cute!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me <3
    Loved reading more about you, I can relate to lots of what you wrote.

    Those DVN wedges are to die for, the perfect winter shoe - so jealous!

    And congratulations on the feature and invite below. You have such exquisite taste and they couldn't have said it better - an "enviable wardrobe" ;)xxx

  3. Just wanted to say that I love your style. What a cute outfit.

  4. that dress is beautiful on you! that wedding looks beautiful. I love the parasol and the cake!! (Congratulations to them!) Also now I have serious travel envy!

  5. I'm back! =]

    The first thing I saw in your outfit was your shoes. I adore them. In love, actually. They're the most unique color ever, and look so good with that outfit!

    And all those wedding photos are ethereal.

    La C.

  6. That pinafore is absolutely adorable esp paired with those patent pumps! I love love your blog and I realized I don't even have you on my link list! Would you like to exchange links? I've added you mine :)

  7. I love that dress--the beige/sand tone looks so fresh. Also, that looks like a beautiful wedding. I have never been to a wedding and I REALLY want to go to one!

  8. I came accross your blog today, its lovely! I've added a link to your blog from mine.

    Have a lovely day.

  9. hi I just discovered you blog and I fell deeply in love with !! :)
    nice outfit ! :)


  10. oooh a post filled with so much loveliness! your friends wedding looks like a dream come true! and you pull off that pinafore effortlessly!
    also this post made me a bit curious... id like to ask a few questions if you dont mind...you totally dont have to answer them if you dont want to :)

    firstly where on earth did you find those Dries sneaker wedges?! ive been trying to track them down FOREVER! they are such patent yuminess!

    also congrats on your 1st class honours! im contemplating on doing honours at the end of my undergrad but im not sure id have the stamina for it... what did you do your honours in?

  11. Well this ois definetely my fav post of your blog!

    "What's your greatest accomplishment?
    My First Class Honours (research) degree, it was one of the toughest years ever... " !! :) Congrats!!!!

    PS: those pictures from the wedding are just Wow!

  12. Nice pics and you looks lovely as always !!!! I know, I have problems with updates, I published 2 times each week, come whenever you want. google updates that are not well. Kisses a muaaa

  13. wow your friends wedding must have been amazing. i love the marque setup and the tall vases with long stem flowers.

    i am so jealous of your dries shoes. i saw some on ebay a few months ago but didnt take action fast enough. im sure you'll make them look much better than i could anyway.

    about lula mag...when i read magazines ill generally just flick through (im all about the pictures), which lula is full of. its one editorial after the other, accompanied by small relevant interviews for each. for me its more of an investment magazine that gets better with age. the first time i look over it i just see the photos but the more i look over it the more i love it. its very inspirational. it doesnt really get old which is awesome and in my option well worth the $30.


  14. ow i remember that dress, i love it !!!
    the weeding seemed to be amazing.

    it is great to know more about you.

    i didn't win the auction of the phillip lim dress, it went to high for my expectations, but i hope i will get the navy blue one.

  15. oops after a second look i see they arent long stem flowers. they still look good anyway :)

  16. The ensemble is adorable!! Love how your shoes and dress match! I had fun reading your questionnaire too :) Hope you have a great day!!

    OMG I cannot believe you tracked down those DVN shoes!! Where did you find them and do they have anymore in a 37 by any chance?? I've stalked one on ebay last month and totally missed out at the end. *Sigh* Cannot wait to see you wear them and live vicariously through you!

  17. nice outfit and oh I'm so jealous with your shoes!


  18. Those Dries wedges are fabulous.

  19. LINDA!!
    Amei a sobreposição da blusa sobre o vestido, so smart!

    beijos e beijos!

  20. you have so many beautiful clothes, lucky you! :D

  21. I love, love the color of shoes! They look so delicate together with your dress! xxoxo

  22. Adore the outfit and all the photos answering the questions... and of course i dont mind removing of questions. Loved reading all your answers!

  23. I love this dress.

    P.S. MK's bag is Alexander Wang ☺

  24. wow, I LOVE that stella blouse...perfect under the dress. Great post :-)

  25. Lovely photos. That wedding cake is amazing, and looks so tasty.

  26. diamondsinchampagne - Aw, you are too kind, I do need to lose weight though, would be super happy to get back to round about where you are atm ;) Thanks for doing the tag so promptly, that's amazing!

    porcelain blonde & thumbelina fashionista - Thanks!

    H - after I typed those countries, I thought: surely I've been to more places than that? Don't worry, you have plenty of time ;)

    La Couturier - Yay! You're back! Thanks for the lovely comment!

    MizzJ, whensdinner & fashion garden - Thanks!

    theclotheshorse - Can't believe you've never been to a wedding! I have one more in April (my gorgeous cousin), and that's probably it 'til next year...Most of the weddings I've been to were family, and only recently (as I've gotten older), friends (4 weddings so far)...So I'm sure you'll have plenty to come ;)

    jenn - no worries, ask away! I got the DVN through ebay, at half its original price! Brand new in box too! If you find them, I suggest you go 1/2 a size up (I did). I saw them on yoox.com last year, but took too long to decide which colour, so missed out. Re: Honours, mine was in Physiology, and my First Class Hons earned me a PhD scholarship, which I skipped out on in the last minute (1 wk before I was due to start), and studied law instead. It's funny that 10 years later, I am now...in medical research! Life sure has a funny sense of humour...What's your degree in? You can email me at brigadeirosblog (at) gmail (dot) com if you like ;)

    Juaи + - Gracias! ;)

    DYDWD - Bonne chance ;)

    Amee - If you're a 37, I suggest going a 37.5, but I don't know where else you can find these now except for Ebay...

    katrina - Thanks for the info on Lula! I think I might get it (will be the most I've spent on a mag EVER!) :)

    Mariona - Gracias! Mi encanta su estilo y ropa!!!

    enep, WendyB, miss at la playa, shin, lluviaschick, mimi, coco, and tanya - thanks for your lovely comments!

    kira - Muito obrigada gatinha! Curta-se em Nova Iorque! Bjs!

  27. loove ur dress that u wore. love the pastel tone.
    also the new wedges u bought are to die for!!
    and ur friends' wedding! oh wow, it's like a dream. love the decoration!

  28. i must get that pinafore!!

    any ideas on where i can find it in Aus?!

    you look divine as always.


  29. Thanks sharon! Unfortunately this Willow dress is quite a few seasons old, so may be impossible to find (I bought it almost 2 yrs ago), sorry! :( Hopefully she does something similar soon...

    song of style - Thanks! And yeah, I was in awe of the wedding set-up too! And almost gasped when the bridesmaid (in deep purple) walked down the garden pathway holding those gorgeous parasol, just stunning!

  30. i am drooling over your dries... i really want those:( your blue dress is really pretty too.

    and i love the snapshots you took of your friends' wedding:)

    oh and i'm still jealous of your dries wedges...:(

  31. Not only jealous of your Dries shoes, but where you've traveled!! I've never been out of the country. My goal is to be a gypsy for a few years after I'm out of college! :)

  32. looks like a beautiful wedding!

  33. The photos are so stunning!

    It's cool to know a little bit more about you :-)


  34. those wedges look amazing, a
    am jealous! look forward to seeing them in some outfit shots!

    M xxx

  35. lovely outfit and lovely wedding photos.


  36. I adore your blog! We should definatley exchange links!
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  37. If only I had the financial means to buy them both... oh well. I can dream =]

    La C.

  38. Love the dress¡ and congrats to your friends

  39. oooooh what a pretty outfit!


  40. Love your dress, and the beautiful wedding pics!

  41. What a cake! Pretty outfit too:)

  42. Interesting to know more about you! And you always look so neat, such a lovely outfit!

    I agree with ur dad, every day is a special day, we only need to see the specialness in simple every day like things..

    I love the pictures of the parasol, and the shoes you bought are so fierce! Bjs!

  43. what a dream should have been that marriage! I wish I could have been part of that...lucky girl you are!

  44. Wow the event looks amazing.

    I love your dress and shoes.
    I also always enjoy readin you!

  45. I love the dress youre wearing here!

  46. what a beautiful wedding. i bet it was fun!

  47. I am so loving your New Dries Van Noten Wedges....girl, I can't wait to see what outfits you come up with! And that wedding looked like such a beautiful venue to attend. I am adding you as one of my fav. blogs. Keep up the great work.



  48. The parasol is such a lovely touch. I want one.


  49. I love that Willow pinafore dress, absolutely gorgeous! And the wedding decor is beautiful:)

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