Monday, June 6, 2011

The Man Repeller's Take on Style

A week or so ago I watched this video and was dying to share it here but couldn't find a way to embed it. Luckily 'The Man Repeller' herself (aka Leandra Medine) posted a Youtube version of it on her blog. I feel silly reposting someone else's blog post, but I just loved (and am in total agreement with) what she says about one's 'style'.

Having only discovered Leandra Medine's blog a few months ago, I find myself laughing to myself when reading her wickedly funny and witty writing (and sometimes purse my lips at some parts that makes me feel a little prudish, haha), but most of all, I love her style! Perhaps it is because I am a little bit of a 'man-repeller' myself...


  1. Thank you for sharing darling

  2. Thanks for sharing... Very cool! Love her! I can see why she has so many followers!
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