Saturday, June 4, 2011

Next Destination: Singapore and Malaysia

A few weeks ago I booked my tickets to Singapore and Malaysia, mostly to attend Mr Brigs' cousin's wedding in Malaysia. It will be my first time in Singapore, and although I never really had the interest to visit this country before (please don't shoot me), I am getting excited...

I am now trying to research the must-do, sees and most importantly, eats (as well as some 'shops' perhaps?) in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Even though I have already been to the latter city, I feel I did not get to experience the amazing food my hubby is so patriotic about (don't even hint to him that Singaporean food is better than Malaysian, or a war will be raged on you), and that everyone else raves about.

So far, my research has added these to my must do's/sees/eats list:

Time available - almost 4 days
  1. High Tea at Raffles' Tiffin Room (must make a booking ASAP)
  2. Chicken Rice at Tian Tian (my research has told me this is the best in Singapore)
  3. Chilli Crab (I am dying to try this dish, after seeing/hearing/reading about it for so long) at 'No Signboard Seafood Restaurant' (and/or Jumbo Seafood and Long Beach Seafood restaurant in East Lagoon Food Village)
  4. Black Pepper Crab at Eng Seng Restaurant
  5. Go to Haji lane for shopping and also finding little eateries
  6. Go to Little India - eat at Banana Leaf Apollo on Racecourse Road
  7. Shop on Orchard Road (#1 destination: Dries Van Noten store) - I hear the super sales are on in Singapore, and am banking on the idea that there should be plenty in my size as everyone is so slim and petite in Singapore).
  8. Not sure about the usual tourist destinations (eg. Sentosa Zoo for Night Safari, which I would love to do, but will find hard to do with Lil J (who will be 14 months old by then).
Kuala Lumpur:

Time available - almost 4 days
  1. Shop at Pavillion (it wasn't there the last time I visited)
  2. Shop at KLCC (both of these are just for 'museum' shopping really).
  3. Shop at Chinatown Central Markets - I cannot get enough of their batik handpainted silk scarves...
  4. Eat at Jalan Alor - don't have any particular restaurant yet.
  5. Must do more research...'
I have yet to book my accommodation, but in Malaysia I will most likely be staying in the city, near KLCC.

I would love to hear any recommendations you might have on what to do/see/eat/shop/stay/buy in either city. Thanks in advance!




  1. What about eating at Tetsuya's new restaurant at Marina Bay complex? It only seats 25pax but they do 2 sittings/night.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion cewek! I did think of that, and am trying to figure out how I will be going out at nighttime without disrupting Lil J's sleep ('cause otherwise I will be paying for it at several timepoints when we try to sleep) :)

  3. In SIngapore - Little India – I recommend shopping at the Mustafa centre – open 24/7 with cheap perfume and sari fabric. And the Tekka Centre has a great Indian Hawker food court. I loved the Thali platters at Madras new woodlands in Upper Dickson St - great Thali platters for $8.
    I also did a cooking class with Ruqxana – it was the best thing we did, even better than the shopping.

    In KL I loved walking around Kampung Baru - it's so peaceful even with the twin towers looming in the background:)

  4. I am flying to malaysia this Thursday! super excited. Possibly doing a weekend trip to singapore as well =D Don't forget to apply for a tourist discount card at concierge in klcc and pavilion - show your passport =)) I've always stayed at Radius International when in KL. It is situated literally minutes away from pavilion mall...and the new Sephora store. Have a fun trip! =D

  5. olá mama brigs!
    been following your blog for a while, love your stuff! am a Malaysian student living in Melbourne :)

    Don't forget to stop by Little India.

    Also, try your best to eat at the foodstalls in shop buildings, and not the air-conditioned restaurants in the city's Golden Triangle. They have the best food. Perhaps minus baby, because they tend to be noisy/hectic. Easy to spot - you'll see stand-alone stalls in one large space that serve everything from mains to dessert.

    Highly recommend a day trip to Cameron Highlands or Malacca to escape the smog and heat of KL. The former is up in the hills and has tea plantations, with cool weather, peace and quiet. Malacca is a total foodie destination, with some Portuguese relics from the occupation that make for good sightseeing.

    (How I miss home!)

    Hope I helped; have a wonderful time,

  6. Thanks for the tips everyone, am taking note of them all, and welcome any more ;)


  7. Tian tian is not bad, but wee nam kee chicken rice is what many locals prefer! there's an outlet in the novena area (near orchard road). No Sighboard/Jumbo seafood are overpriced and quite touristy, try Red House seafood at Robertson Quay or at East Coast. Delicious and it's time tested (i've been eating there since i was a young kid).
    For some delicious cake- i'd highly recommend 'the patissier' at ann siang hill, and for lighter but just as delicious japanese-style cakes try 'flor' on duxton hill.
    I'd recommend visiting this local foodie site called 'hungrygowhere' to see reviews of eateries in Singapore- highly useful!

    Have fun in Singers :)


  8. Welcome to Malaysia ! so may i suggest some eating places in Kuala Lumpur//
    1. Lot 10 located at Jalan Bukit Bintang (opposite Pavilion) - food court, it is a brilliant idea created by the boss of YTL Group (a listed company) to have all the famous stores in town gather in just one place, so that ppl can now conviniently (instead of having the headahces and the difficulties to find places.) and comfortably (instead of the heat , noise and pollution) to enjoy the famous fried noodles, beef soup noodles, Bak Ku Teh and many more.

    for shopping...i guess you know that KL is not an interesting place to shop. But now is June which means all the designer's boutique are having their mid year sales.

    That's all i can think of, I hope you and your family will enjoy your holiday. :D

  9. It's not traditional Singaporean by any means, but if you need a cultural break or just a cute place to have coffee, look up Fika Cafe, near Haji Lane - it's a little bit of Sweden in Singapore :)

  10. CC - sent you an email but had to make sure you got my hitlist:)

    1. Food tour - Grab Your Fork recently did an excellent write up on markets and coffee shops in KL

    2. Awesome bars with a view:
    Skybar at the Traders Hotel (
    Luna Bar at the KL Tower (
    View - BRAND new bar that is opening this week, and the views look incredible (

    3. Changkat Bukit Bintang
    Street with lots of trendy bars and restaurants, and down the road from Jalan Alor

    4. Shopping
    - If you're staying in the heart of KL, you'll be very near all the huge malls like Pavillion, Lot 10, KLCC etc. Mostly it will be international designers, Malaysian "high street" etc.
    - Don't also forget The Gardens in MidValley which has some very cute boutiques too
    - Somewhere you may like is Peter Hoe, a shop selling Malaysian homewares using contemporary batik prints. It's in the heart of town (near Central Market), so might be good if you're going to explore that old part of KL. In the same level as the shop, there is a very up and coming Malaysian designer called Justin Yap. Lots of block colours, he loves mixing Asian and European styles. He has also recently started designing shoes!
    - Now somewhere I haven't yet been but want to check out is this house that has been converted into an art gallery ( It promotes young Malaysian artists and looks interesting!

    If I can think of anything else I'll send it on:) Shu xxx