Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scanlan & Theodore Autumn/Winter 2012

Remember the Scanlan & Theodore event I 'recently' attended? Well, I have been sitting on these lookbook pictures for some time, and it's about time I share them with you all. I was so happy to receive these, as S&T pieces often need to be seen on a 3D body rather than hanging on a rack, taking on new life. Also, the lookbook pictures on their official website are so tiny I can barely get an idea of what the clothes look like. The brown leather top I was eyeing in stores is not in the lookbook, so I really do hope it is still there when my bump no longer is...

Now, onto the collection itself:

Flocking, sequins, fur, feathers, leather and laser cut fabrics were used by Scanlan & Theodore highlighting texture, with draping and ruching flattering the silhouette in a colour palette consisting of green and blue, along with earthier tones of taupe and slate and, of course, classic black and navy. Needless to say, I loved the draped sequinned dress and skirt, while my favourite pices were the beautiful silk blouses (with 'inbuilt necklace') and dress with sheer sleeves:

I absolutely love this blouse...the sheer sleeves, the print, the leather 'necklace'...gorgeous!

This dress is just incredibly stunning!

pics courtesy of Scanlan & Theodore's PR company: evhr


  1. Loving the leather jacket! Looks so soft! I really need to get my butt in that store. It's so close to home yet I've not been in there yet.

  2. Just an update, I couldn't stop thinking about the jacket so I gave the Unley Road boutique a call, it turns out that a) they've got the black jacket in my size and they'll hold it for me for tomorrow and b) it's only $750! I was sure it'll run in the thousands! But the sales assistant explained that it's not lined. So I'll be going in there tomorrow to try it on!

  3. I am always amazed at how 'reasonable' the leather pieces at S&T are, especially when compared to their other pieces! That black leather jacket is GORGEOUS (hence I chose to post the pic)! Do let us know how you go ;)


  4. unbelievable. i love the texture play . . . i just keep looking at the photos over and over . .