Monday, April 2, 2012

Taylor Tomasi Hill: Queen of Accessories Pt 9 - At home (take 2)

I recently saw these pictures of Taylor Tomasi Hill's new Chelsea apartment on the Vogue website, and noticed how different this place looked to her old 'pad' I once posted.

When asked what secrets her closet might reveal, Hill laughs. “I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to my fashion choices,” she says. “But there are a few obvious consistencies: I can’t get enough Equipment blouses, I am obsessed with harnesses, and I love vintage jewelry."

I love seeing Taylor's eclectic style translated into interior design (note the leather harness 'light fixture'!):

I love seeing Taylor in this floral pencil skirt (Balenciaga?)

The 'sideboard' is in fact a florist sink covered with a sheet of glass...brilliant! Love the lofty airy space with fresh pot plants...

The yellow-cab cookie jar (used as a planter) is just too cute! As is the pale pink 'Veuve Cliquot' 'fridge'.

Am I the only one that thinks the swan looks a little odd here?

Ah, am drooling over the Balenciaga's, Proenza's and more...



  1. gahsuifndajksd .
    That's too gorgeous.

  2. OMG this is not a home! This is heaven!


  3. I hope you're feeling better again!!
    Oh, thankfully you didn't post that photo with the tray(?) with bottles of alcohol and padded poults on.... You can see them on the large picture on the table behind the skull.
    That was a bit too morbid IMO.
    And since becoming a heavy user at PINTEREST I have to admit I became quite spoiled about beautiful home/deco pictures. Isn't it just enormous how amazing some people are living. I would scream if I could include a chandelier somewhere - but Mr Modediktat would scream, too - and not in the best way ;)
    Happy Monday, dear!

  4. Well that's a lovely low carb way to have a cookie jar! Might have to try that out!

  5. Absolutely stunning apartment! I love that you can really sense her personal style of bright colours throughout the flat!