Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Willow's Resort 2013 'Surface Elements' Collection

With its beautiful textures, leather, tailoring and draping (including the draped harem pants that are reinvented each season by Willow), there is much to love in this collection...the last few sequinned pieces remind me of Willow's Winter 2005 collection, remember the blouse Nicole Richie wore (aka. the Wednesday Wish cami - not sure why it's called a cami)? I have the same one in my wardrobe...one of my favourite pieces. One of these days I must nab a Willow leather jacket, they are always cut so beautifully...oh, and the zip dress has caught my eye (once again - gorgeous silhouette, plus the 'front-access' zip? so practical at this stage!)

pics via style.com

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