Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Susie Bubble Fashion Weeks Street Style - dancing to the beat of her own music

Susanna Lau (aka blogger Susie Bubble of Style Bubble), has an uncanny ability to playfully layer prints, colours and proportions. Her fun approach to fashion is a delight to watch, and appears a little more polished during the Fashion Weeks, but still very much 'Susie Bubble':

Look at those incredible sunglasses! Gorgeous texture, print, and volume...

This vintage kimono is too stunning for words, and the fact that Susie teamed it with those sneakers is just brilliant! This post is mostly an excuse for me to post this picture...

Check out those perpex heels on an otherwise classic shoe!

Absolutely inspired layering

pics via nam of streetfsn for


  1. Hey there,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog lovely. I'm so glad you did as I'm totally digging yours! I've also added you to my 'blogs I love' page. Just brilliant content and I've signed up to follow you. I need to keep updated :)

    Susie is amazing. She is so unique and consistent with her style. Really great feature.

    Have a great day and keep in touch.

    Oh... you definitely need to get the black Chloe Susan boots as well :)

    xx Mandi