Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miroshka Pt 4: Miroslava Duma Street Style at New York Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Week

Have you all read Suzy Menkes' article titled 'Circus of Fashion'? It certainly is an interesting read about the hoopla that surrounds fashion, street style, and bloggers. She laments that the focus of Fashion Weeks has shifted from the actual presentations to the people who stand and "peacock" outside them, waiting to be captured in outfits seemingly engineered to make photographers pay attention. She writes that fashion weeks have become a "celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous." That street style blogs that used to capture real, stylish people on the street have now been overshadowed by people trying to dress solely so they could featured on those street style blogs, resulting in over-accessorized people taking pictures of each other outside of every show.

Although I agree with some points brought up by Suzy Menkes, I also agree with several made in Leandra Medine's (aka The Man Repeller) response to the article, as well as Susie Lau's (aka Susie Bubble) 'rebuttal'. Admittedly, I still enjoy looking up to see what my favourite fashionistas have worn during Fashion Weeks, and still think that they are dressing to express their personality and style, rather than trying to catch the eye of the cameras. The fashion editors in particular, and several bloggers (Susie Lau comes to mind) have been dressing the way they have long before they had their blogs. At New York Fashion Week, Miroslava Duma's style was beautifully polished yet fresh with a touch of fun. How cute is that Eugenia Kim striped hat with the Burberry Prorsum coat below? Although I think the all-white and khaki (parka) outfits are my favourites on this page:


What are your thoughts on Suzy Menkes' article?

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  1. Yes it has become too much of a circus. I don't even care too much about street style. Now the only one I've kept on my reader is The Sartorialist, as I enjoy his aesthetic. I'm not a trendy person so I don't like the trendy, garish, or "of the moment" outfits that Jak & Jil for example tend to focus on. I have a theory that's why we see Alt & Co dressed EVEN more non-descript to make a strong counter to the garishness.

  2. She is so cute, isn't she? I always love looking at her outfits, as they are usually unique but still wearable styles.

  3. I do enjoy street style, bloggers and the fashion generally at the fashion shows/events (viewed online of course). The only thing I hope to see is authentic style. I actually enjoyed seeing that there were some simple outfits this time around. Not all mish mash of prints and loaded on bling but also some rather normal (and super stylish) looks. This was so refreshing over the last fashion week scene. I've been under a rock so haven't read the article or yet or Leandra's view. Heading to read them now!

    xx Mandi