Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perspexing weekend Pt 1.

I still have not unpacked my shoes. Yes, it's been two months since I've moved in, and they are still packed away in my boxes.  That is, with the exception of a handful of shoes I use on a regular basis, which I packed in the suitcase for immediate use. These are: my trusty Havaianas slim sandals, my Dries Van Noten flat sandals, and both my red and black Chloe Susanna boots.  I recently added a pair of Nike Roshe Run sneakers to the mix (so happy with this purchase!), as I can now walk Lil J #1 to child care with Lil J #2 checking out his neighborhood from my Ergo carrier.  

Just after I moved into my new house, a box arrived from London from my lovely sister J, filled with the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M goodies I asked her to buy for me (and a gorgeous Erdem silk scarf thrown in for good measure).  Up until two weeks ago my MMM for H&M Perspex wedges sat patiently in their box as I traipsed around exclusively in flats (well, if the Chloe boots count as flat - they are just as comfy).  

I am so happy with how versatile the two pairs of MMM for H&M shoes are (had some misgivings about purchasing them full-priced), they go with a myriad of outfits and colours, and both pairs went for a spin this weekend.    The nude wedges went perfectly with the Willow Sunset Weave Tweed dress I bought a while ago, and I brought them along to my beautiful friend Kate's wedding (I wore my trusty Dries Van Noten sandals on the 1hr drive):

Sadly, I had to leave the wedding halfway when Mr Brigs decided to 'spin' Lil J #1 around between entrée and main course, resulting in a 'pulled (dislocated)' elbow (Lil J #1's), and a trip to the emergency department...She was having an absolute ball until that point!

Congratulations again, Kate & Simon!



  1. Whose elbow was dislocated?!

    Also don't feel bad, about not having completely unpacked yet... I haven't either. That's what the 'junk room' is for (although I hate having a 'junk room')

  2. Hi K P! I will email you back later today ;) But to answer your Q above, it was Lil J's elbow, poor thing. It's happened twice before, so Mr Brigs ireally should've known better!

  3. Good having you back here! I hope the moving went well and you've settled in and feeling well in your new home!
    So sorry to hear about Lil J's dislocated elbow.... :-S Hope she's all well again. Made the exact same experience when I was a child and my father spinned me around while playing. Argh.

    The MMM perspex wedges are amazing, aren't they? I'm wearing them very often.
    Though I returned the black booties as those were too narrow - even 41...

    1. Oh, that's a shame the booties were too narrow! My little sister returned hers too. Lil J was as good as new, as soon as the doctor popped her elbow back in and handed her an icy pole (an ice cream), she was very happy (and now wants to go see a doctor again, haha!). PS. Oh my! Just clicked on your new website! I didn't realize you had updated and revamped your site, it looks amazing! I need to fix my blogroll, it didn't update to your new website! xx