Friday, May 17, 2013

OMGoodness! 50% off selected Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, 3.1 Phillip Lim at The New Guard!

This just in (literally, I only just opened my email, and excitedly clicked on to The New Guard's site to check their sale out), and just had to share.  These are all open in my tabs, and I almost don't want to share them in case they sell out (must not to be selfish, you see).  At the same time it'd probably be a good idea, because I am debating about a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots I tried in store this week (shame they're not on sale *sigh* - I was on the waitlist for a pair at Matches Fashion, but they somehow sold out within hours! Boo!), while the gorgeous and lovely Erin (co-owner of TNG) was there, as well as a Dries Van Noten dress (also sadly not on sale)...

I can't believe I have not written about The New Guard until now.  I was uber excited when they first opened a few years ago, as we don't have that many good stores/labels here in Ads.  My excitement grew as they stocked more and more of my favourite labels (which I cannot believe I can now find here!).  Anyway, I digress, here are some of my 'sale picks' (some at 75% off):

 Stella McCartney Christine pants now AUD$449 (sadly not in my size, this has been on my wishlist from day one)
 Etoile Isabel Marant Calvin perforated leather jacket (seriously considering this, but am telling myself I need to wear my Burberry washed navy leather jacket more)
 This Stella McCartney knit top now $399
Acne With You Tape Shirt $175
Etoile Isabel Marant Anderson jacket now $299 (the matching 'top' to the pants I want, which sadly TNG don't have in stock)
Stella McCartney Anemone dress (ooh, so tempting!)
 Isabel Marant Manet pants (was a bargain at $169, but not my size)
Etoile Isabel Marant Calvin leather jacket again, but in blue

 Isabel Marant Serra pants now $149!!! (seriously! 75% off)

 Isabel Marant Vatelle Suede jacket now $865
Isabel Marant Tundra skirt now $249! If I had the models' pins I would definitely snap them up!

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(sorry, I didn't get to link each picture to the product page like I usually do, but they're easy to find)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Amazing!! Love the Stlla McCartney pants!! I like your blog! Hope you visit mine!

  2. Oh no, stop tempting me... Those Isabel Marant Serra pants...

  3. This is definitely a dangerous post! I had those SM's with the thin heel, but they fit small and well.. were just too small for me.

    As for the quilted Chloes, I am an EU40 and have found them to be true to size, could possibly go down half a size if your foot is narrow. Hope that helps! xx