Monday, May 13, 2013

Step back in time: Stella McCartney's iconic 'Horse' collection for Chloe Spring/Summer 2001

I was flicking through my wardrobe seeing what I can fit into, and sighed when I saw my strapless Chloe horse dress, leading me to reminisce. The 'Chloe horse' collection is in all likelihood my all-time favourite collection of Stella McCartney's to date (or one of my all-time favourite collections period).

Starting with the 'fruit' blouses with their unique sleeves (and the humorous line on the back of the 'banana' top: "keep your bananas off my melons), to the amazing horse prints (how iconic is that brown silk chiffon dress with the ivory horses printed on it, worn by 'Carrie' on 'Sex and the City"?), the flouncy sleeves, the beautifully-cut man-style pants, some of my favourite models (especially Caroline Ribeiro)...It was hard to 'edit' and whittle down my favourite looks (apologies in advance for the RSI that may be induced by scrolling down):

 Am absolutely kicking myself for not pouncing on this dress when I saw it on Ebay (I couldn't fit it at the time, but would now, boo!)! This is one of my favourite pieces of this collection...
 I have the 'negative opposite' of this dress (ivory horse on brown dress) - and must say this pic doesn't do this dress justice!

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What are your some of your all-time favourite collections?

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  1. keep them, even if it's just for the nostalgia. I vaguely remember this collection, the horses and the pineapples, but now that I'm really looking the silhouettes are great too.

    For me I love a lot of what tom ford did @ ysl and those kimonos he did @ gucci and those silk shoes with the bamboo heels too.

    1. AH! The Tom Ford/Gucci 'kimono' collection is one of my all-time favourites too! If only I could get my hand on one of those kimonos!

    2. You can find his ysl stuff for a bargain, but his gucci stuff still commands top dollar, perhaps even higher than what it cost originally!

  2. Ah yes. Who could forget Stella's horse design! That really takes me back. That and the Gucci kimono collection are the two collections I remember the most. They were around the time that I really started appreciating fashion. I say keep them too. Iconic pieces and what's the harm in keeping one or two pieces for nostalgic reasons :)

    - Mandi
    Find Me A Muse

  3. Oh, I actually do still fit this dress, or rather, can fit back into it (am slowly - emphasis on 'slow'- getting back into my clothes)...and will definitely keep this :)

    1. What size is it ??? If you do decide to sell it,let me know?.........I can pay high price for it ?

  4. I liked the earth tone colours of this collection!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place