Monday, June 16, 2014

Hobe sweet Hobe

One of my most popular blog posts to date is on 'How to wear Brogues/Oxfords shoes', that I wrote two years ago, so I see these shoes are not going anywhere for now.  Even though I could see their appeal, I thought then they weren't for me (never say never) .  It is only recently that I started considering them for myself, after seeing a gorgeous pair by Dieppa Restreppo in Antilope that I cannot find anywhere in my size.

When the lovely Georgia from Hobes emailed me about her shoes I was genuinely excited.  One concern I had about Oxford shoes was that I had heard some of them take a while to break in.  I can't remember the last time I had to 'break in' a pair of shoes, and would prefer that they be comfy from day one (preferably like a cloud).  Hobes shoes looked to do just that, and looked oh-so-comfy, even from my computer screen:

Ok, first things first, how cute is the packaging/wrapping paper? Hobes collaborated with Alice Oehr (illustrator, graphic and textile designer working in Melbourne), who designed the sweetest range of kitty prints... 

 One thing that struck me when I opened my parcel was how small it was!  Now I understand why these shoes make the perfect travel shoe!  Weighing in at a teeny tiny 200-300g per pair, they are handmade with uber soft suede and feel like a soft glove on your feet...


Love the blush colour on these, but admittedly had a hard time choosing as there were so many gorgeous options to pick from...They even have wool-lined Hobes! My uggbootphilic feet are so tempted by these at the moment!

In danger of sounding like a cars salesman, they also have Hobes for men and children!  As a mom who has bought matching sneakers for myself, lil' brigs #1 and lil' brigs #2 (I drew the line and didn't buy the same pair for Mr Brigs), I love this fact!

All pics via my iPhone/Instagram.

You can find out more about Hobes shoes on their website.

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