Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pop Goes The Easel!

Once upon a time, my wardrobe was filled with only black, grey & navy items. My mom would ask me: "Can't you buy something with colour or a pattern?", I grimaced at the thought of wearing patterned clothing , and couldn't fathom wearing anything brightly coloured...Fast forward a few years, and I cannot believe how I've changed, or rather, my wardrobe is now bursting with a rainbow-ful of colours AND patterns. I slowly started adding colours here and there, and as my confidence with colour grew, so did the brightness/colourfulness (is that even a word?) of the clothes. I'll save the 'patterns' for another day, but here are recent items I wore which are saturated with colour:

Dress/Coat: Willow EGJ12 zip-up jacket/dress
Shoes: Marni patent cream/raisin/tobacco wedges

Dress: Willow EDG64 silk dress (love its drapey nature)
Leather cuff & Palas mother-of-pearl bracelet

Coat: Burberry Claybrooke Collarless Swing Trenchcoat (such a bad pic, I must take a better picture of this, it's so gorgeous! My sister picked it out for me)
Shoes: Burberry Ashley Patent Pumps (one of the b'day pressies I received a few months ago from my gorgeous sisters)

Such a cute birthday card! Love the cylindrical 100mm heel & the large buckle of the shoes.

What about you: have you noticed unexpected changes to your wardrobe over the years?

PS. Both Willow dresses above are from the same collection as the Willow dress from my previous post (and I have a fourth dress from the same collection too), colours aren't as vibrant as in real life (my colours are true), but they look better on the model :

Photos were taken from (although they are not there anymore)


  1. Ooh I love the blue dress, that color is amazing!

  2. That royal blue willow dress is just stunning, that colour is magnificant. One of my favourite colours to wear!

    I also love those Burberry mary-janes, your shoe collection is WOW

  3. woow lovely shoes ^^

  4. the yellow one is so fabulous ! nice choice honestly

  5. i love the electric blue dress, the yellow dress (so feminine) and the trenchcoat is gorgeous (love the colour) !!!

  6. yeah, I was just like you, having all black and so many neutral tone outfits. Blogging helps though. Now I wear more colour. :)
    Your choice of colours are great. I love all the pieces.

  7. everything is great but that first blue dress is SO HOT!

    ugh i totally want it! haha

    wanna share? :D pretty please!!!

    hope you had a fabulous wednesday woman! ttyl xox

  8. i love the mustard coloured dress, it looks amazing, soooo jealous over your Burberry Trench its beautiful

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

    Jillian Thanks for the well-wishes! I ended up coming home early today, as I was sick, may rest tomorrow too... And sure, you're most welcome to come share ;)

  10. Love the blue of the first dress !

  11. you look just fabulous! and those shoes! wow!!!

    a kiss :)))

  12. I love that second dress, even though its not a colour I especially like. But the fit and drape is so amazing!

    Just discovered your blog today, but I'm loving it. Would you like to swap links?

  13. Oh, those Marni shoes are wonderful.

  14. the mustard willow dress is gorgeous
    your sister's awesome for giving you those burberry's

  15. Burberry Trenchcoat - que beleza!!!

  16. Yes... I've gotten fatter over the to that....

    Lovely colours you have going on there...

  17. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

    Dana- I sure am lucky to have such lovely & generous sisters, miss 'em like crazy! We're meeting up in Brazil for Xmas and I cannot wait!

    mimi - Obrigada! Voce fala Portugues?

    Susie - Seriously? Then you must've been thin as a rake, as you look gorgeous now! I, on the other hand, have gained 10 kilos in the last year alone! BOO HOO!

  18. you look AMAZING in that mustard yellow willow dress. this past winter, i got this lovely oversized mustard sweater from Myer and i wore it to death. i love winter colours like aubergine, mustard and navy. i think it's a bit of a reaction against my youth where all i wore were candy pinks and baby blues *shudder* so im kind of veering towards the darker side of the colour spectrum atm. kinda opposite to you!

    ps. hmm i wanted to ask you this via email but since i couldnt find a 'contact me' box on your blog, i guess ill have to ask you here.
    im considering buying a lovely pair of Dries Van Noten pumps online, which are a size 38. im a australian size 8 (most of the time) and unsure what is the proper conversion from european to australian sizing. i know it differs from brand to brand but since ive never tried on a pair of DVN's i thought id refer to you and your expert online shoe purchasing knowledge!
    how do dries shoes run? are they usually true to size? ive never purchased shoes online before, as im quite wary of my rather wide feet (3.5inches at the widest part)
    im also embarassed to admit that i have no idea what retailer means by the "measurements" of the shoe, ie. insole etc.
    thank you for any help you can give and for helping out an online shoe buying virgin like me!

  19. Hi tanya! Sorry I don't have an email/contact, was a little weary of posting mine here, but maybe I'll set one up just for the blog...

    To answer your Q, I find most DVN run true to size (I have one pair that ran big, so got a 37.5). Having said that, the black DVN sandals I have (that you are referring to) are a 38.5, and I'm usually a 38, as they were described to be run a little small (and I too have wide feet), I wonder if I could've done with a 38, but these seem to fit ok, I just tighten at the spots I need to (and they're not at their tightest yet).

    I'm a size AUS 7.5 though, which I think translates to a US 8, EUR 38 (Brazilian 36 if anyone needs to know). So if you're a AUS 8, I would recommend a 38.5-39...

    When retailers are referring to insole length, it should be around the length of your feet, I know as a US 8/AUS 7.5, I look for 9 3/4". I'm not sure what an AUS 8 would be, a teensy bit bigger than that...

    To measure your insole I'd stand on a white sheet of paper, and mark the 'ends' of the feet (or place a ruler next to it, but make sure you are standing, as the feet length is more accurate that way...)

    Hope that helps (sorry my answer was so convoluted)! If not, you can leave your email (if you feel so inclined), and I can email you ;)

  20. Hi! I love your blog - your collection is amazing! And I think Willow collection is gorgeous - do they ship overseas?? I'm hoping to get my hands on a few pieces! Thanks!

  21. that blue dress! love the color!
    the burberry trench is amazing too! and the little card they gave you with it is so adorable.

    contrary to what the people that see me on a regular basis think, i do wear color

  22. H - you look amazing in all black AND with colour!

  23. Where can I purchase the yellow mustard drape dress? It is gorgeous! I need a size 6. Thanks!

  24. Hi anonymous - I'm afraid that yellow mustard dress is quite a few years/seasons old, however Willow does repeat that similar design/shape almost every season with slight changes and differing colours. Hope that helps! x