Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saucy Lulu - Where Art Thou?

Years ago, I stumbled across some pieces by Saucy Lulu, a Los Angeles designer whose pieces I found incredibly unique, yet were very hard-to-find. It seems like it's even harder to find anything on Saucy Lulu now, as I can't find anything on her recently. Has anyone spotted her, or her designs recently?

Blouse: Saucy Lulu
Shorts: Garcons Comme Boy
Pumps: Christian Louboutin Electric Blue Simples 85mm

I love this top for so many reasons, including the gorgeous vintage cloth (almost like a muslin) which is subtly beaded & sequenced, the off-shoulder design (I love off-shoulder tops/dresses!), the large kimono sleeves, and the in-built large sash which ties at the back.

As I recently thought of Saucy Lulu, I went to my wardrobe to reach for another of her tops, and...couldn't find it! Not only could I not find it, I realized I had not seen it in the 2 years I've lived in the present house, which left me very upset, as I have no idea where it is, but at least I have a picture of it:

I love the 'sportiness' of this top's design (especially the trimming), which dresses down this otherwise over-the-top silk chiffon blouse, complete with a beaded toucan. I am determined to find this top now, and hope that soon I can take a close-up photo of it. Wish me luck!

Shoes close-up


  1. I love the prints and the beading, sorry I am no help.

    Love the colour of your Louboutin's!

  2. i loveee the second top, the colours and beading is amazing! Unfortunately i haven't seen or head of any of her designs =/

  3. i'm in envy of your louboutins and the blouse really is very pretty! but i've never heard of it prior to this - don't think i can help :x

  4. That is a lovely top. Too bad you can't find her designs anymore.

  5. oh my! Those pumps are heaven!

    a kiss!!!!

  6. It seems like you can understand portuguese, so.. Lindas blusas, adorei! E este tom azul cobalto do sapato eh tudo!


  7. Thanks everyone for your replies! I seriously doubt I'll find details on Saucy Lulu through this blog :( I might scan a picture of Toni Colette in an InStyle mag, wearing the same top as I am (except hers isn't off-shoulder), wonder if InStyle would know anything...except that's a pretty old issue, hm....

    Obrigada Romeika! Adoro teu blog, estilo de fotografia e temas de cores! E morro de inveja que voce esta morando em Copenhagen, e tao lindo! E a variedade de queijos (especialmente Camembert) no supermercado e demais! :)

    Kira - obrigada tambem, um beijo, gatinha!

  8. that kimono top is absolutely beautiful. it looks amazing on you!

    and eep! i hope you find that other top!!

  9. Thanks H!! Guess what everyone! After discovering I had 'lost' the top last week, I was determined to find it, and have turned my house upside down since, and... found it!!! HOORAY! *victory dance*

  10. Styles that are; Elegant and gorgeously playful. Nice indeed.


  11. how lucky you are !!! you have christian louboutin shoes !!! gorgeous !!!

  12. Hi! How funny to come across this! I'm Vanessa, the former designer (along with my mom, Clara) of Saucylulu (a combination of family nicnames). I'm so flattered you loved our pieces - we put so much care into making them ourselves, from concept to production, so it means a lot that they were appreciated : )
    We started off small - my mother's whole side of the family does fashion design and have their own labels, but our company started growing before we could handle all the business; we quickly had clients all over Japan, Europe, NY and here in LA, and eventually, just couldn't keep up with the demand, so we shuttered our office, thinking that if we ever started up again, it would be with ivestors, etc. We never sent anything out to be made, so you can imagine how busy we were : ) Anyway, am thinking about putting up some one-off pieces on Etsy in about a month. My mother makes amaaaaaazing hippie bags that people go crazy for when I wear them on the street, but they're also one of a kind. I'd be happy to let you know when the Etsy shop is up and running. In the meantime, thank you so much for putting a smile on my face, even though this post is a couple of years old now. Take good care,