Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 reasons why I love this Alena Akhmadullina Trench

Worn with Marc Jacobs ruffled bow flats, Chloe Silverado bag & leggings

Let me count the ways:
  1. I purchased this Alena Akhmadullina moments after purchasing my Akira Isowaga wedding dress at Melbourne's GPO (2 years ago - which is when this photo was taken)
  2. I purchased it on sale (heavily reduced from $1600, yikes! Couldn't believe my luck...)
  3. I love the gorgeous oversized wooden buttons
  4. The over-puffy sleeves (which at first made me apprehensive about purchasing the coat)
  5. The polka-dot lining that peaks at the back (and I'm not usually a polka-dot kinda gal)
  6. The lining is removable! And can be worn as a long vest (not that I've ever done it, but the option's there)
  7. The leather buckles on the belt and sleeves.
  8. The dusky rose colour - transports me to a wooden porch on a rocking chair overlooking a field of wild flowers
  9. This picture was taken minutes before I entered the Victorian Museum, and spotted the wedding dress I had just purchased, as part of the exhibition (as mentioned and pictured in this earlier post - Akira: My wedding dress) .
  10. Ok, another reason not coat-related, but the Marc Jacobs green bow flats I'm wearing (R.I.P) I miss them! I wore them (literally) to death (wore a hole through the sole, teaches me to re-sole my favourite shoes earlier). They have since been replaced with MJ's more recent gold version, but sadly, they're not the same (nor as comfy)

(ooh, very bad lighting, the lining is actually white!)

I don't like how the sleeves look so baggy, so I always push mine up. Thank goodness it didn't come with that 'wolf' head (or what is that animal?) as shown on the runway.

Alena Akhmadullina is a Russian fashion designer from St Petersburg, and showed her first seasonal pret-a-porter collection during the Paris Fashion Week in Autumn 2005. She has since shown her collections in Paris every season, combining Russian audacity with a Paris sense of style. This trench is from one of her first collections shown in Paris, and I was incredibly lucky to get my hands on it, as the store I bought it from was shutting down that same day.


  1. i like the way you wear the trench : with black leggings, simple flats and and elegant bag. it is very romantic, i love the colour, the puffy sleeves.
    i don't like the way it is worn on the runway : it looks too baggy and i don't like the accessories.

  2. Thanks DYDWD! I agree that it looks too baggy on the runway (and that animal head is slightly disturbing, on some other models, they had a funny animal mask on their head!)

  3. I think trench coats are amazing. So are capes! Sigh, if only it isn't always summer in Singapore! :(

  4. i love how the lining kind of peeks out the bottom of your trench and the puffy sleeves! i am a HUGE fan of puffy sleeves ;)

  5. That is such a beautiful coat! I love the puffy sleeves and the colour soooo much.

  6. That trench is stunning. I really like the whole look--so classic and pretty.