Monday, May 16, 2011

Street Style at RAFW SS'11 - Longer Lengths


Wide-leg pants have gone even wider, time to pull out those palazzo pants out of the wardrobe:

Love this outfit! The polkadots, the navy blue, the silhouette and simple accessories.

Love orange...

And nude too.

Skirts and Dresses

Absolutely adore this outfit, and somehow, Nicole even manages to pull off those white socks!

This pleated vintage dresses is just brilliant, love the orange and colour blocking.

Maxi tartan skirt! Hard to pull off, but this girl does it effortlessly

Sheer but long for designer Gail Sorronda


  1. The last look is very interesting, and she carries it well

  2. Love the wide leg look although I still run to my skinny jeans. A habit, I guess.

  3. I loved all the styles.. so fab... I love the fabrics they are so flowing.. but my favorite... is the last photo for sure...She makes those look amazing! That is one of the most interesting designs I have seen this year! Bravo!

  4. the third look rocks!!!


  5. The first look is a winner for me.

  6. Saw a girl down at the corner supermarket (in the Western suburbs of Adelaide of all places) rocking a tartan maxi after reading this post. Shame she ruined it by wearing mary janes by Crocs!