Friday, June 1, 2012

Belated Happy Birthday to both Lil' J's/Brigadeiros!

It is absolutely mind-boggling how fast time flies. Four weeks ago I was in hospital, having given birth to Lil' J/Brigadeiro #2, who arrived 6 days early on his big sister's 2nd birthday (who in turn, had arrived 10 days late 2 years prior).

Two weeks ago, I threw a very small birthday party for Lil' J, which sounds a little crazy, but then again...I had already made the cupcakes, birthday cake and pao de queijo (before heading into hospital, the day before the original scheduled birthday party - the cake and cupcakes only needed last minute decorating...), and with both my sisters in town (overlapping only by a few hours - one from London, the other from Sydney), it was the perfect excuse to do so (a smaller affair than originally planned, mostly family)..Lil' J had an absolute ball!

Lil' J wearing a dress my mom brought from her trip to Austria

Oh yes, I did indeed make these! These may not look impressive to most, but I had never used fondant icing before, and these little Winnie the Pooh's and Piglets were made from scratch using a marshmallow fondant recipe. I had also never used a piping bag in my life (nor food colouring, for that matter!)

Those little letters took me forever to make, haha! My mom helped ice the cake as I decorated the cupcakes until way past midnight...Yes, there is a chunk missing from the candle, I fear it may have gone into Lil' J's tummy.

Lil' J/Brigadeirozinho #2 - doing his best lil' bear/rabbit impersonation.

The winner for the Iconemesis giveaway was drawn:

Congratulations London'adorais! Thanks to all who entered!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!



  1. OH MY......... How time flies, indeed, dear!!
    First one all off please let me say HOW adorable your little son is - such a precious little bundle of joy. And your little girl looks already like the perfect little beautiful lady!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to both! All the very best wishes :)
    And - are you kidding?! - those little cupcakes look like they've been bought - they look perfect to me with the additional extra mile: Love!
    Happy weekend to you and the family!!

  2. Lil J. and her little brother are such cuties !
    Using a piping bag seems so difficult to me, but you did it so well.
    The cupcakes look so yummy !

  3. awww! Can't believe you were almost due and busting your butt making all those treats! Hard working woman!! Everything looks delicious, and the cuties are adorable.

  4. OOOhhh everything look so beautiful and sweet!!! Parabens beautiful Brigadeiro's babies!!!! Fiquei com agua na boca quango vc mencionou pao de queijo....!!