Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to wear wedge sneakers - without looking like Jerry Seinfeld

Ok, as some of you told me in my last post, a few are not fans of the track pant worn out of the gym; it is quite likely that you may also not be a fan of the 'sneaker'. I must admit that for years I have longed for lean long legs to be able to wear high-top sneakers, I have just always liked the look of them, but my legs have remained short and stumpy.

Last year I purchased a pair of See by Chloe wedge sneakers, but they still looked like wedges...Voila, this year the hidden wedge sneaker came to the rescue thanks to Isabel Marant (who made these uber popular and covetable), and thanks to Modediktat, who pointed me to the more affordable Topshop version, I now have a pair in both black and beige (yes, bad, I know, but I really wanted the black, which was sold out, so bought the ecru/beige - when it arrived I was so happy with its comfort level, and lo and behold, Topshop restocked the black pair!)

Due to the hidden wedge, these make my legs look a little longer and leaner than if I were wearing a flat pair, woo hoo (and they are so comfy)! I quickly scanned the internet for inspiration on how to wear it, and it seems that most of the girls/women wearing these sneakers have model super long and slim legs (doh!) - but fear not, when worn with the right clothing one can still wear these without looking like an elf.

What to wear with them?
  • a button-down shirt (with a sweater thrown on top as well)
  • baseball-inspired jacket/top/tee
  • relaxed blazer
  • sharp/tailored blazer/coat
  • (leather) motorcycle jacket
  • layering up top (great scarf/jacket) - to balance the bulkiness of the sneakers - to avoid making your feet and legs from looking bottom heavy.
  • A slim silhouette will help balance out the chunky shoes and keep you from looking frumpy.
  • Short hemlines - as short as your pins allow - to maintain a balanced look (for those blessed with long pins)
  • Fitted bottoms - such as leather leggings or skinny jeans (worn cropped or tucked into the sneaker - the slim silhouette will help balance out the chunky shoes and keep you from looking frumpy.
  • Avoid jeans bunching too much up at the ankle, either cuff them, or fold them under - or 7/8 length is great
  • maxi floaty/feminine skirts - mixing sporty and girliness
  • dress them up as you would high heels

Do you have a pair (or two)? How do you wear yours?


  1. yaaaay! happy you like them, darling! aren't they comfortable?! hope i didn't promise you too much. what i like about them maybe the most - apart of the affordable price - is their basic uni colored style. congrats - also on the black pair. i didn't get that one but def thinking about it! ��

  2. Nice post! I just love to wear sneakers with a skirt! That way it doesn't get too sporty :)



  3. I just bought the NIKE x LIBERTY DUNKS (http://store.nike.com/gr/en_gb/?l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-101702/pid-548681) and just love how comfortable they are! I keep them balanced with mini skirts, skorts and hot shorts, so that I create the impression of long legs. Great post!

    Love, Danae


  4. I've gotta admit I've been lusting after a pair of high tops for a while going against my long running dislike of trainers outside the gym. I was tempted by the stiletto style trainers that came out a few years ago from ash but these seem more edgy/practical as a day to day shoe.


  5. I am obsessing over this style and I recently bought a pair of Isabel Marant Bekett lookalikes.
    wow seriously loving them


  6. im totally loveing the look !!

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  8. Loved the explanation along with pictures. I tagged this article on my clothing store site to help customers understand this trend! https://www.facebook.com/etiquettefashion

  9. Love the wedge sneaks. Have amassed about 10 pairs now. But where o where can I get that beige sweater with the neon yellow candy buttons on it? Love it!

  10. Very helpful I have bought some a while back and haven't worn them because I didn't know with what

  11. Good day! Does the frequency of your posting depend on some thing or you create articles when you have a specific mood or write entries in case you have sufficient time on that? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

  12. These wedges are beautiful and very elegant. Best thing is it can be worn with jeans or that LBD everyone has in their wardrobe.

  13. Help i just got me a pair of camouflage sneackers but i font kno what colors to match it up with. If i wear a camo top will it be too much camo?

    1. I must admit I personally would find double-camo action a little too much camo. Instead, I would stick to neutral colours, such as those found in your cameo print (beige, khaki) against neutral whites/blacks, to keep it from being 'too much'. Hope that helps!