Thursday, June 21, 2012

Resort 2013: Erdem Florals and Patchwork

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview with Erdem, especially his life motto: "Keep calm and carry on", highly applicable to the day I had today.


Between juggling a toddler and newborn, working on Issue 4 of Peut-Etre (SO excited about it, watch this space), and 'playing house' (wish it were play), I am incredibly out-of-touch with the recent fashion shows, but recently made a point to check out some of my favourite designers, especially Erdem...The blues and floral prints were absolutely glorious, as were the beautiful lace dresses:

Erdem Resort 2013



  1. Beautiful, beautiful dresses. I particularly love the one shown in the ne-a-porter interview (the camel coloured dress with coral flowers).
    A few years ago I was lucky enough to be in the backstage of an Erdem show in the London Fashion Week. Just because it took place at the college I used to live, and the show organisers were kind enough to let a few students to stay in the backstage. It was lovely, although he is still little known at the time (I think he was part of LFW New Generation desingers).