Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to me: Chloe Python Paraty!

Apologies for disappearing for a while, I had my parents, sister and gorgeous little nephew visiting last week, and it was a hectic, yet great time...Unfortunately, Lil' J(s) and I got really sick (still are), but I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family, which is the biggest present of all. I can't remember the last time my parents were around for my birthday, possibly a decade ago (boy, do I feel old!)?

Anyway, last week was my birthday, and Mr Brigs totally surprised/spoilt me with this stunning birthday present:

Seriously, I am happy just with this box...

The green colour (Tilla) is quite hard to photograph, but I hope I did a better job than net-a-porter, their pictures truly don't do the bag justice!

Hubby has nicknamed my bag 'the snake', I try not to think about that...

available from Net-a-Porter US or Net-a-Porter International

I have had the Chloe Paraty in Python on my wishlist ever since it was first released (i.e. a looooong time), and 'Paraty' also just so happens to be the name of my favourite city in the whole wide world (on the coast of Rio de Janeiro), they are both so gorgeous!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Feliz aniversario!
    What a stunning birthday present... xx

  2. happy birthday! feel better soon. :)

  3. cute blog!!

    Ashley G.

  4. Happy birthday and oh, what a gift!!

  5. Thanks Prêt à Porter P!

    Thanks Bonsai! It is also a belated Mother's Day gift and Push present all-in-one, and who knows, probably xmas as well, haha! :) Hope you are going well with your lil' Bonsai!!!


  6. Brigs, your Paraty is stunning!!! Happy belated birth/mothers day! Kamaliah x

  7. soo in love with the bag... love the colour, perfect for autumn!