Saturday, August 3, 2013

Instatravel Diary Part 6 - Paris, La Fermiere and Provence

This is Part 6 of my 'Instatravel Diary' of my Instagram pics I took on my iPhone while I was in Paris (continuing on from Pt 5Pt 4, Pt 3, Pt 2 and Pt 1), in reverse chronological order (start from the bottom up, from right to left):

From bottom right pic (work bottom up, from right to left) - sorry I accidentally repeated the last row from the last Instatravel post:
  1. Coeur de boeuf tomato tartare with burata (loooooooooove burata!)
  2. I have all my ducks in a row...
  3. AMAZING gelati at St Remy de Provence - absolutely loved the cone, it was amazing!
  4. Jambon cru, rockmelon/canteloupe and chevre chaud (melted goats cheese) and mint salad at Gordes (absolutely INCREDIBLE city/town!)
  5. Macarons from Peyrerol in Vaison La Romaine (I bought 10 and ate them all that night *gulp*)
  6. The ten macarons I ate after dinner...
  7. Even though I don't really like candy, I love the look of it...gorgeous store in Vaison La Romaine
  8. Pushing the pram up the tiny steep cobblestoned streets of Vaison la Romaine
  9. Pistachio gelati 'popsicle' coated in chocolate
  10. Cute little train at Vaison la Romaine
  11. Vaison la Romaine
  12. Ever-present and ever-beautiful lavender in Provence
  13. My #1 favourite yoghurt in France: La Fermiere (especially this marron glace flavour - sooooo good!)
  14. La Fermiere vanilla madagascar yoghurt in gorgeous terracota pots
  15. Love seeing actual vanilla beans in my yoghurt, such beautiful texture, La Fermiere!
  16. Topped my La Fermiere with Jordans Country Crisp Chocolate Noir cereal - A M A Z I N G ! ! !
  17. Leaving Provence (boo hoo!), one more popsicle/ice cream for the road - shadow pic
  18. Outfit of the day: Maje black dress, Nike sneakers, Chanel reissue bag
  19. Pitt stop at St Remy de Provence to buy a souvenir, a cute tee for Lil' Brigs #2.
  20. Back in Paris, picked up my glasses from Jimmy Fairly in Marais
  21.  Following day, wore Chloe horse dress, swapped sunglasses with my sister, hers were these Matthew Williamson pair
  22. Amazing ice cream at Berthillon (the actual store), raspberry with rose and roasted pineapple with basil - that's right!
  23. Pistachio Magnum! We don't have this here, and I really wish we did!
  24. View from the apartment in Marais
  25. Even though this La Fermiere yoghurt was only 'natural', I had to get it for the gorgeous red terracotta pots
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