Thursday, August 22, 2013

Outfit of the Day: never too old to wear Mickey Mouse, right?

 Started the day with coffee and my favourite macaron flavours: pistachio and raspberry, sitting pretty on my favourite chair by Hans Wegner (the 'wishbone' or 'ychair' or 'ch24')
 Today's outfit: Uniqlo Mickey Mouse tee, Rag&Bone The Dre jeans (pale wash available here), Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic (available here, here and here) , Isabel Marant Dicker boots in Anthracite (available here and here), X Jain felted wool hoodie (really tailored/slim-fit, have had it for years, finally using it only recently)
 Nars blush duo: How could I live without you?
 I count at least five Mickey Mouse tops in my wardrobe *gulp*
Tea time! Bought this gorgeous cast iron in Kyoto, took forever to choose one, and 3 years to take it out of its beautifully wrapped box!

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  1. I wish I could see your outfits on you - I like your efortless style so much - so refreshing, as I think we are more or less the same age and I feel like an old clerk in my clothes, when I look at yours :) Btw, Do I recall properly that you have the legal background? Do you still practise? Regards from Poland - Kaja

    1. Hi Kaja! Thanks for your sweet comment!

      Ah, at times I wish I had a boyfriend/husband photographer who could snap pics of me, but even when I dare ask Mr Brigs, I feel so awkward in front of the camera! Am too lazy for tripods (when I find the time with two little ones), but I will try harder!

      And yes, I have a legal background, but haven't practised in years...Are you in law?

      Kind regards, Clarice.

  2. Yes, I'm a lawyer and as much as I like it I wish I could have the courage to do sth more into fashion, so I always admire those who did it (you and Vanessa Jackman for example) Kaja

  3. Absolutely true. Mickey just never dates and it's all about having a bit of fun with fashion too right? You definitely put together the perfect outfit using the tee. I was actually just eyeing off your tea set from Kyoto. That's a really beautiful set. We always pick up items on holidays too. Usually something very simple and for the home. It's a great way of remembering a trip.

    x Mandi