Thursday, August 1, 2013

Instatravel Diary Part 5 - Paris, Celine Trio and Provence

This is Part 5 of my 'Instatravel Diary' of my Instagram pics I took on my iPhone while I was in Paris (continuing on from Pt 4, Pt 3, Pt 2 and Pt 1), in reverse chronological order (start from the bottom up, from right to left): 

From bottom right pic (work bottom up, from right to left):
  1.  Celine purchase
  2. Celine regular Trio in navy
  3. And again (on my favourite chair)
  4. Dinner at Chez L'Ami Jean
  5. Incredible Riz au Lait at L'Ami Jean
  6. Again, but with the incredible praline and salted caramel 'toppings'
  7. One week in the gorgeous house in the Provence!
  8. My favourite thing to do whilst overseas: grocery shopping
  9. Lavender - you see plenty in Provence (and I love it)
  10. Saucisson at the food market
  11. Incredible pasta at the food market (my favourite was the truffle-filled variety *drool*)
  12. Even soap looks good enough to eat
  13. I didn't try a single one, but my eyes went as wide as teacups whenever I saw oversized meringues at a patisserie
  14. Walking 6 kms, ill-prepared in Havaianas, Gap tank (no sunscreen, no sunglasses, no hat, nada) - Mr Brigs and my dad were trying to 'catch' the riders riding through, for the Tour de France
  15. Gelati in Bedoin (the bottom flavour: Lavender!!!)
  16. View as I walked back to the car
  17. Ah, Cassis - BEAUTIFUL!
  18. Monde de Truffe at St Remy de Provence - bought truffle salt and the most amazing truffle oil!!!
  19. I just love how fruit is displayed in France!
  20. Coeur de boeuf tomato tartare with burata (o.m.goodness, drooling as I recall this dish)
  21. I have all my ducks in a row...
  22. AMAZING gelati at St Remy de Provence - absolutely loved the cone, it was amazing!
  23. Jambon cru, rockmelon/canteloupe and chevre chaud (melted goats cheese) and mint salad at Gordes (absolutely INCREDIBLE city/town!)
  24. Macarons from Peyrerol in Gordes (I bought 10 and ate them all that night *gulp*)
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